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  1. ~An Oath.~
  2. Reroute to Remain (Shinsou vs Breaker)
  3. Good Things Come In Small Packages
  4. Frostfite
  5. The Arena
  6. The Cathedral of Blades
  7. [Iron League] The Serpent Temple
  8. The Palace of Isles
  9. A Labyrinth of Ice
  10. [Iron League] Labyrinth
  11. Finger of God
  12. [Iron League] The Wrath of the Elements
  13. [Irn League] The Zen Of War
  14. Hot Under the Collar
  15. Strange Company. -Open.-
  16. Thayneslayer
  17. You Are What I Taught You (Closed)
  18. In the Maw [Closed]
  19. Ration Your Light
  20. Here's A Real High Class Bout! It's On!