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    William Arcus - Level 11

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    Name: William Arcus
    Apparent Age: 38
    Race: Revenant
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Glowing Red-Orange
    Height: 5’ 11”

    Level – 0
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    William was born in the distant nation of Amra, where he was raised to be a woodsman like his father before him. He grew up and married, and led a simple but happy life until the mercenary army of Kal’Necroth took everything from him. His pregnant wife Rebecca was murdered and his home put to the torch. He fought back but found that one man was no match for an army. Captured, William was brought before Kal’Necroth who used the ancient soul magic of Amra to tear his soul out and merge it with two primal spirits, one of creation and one of destruction. The destructive spirit filled William with power but consumed his body while the creation spirit bolstered his strength and speed and regenerated all the damage that was done to him. Transformed into a living weapon, William was used by Kal’Necroth to wage war against the rightful rulers of Amra but was seemingly killed on the steps of the Grand Temple of Leon in the city of Illium by the High General of Amra, James Alexander. With Kal’Necroth and his generals thinking William weakened by his near death experience, the revenant was able to overpower his captors and escape, killing the man who had ruined his life in the process. Or so he thought.

    William wandered, for an unknown length of time, travelling from port city to port city far from his nation of birth. Vast swaths of his memory from this time have been lost to the berserker rages that he was prone to falling into. William’s wanderings finally came to a halt when he came to Corone, where he encountered Sei Orlouge, who helped him learn to control his destructive power. Deciding to make a new life for himself, William headed to Scara Brae where he found himself embattled in an ancient curse that had been placed upon the island’s capitol by a goblin shaman. Serving himself up as the vessel to house the shaman’s power, William’s soul had another addition bound to it. Though he was ever prevented from learning the arts of magic, William had been made Captain of the Scarabrian guard and Knight Provost of their army. It was at that point that Sei found out that William was one of the prophesied generals of the army he was forming, the Ixian Knights, and sought William out to induct him.

    Since then, William’s destructive power has been built up and honed by Sei, who has seen William as the perfect killing tool and assigned him as the Ixian Knight’s monster hunter, a job William has excelled in. William has trained with multiple combat masters and has learned to manifest his inner rage in the same manner as a monk. He also passed the test of Icehenge and was given the ability to see the weak points in all things, though he can’t turn it off which makes it arguable whether it is a blessing or a curse. Through it all, William’s destructive power was fostered and grown until the air around him burns with the heat of it.

    Then came the day when William was ambushed by an acolyte of Kal’Necroth’s who had tracked him down. Turning the tables of the acolyte, who hadn’t expected William to be so strong, William learned that Kal’Necroth was still alive. William was troubled by this, but reluctant to leave the Ixian Knights. With Kal’Necroth fresh in his mind, William began to realize that Sei and the Amran soul mage were essentially the same. Both had fostered him as a living weapon to use at the head of their personal armies. Angry and frustrated that Sei had not done as promised and helped William to regain his humanity, having instead pushed it farther and farther back to make William stronger, William plotted his revenge.

    When Cassandra Remi approached him with an offer to betray Sei, William accepted, no longer willing to act as just another tool to aid Sei in his pursuit of power and self-glorification. Following the so-called Night of Debauchery, William departed Corone on a long journey back to Amra to find the remnants of his creator’s power. He made a discovery there and has returned to Althanas with a new purpose.

    In Amra, William discovered the Kasheol, an ancient soul mage who had been bound into a statue in punishment from a long forgotten crime. Kasheol offered to teach William what she knew about pneumancy (soul magic) if William allowed her statue to travel with him. William relented and has been learning from her, even though he can’t use pneumancy himself. William also found himself caring for Lyre, an idiot man with a talent for music and keeping things clean. William also made the acquaintance of the mysterious Keeper, who helped him finish the translations of Kal’Necroth’s tome which William has carried since his initial departure. Fortunes have finally begun to change for the Revenant.


    While William has achieved complete control over his transformative powers, he now spends most of his time in his war form. The only time that William assumes human form anymore is to conduct business where his war form might cause problems.

    In his human appearance, William is an athletic man, tanned and muscular from his years spent working in the woods. He keeps his coarse black hair short and perpetually bears the dark shadow of two days growth of facial hair. Even when he is acting jovial, there is a shark-like quality to his grin and a gleam of dangerous intent in his eyes, eyes which constantly burn like cooking coals when he’s not concentrating.

    When in his war form, William’s frame swells. He grows several inches in height and his body becomes thick and muscular with the power bursting from inside him. His own molten heat chars him from the inside out, reducing his entire body to blackened char. Where his flesh cracks you can see the glowing, molten power flowing just beneath the surface. A steel-hard carapace of bone covers his arms from fingers to elbows, and his feet from toes to knees. This carapace acts as both a weapon and a defense for William, and all of his appendages end in razor sharp talons. William’s teeth also transform, becoming as long and sharp as a predatory beast’s.

