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Thread: Storm Veritas - Level 3

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    EXP: 120,660, Level: 15
    Level completed: 11%, EXP required for next level: 14,340
    Level completed: 11%,
    EXP required for next level: 14,340

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    Storm Veritas - Level 3

    (Level 3; 11,500 EXP. Obviously, the links are broken. I'll edit when I get to level 4, and create a new, approved character update.)

    Changes in blue

    The world has too many heroes for the opportunistic to pass up on the foolish philanthopy of the noble and stupid.

    Name: Storm Veritas
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Hair Color: Long, Black and straight
    Eye Color: Grey or blue, depending on his disposition

    Appearance: Storm Veritas is pale, gaunt, and can appear downright ghastly when push comes to shove. His long, wrangled black hair generally obscures much of his face, although he has learned to groom and pull it back neatly. While stark, often white complexion appears lifeless, and his eyes are glowing and bright, set deep in his otherwise handsome enough face. Long, twisted fingers extend from behind the loose cuffs of his sleeves, and his body beneath the garb, once frail and thin, has grown lithe and athletic due to various physical encounters. He holds no pretense of physical dominance, but is of reasonable competence.

    Handsome now, he usually dresses quite well. He understands the benefits of fine clothes and a good first appearance, and can speak the role of diplomat when necessary. His vanity has grown with pride as his powers have increased; two things that barely needed to be added to the list of problems. He clearly had enough shortcomings to begin with.

    Personality: To the common person, Storm can appear quite charming; he can be funny, apparently lighthearted, and good-intentioned. Unfortunately, his positive light is merely superficial, as beneath the layer of joviality lies a dark and murky core. He is self-serving, a completely self-absorbed sychophant who manipulates and swindles the good-natured and foolish trusting.

    His intelligence and guile will drive him to great lengths to promote himself and create a comfortable setting for himself. If others benefit from his deeds, it is generally purely coincidental.

    He has grown to be more brave with the development of his own strength; he no longer fears combat or necessarily runs from battle. While it may not be his first choice, conflict is a necessary evil upon Althanas. Storm has become fond of displaying his powers.

    Weapons: His old staff broken in combat with the mighty elf-sheriff of Corone, Veritas was left to search for new wares to deal death. Daggers became a perfect fit. While Storm is merely human, not overwhelmingly strong, he is quicker than he appears, and can use a sharp-wit and sharper short-blade to outdo the musclebound idiots that he often finds in his travels.

    Armor: Not one to generally engage in real combat, Storm does not wear formal armor. He oft wears a long ebony coat, draped off his scant shoulders, and he wears comfortable leather boots to protect his feet from damage during general travels. The finer clothing he has gathered does little to nothing in the means of physical protection. Storm Veritas is miles away from the knight in shining armor.

    Burlap Sack- It seems as though this swindler would often have something up his sleeve, but in Storm's case, a single strapped bag of burlap is wrapped taut around one shoulder, slung across his body and fastened tautly against the ribcage of the opposing flank. This simple setup allows him to hide and smuggle small and potentially dangerous items under his robe.

    Right now, the burlap bag contains only a few sticks of desiccated meat for sustenance and his current gold stash- which is admittedly paltry.
    • Kriss Dagger – A fine, twisted blade, this weapon serves Storm as a primary piece of weaponry. It is generally mounted at his right hip, and can be ready in a flash.
    • Small Dagger – A fine titanium weapon, this dagger has served him well by the ankle. He can use it to his advantage and has managed to sneak the weapon past many searches.
    • Length of wire – This small rope is useful for many reasons, and is often tied about the belt region, free from sight. As a wielder of the electrical fields, this grants Storm an extension of his prowess, and also serves as a fine strangulation device when necessary.
    • Powder Pouch – This small sack hangs from the hip, and usually contains flour. It can often contain something far more lethal, such as gunpowder or powdered poisons, but Veritas does not yet have such powders in his possession.

    Skills: Storm is a fast talker, a relatively smooth operator who is slippery and convincing. His skill in diplomacy, general persuasion, and his conniving way are typically his most useful.

