(Note this story is meant to coincide with the events of Yvonne's quest but is a separate adventure. All are welcome some are welcome to try to stop Nosdyn too.)


~Day 1~

That night Nosdyn could not sleep, it would not come.


He was having a nightmare that night of home...of what waited him should he go back to that forsaken place where Demons lurked.

He awoke about the same time it all started.

The end of everything...

Something was happening outside and he woke up with that start from his restless slumber. Gathering his clothing and equipment, Nosdyn awoke Karl. The former homeless man turned servant and adventurer.

"That's the third time this week that you can't sleep." Karl said calmly as he rose from his bed.

"I'm sorry but I think something's going on. We don't have much time." Nosdyn had a sincerely worried expression on his face. "Gather your things, we're heading out to see what is going on." Nosdyn said calmly.

As Karl and himself stepped outside, it happened. There was a huge explosion in the distance, Nosdyn could barely make it out on the horizon.

"By The Thayne what the fuck happened?" Karl yelled.

People in Stonevale were slowly stirring at the sound of the tremendous explosion.

"Lornius is off that way." Nosdyn frowned he had a sneaking feeling the worst had happened.

"What are you saying, something happened to Lornius?" Karl asked.

"I don't know..." Nosdyn shook his head as the sky turned dark.

"Something is happening!" Karl yelled.

"Look!" A Stonevale citizen yelled in response.

They all turned to look as people were slowly waking up from their houses.

A dark cloud loomed over head carrying with it a very different type of storm...

Nosdyn's sharp eyes caught it right away. "Everyone back inside!" Nosdyn yelled.

Karl looked at Nosdyn. "Is that...ash coming down...?" Karl pointing at the storm cloud. "That ain't no ordinary storm."

Nosdyn's eyes looked across the distance as it started happening. Ash chunks were slowly swelling downward striking tress, shrubbery, buildings. "Taynes be damned..." Nosdyn cursed. Fires were already quickly spreading throughout the Brokenthorn Forest.

He pushed Karl out of the way of several of the larger chunks. "Don't let it touch you!" Nosdyn yelled. Karl nodded and ran back inside the house. Nosydn focused, he knew that Stonevale was a miner's town. They were a sturdy lot but this was a different type of disaster. He needed to find William Blake.

Chunks of super-heated ash were falling already in a steady and endless stream.

The chunks of ash were setting fires on everything they touched.

Nosdyn frowned, he had enhanced endurance and some of the other Stonevale citizenry did as well. Those who could survive the effects of the ash were rounding and searching for survivors. "To the mines!" One of the guards was saying.

In case of such emergencies, Stoenvale citizens defaulted to the mines.

Nosdyn had to find William Blake.

One of the guards spotted Nosdyn. "Nosdyn! You're alive!"

Nosdyn nodded. "Get everybody into the mines. Save as many as you can...I need to find William." Nosdyn said calmly.

"I think he's back at the barracks." The guard said carefully.

Nosdyn nodded and ran towards the barrack's general direction. He was strong, he felt the pan when ash chunks splattered against him. However, it would not stop him. Nosdyn was a tank and had superior endurance training as a result.

The barracks were just ahead.

"Nosdyn! What the fuck is going on?" One of the guards asked him.

Nosdyn looked at him. "It's bad but I think I saw an explosion in Lornius' general direction."

"Thaynes be damned..." The guard said. "Will is inside, go find him!"

People were coughing and having trouble breathing because of the ash.

Nosdyn kicked the door down. "William!" Nosdyn called out. There was chaos everywhere. Nosdyn spotted William rallying some of the guards who were terrified by what was happening. He ran over towards William Blake. "William, I saw it...I think Lornius erupted." Nosdyn suddenly said.

"Erupted!? You mean it was a Thayne forsaken volcano?" William said in response.

"I don't know I just saw the explosion on the horizon in Lornius' general direction and now this ash cloud and ash everywhere...and fires..." Nosdyn had seen volcanic eruptions before on the Tular Plains in his youth. Bit never anything on that scale.

"What are you gong to do, Nosdyn?" William suddenly asked.

"I don't know yet...the ash is hot but I'm able to survive it." The demon sighed. "I have to check on things back home.

"You're heading back...back to the Tular Plains?" William asked.

[b["I will help you folks out as long as I can but I have to check on my people. Though they did exile me I have to be certain that they are well."

"We can use all the help we can get. William said carefully. "What do we do now?"

"We have to evacuate to Scara Brae and get everybody over to the mainland." Nosdyn explained.

"We'll start there, I'm sure everybody at the castle is up in arms by now." William said.

"I'm going to help get more people back to the mines." Nosdyn added. "Not everybody can survive the effects of the ash like we might be able to."

"Go nosdyn! And Thaynespeed. We'll meet back up at the mines and get everything sorted from there."

^Enter here with Nosdyn leaving the barracks, ash cloud falling, and people in a general state of alarm and panic. All are welcome.