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  1. Island in the Sun (closed to Ray)
  2. [History of Shinsou] Chapter I: Deliverance
  3. Contingency
  4. Down The Rabbit Hole
  5. Netflix and NO CHILL
  6. A Lye for an Eye
  7. Uneasy Alliances
  8. Sylvester's First Case
  9. Myrmidon
  10. The Succubus' Severed Soul (Mature)
  11. Pryor's Hill (solo)
  12. In Which the Battle Princess is in Another Castle
  13. Garden of the Hydra (Solo)(Hunt)
  14. To Heaven's Cataract (November Event Thread)
  15. The Guardian Quetzalcoatl, Provoked
  16. Hunting Haidians
  17. Molyneux Rising
  18. The Grand Waltz (October Event thread, closed)
  19. Hear The Chains Rattle (October Thread, Closed)
  20. The Training Grounds (October Event Thread, closed)