    Electric Blast - A great parlor trick also hides within this vile creature one that has grown with time and experience into a formidable weapon. From his fingertips, Storm can arc considerable amounts of electricity. At this level, he can now fire an extended blast of electrical energy, which can proceed at ballistic velocity for one hundred feet. This powerful blast is concentrated and can kill a normal human when hit squarely. Although the blast is mentally and physically draining, he can muster three or four strong blasts in a five minute span before his powers are drained for the battle.
    Fleet Feet –Medium – No stranger to getting the hell out of a situation, Storm has developed a knack for high-tailing it. As it stands, he can sprint up as fast as any non-magically endowed human, able to easily outrun the average armed warrior, and has reflexes which are highly attuned to sustain such impressive nimble deeds. He is even capable of some reasonable acrobatics, as his light weight, good speed, and keen balance seems to land him on his feet almost every time.
    Dagger Proficiency – Having learned his way around the stiletto, Storm knows how to dispatch a man in combat. He is very capable of killing an enemy with the dagger, fighting with two hands when needed, and for use in stealth situations.

    History: It is said that monsters are made, not born. This can be verified in the case of our anti-hero in question, as Storm did not lead the ideal life, whatever that may be. Born to a rich family, Storm was given the finest amenities growing up - proper schooling in both language skills and physical fitness, all the finest clothes and membership into the best social circles, and, of course, enough money to buy his happiness through all of his childhood. Life was good for him, and for the poor around him, Veritas learned little in the ways of mercy or compassion, despite the best efforts of his adoring parents.

    Storm was fifteen when he left home, running away in some self-absorbed ego trip, sure to show his parents that their latest tragic shortcoming - perhaps a late payment of his outrageous allowance - would not be tolerated. He left for five days, the longest of his selfish, childish temper tantrums to disrupt life in the Veritas household. This time, however, his allowance hold-out would not pay off, as his parents had simply had enough. When he came back to the house, he was locked out, abandoned, and his parents would no longer allow this callous little attention whore to steal the limelight of his more deserving children any more.

    Leaving home, Veritas instantly went from the cocksure rich to the needy, and there were more than a few who lined up to laugh at the misfortune of this spoiled boy who had wronged himself, allowing himself to be ostracized from the richest family in town. Long he wandered, leaving home and not looking back, determined to find his way on his own
    Now, thirteen years late, Storm thrives again. His physique is not overpowering, and clothes merely fair, but he is sufficient, cunning, and more than capable of handling himself. Those that meet him know not of his fortunate past, idiotic misdoings, or his ingenious plans for a return to glory. He whittles away at the coffers of the foolish while planning his own rise to power.

    Storm encountered many hardships about his brief stay in Althanas. This included a few battles and encounters with various people from around the world, from Scara Brae to Corone and Vainta upon Haida. He has searched far and wide for the powers that can develop him into the leader he feels destined to be, but at this point the vagabond merely reaches out into the cold world, a subtly skilled mage and con-man, striving to succeed amongst the wolves.

    IC History

    A Ruse of the Riches –
    Judges’ Choice
    Quest, Score = 80, EXP = 3000

    Adventurer’s Crown,
    Preliminary Round
    Quest, Score = 80, EXP = 750

    The Interception at
    Multiple Character Battle, Score = 54, EXP = 70

    Adventurer’s Crown,
    Round 1; City of Dis
    Quest, Score =48, EXP = 754

    Swift Justice
    Battle, Score = 72, EXP = 1064

    Quest, Score = 61, EXP = 800

    A Less Than Lonely
    Battle, Score = 60, EXP = 800

    I’m Your Villain Battle, Score = 66, EXP = 696. ToW match; Valori shard won


    IC Announcement about
    ToW (Add 1 Kriss Dagger to Item List)

    Some Cheap Tools of the
    Trade; Items include wire, powder satchel, and steel dagger
    65 EXP

    The Business of the Blade – secured Titanium Dagger

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    EXP: 1,354, Level: 1
    Level completed: 68%, EXP required for next level: 646
    Level completed: 68%,
    EXP required for next level: 646

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    Hehe, Breakfus Interuptus, I remember that. We'll have to establish something between Storm and Luc, because I'm not sure if I'll be bringing Randall back.

    Approved, anyway.

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