    William prefers rugged, enduring clothes in earthy colors but no matter what color they begin, they always appear to be stained dark with ash. William also prefers to wear a heavy, hooded cloak when he is out and about.


    William remains stoic and humorless in the best of situations. Though he may try to be friendly when the situation demands, it always comes off as unsettling and slightly wrong, as if he is only mimicking social human interaction. Though he is more in control of his emotions now, he is still prone to violent mood swings, which almost always tend towards anger. This leaves those around him with the impression that he is a short fuse waiting to ignite at a moment’s notice, which of course he is.


    Martial Combat – William, having supplemented his own natural fighting abilities with training from a variety of masters, has become a master of hand-to-hand combat. Though he prefers to just abandon himself and fight with savagery, he knows multiple fighting styles which are just as useful in his human form as they are in his war form.

    Weaponry – William’s nature as a creature of destruction allows him to inherently understand the most proficient way to wield any weapon he picks up. William has become a master of armed combat in all its forms.

    Carapace Defense – William has mastered the art of turning aside and deflecting attacks made against him with the hard bone carapace that covers his arms and legs.

    Woodcutter – William’s human life revolved around his profession as a forester. He knows the best, most efficient method of bringing down trees, hauling them, and rendering them into usable components.

    Well Read – While William may seem like an uneducated brute, and is treated as such by most who deal with him, the months he spent reading through a library’s worth of all manner of books in his quest to find a translation for the Tome of Kal’Necroth haven’t been for nothing. William is quite well read and at least somewhat knowledgeable on a wide array of topics.

    Abilities: (there has been some format change as I’m now categorizing things differently)

    All-Tongue – Gained during his time in the Plane of Undeath. William’s speech now sounds like the listener's native tongue and accent, which means he now speaks all languages. Also, he now hears all speech in his native language, which means he now understands all languages. He can't turn this off. This doesn't apply to anything written down.

    War Form – By calling on his destructive essence, William can transform himself into his war forms, shifting between his human and war forms at will.

    Creation Spirit Enhancements:
    Enhanced Strength - William strength has become truly legendary (10x). He can crush stone to powder, tear steel apart, and even bend mythril with ease.

    Enhanced Speed – William is roughly 5x faster and more agile than a regular human warrior. This means that he can run at blinding speeds, can dodge slower attacks with ease, and can avoid most missile attacks that he is aware of purely on reflex.

    Healing – William’s physique repairs damage done to his physical form. Minor and moderate wounds can be healed within seconds and serious wounds within minutes. Healing times for critical and lethal wounds take anywhere from an hour to a day, depending on the type and severity. (ie. A stab through the heart can take an hour, pulling his heart out would incapacitate him for several hours, bodily disintegrating him would require roughly a day to pull himself back together)

    Enhanced Toughness – While in war form only. William’s charred skin is thick and can absorb more damage than normal, acting as thick Arctic Leather (Tier 3) armor. William’s familiarity with pain at this point means that he can ignore up to moderate wounds.

    Destruction Spirit Enhancements:
    Molten Core – While in war form only. The power that flows through William burns like fire, surrounding him with an aura of light and heat. Within 15 feet of William the air is intensely warm and uncomfortable for those not heat resistant. Within 10 feet the air is extremely hot and uncomfortable for those not heat resistance. Within 5 feel it is blazingly hot and can cause first and second degree burns with unprotected, prolonged contact. William’s touch at this point can char a creature to the bone if it is held long enough. This aura shelters William from an extreme level of both heat and cold, enough so that only the most legendary of those types of attacks can freeze or burn him. William’s blood is now hot enough to ignite flammable items that it comes into contact with (paper, wood, light non-special fabrics, etc.) and will cause up to third degree burns on bare skin. The glow of William’s molten core illuminates an area up to ten feet around him like a dim torch.

    Magma Shot – While in war form only. William has learned to take the fiery destructive rage within him and physically manifest it as an explosive ball of liquid fire that he can project. Four times per thread, William can fire a magma shot which does heavy, explosive fire damage. After firing all four shots, William’s destructive power is temporarily exhausted, forcing him to revert to human form for several minutes. Instead of throwing the magma shot, William can expend two uses and generate an explosion centered on him which extends 10 feet and does extreme levels of explosive fire damage.

    Burning Attacks – By focusing his molten aura on his carapace, William can cause the talons on his hands and feet to be wreathed in molten fire, like lava. This effect causes William no damage and can be maintained as long as William wishes. William loses his aura of heat while doing so.

    Flight – By focusing his molten aura tightly around himself, William can cause the heat to swirl the air currents around him, allowing him a low-altitude, slow flight. He can maintain this effect for as long as he wishes but loses his aura of heat while doing so.

    Destructive Enlightenment – Having completed Jomil’s test at Icehenge, William was granted insight into his destructive nature by the Goddess. This ability is both a blessing and a curse for William, as everything he looks at decays in his sight, showing him the inherent weakness and impurities in objects that may be exploited. After finding the weak spots in something, William is able to understand the best way to overcome that object. William can find weak spots in non-living material with a glance and living material with a post of study. When used against a character William is able to understand that character's current defenses and what it takes to overcome them. This ability cannot be turned off.

    Cursed Spirit Enhancements:
    Magic Void – Because of his magic cursed spirit, William is unable to wield magic of any sort. As William’s power has grown, so has the magic void within him. While William’s very presence causes static magic fields to act erratically, becoming weaker and occasionally exhibiting random effects. Spell effects that are instantaneous (ie. Most combat magic) have a 25% of simply not affecting him, as if he weren’t there to them. Mental or Psychic attacks are even more likely to fail thanks to a Divine Mind Shield granted to William Arcus from the demi-goddess of torture Cassandra Remi during the Night of Debauchery. Mental and Psychic attacks that target William tapping into the raging destruction within him and turns the might of that rage loose back on the attacker. These attacks have a 50% chance of failing and anyone attacking William mentally suffers demonic backlash to their own minds equal to 25% of the strength of their own attack.


    Heavy Traveling Clothes – Tough wool and denim apparel that wards off the rigors of travel and bad weather.

    Tome of Kal’Necroth – The tome of ancient magic that Kal’Necroth used to create William’s revenant body. William has finally gained all the translations that he needs and has begun to understand pneumancy (soul magic), though he can’t use it himself. It is highly resistant to heat and is waterproof.

    Translations of Kal’Necroth’s Tome (4 of 4) – These translations allow William to understand Kal’Necroth’s Tome.

    Deadwood Rod – This bone white wood has the same strength and toughness as Akashiman Redwood (Tier 6) and is fashioned from the wood of a special grove a day’s march north of the town of Underwood. This rod has been fashion by William though his Woodcutting into a masterwork haft of an axe, though no head has been fitted yet. Its special nature means that it absorbs blood that it comes into contact with. The wood becomes warmer as more blood is absorbed, and can grow hot enough to burn bare skin if enough blood is fed into it. This wood is also highly susceptible to magical enchantment, using its stored blood reserves to fuel any magic enhancement placed on it. This rod has no magical properties at this time and has only absorbed enough blood to make it slightly warm to the touch.

    Slave Chain – This golden chain looks thin enough to be broken easily but is deceptively strong. The chain has two shackles at either end, one for a master and one for a slave. Anyone shackled to the slave end of the chain is rendered completely subservient to the person shackled into the master’s side. (Player permission required.)

    Skin of the Beast – Enough skin was recovered from the Wendigo of Scara Brae to create a human sized full-body cloak. The Beast Hide cloak serves to shrug off most light to moderate piercing and slashing attacks. Heavy or concentrated attacks will penetrate the skin, and it does nothing to deter blunt force attacks.

    Warscythe of the Storm Herald – A single blade runs down the top third of this obsidian weapon which, despite its appearance, is composed of the same living stone that the Storm Herald himself is and is as light and strong as mythril. A potent weapon in its own right, the true power of this scythe becomes apparent when the wielder activates it, causing small discharges of green electrical power to arc from the weapon as the blade glows with a sickly green light. Twice per day, when activated, the blade can cut through any low level barrier (bone, light magic guards, or up to steel) and once per day it can cut through an advanced barrier (heavy magic guards and up to mythril). After all three attacks have been used in a day, the warscythe reverts back to its normal mythril state until the next day.

    Tarnished Titanium Breastplate – This titanium breastplate is chipped, worn, and quite tarnished. It is large enough for William to wear comfortable in his war form, though it would be wobbly on his human form and thus makes it impractical to wear. Not only that, but its shoddy nature makes it little more useful at the moment than a regular steel breastplate. However, should time and effort be put into fixing it up by a decent blacksmith, the breastplate can be restored to full functionality.

    Trophies: (these items have been earned but will never be used and will not be sold due to IC reasons)

    Rime-Bound Cup – Awarded to William for winning the Rime Bound Cup contest. The cup is an iron trophy permanently encrusted in a layer of ice, which can be broken off in little stalagmites which constantly reform and the ice never melts whilst it’s touching the cup. It is thus a source of water, comfort, and kool-aid support wherever it is taken.

    The Lindquist Crown – A steel helmet with side guards, nasal guards, and winged vestiges on either side. It has been restored to its previous polish and shine and is almost angelic in appearance. It has a similar design to those worn by the Knights of Brae, only more archaic and detailed. It has the following abilities, usable once per thread (abilities must be used purely for the benefit or salvation of Scara Brae and its citizens).
    - Aura of Command: May rally and order City Guard or Knights of Brae to William’s side and allegiance. In battle this may summon two ghostly city guard, equipped with iron weapons and armor, for one post, or one Knight of Brae equipped with steel plate armor, sword, and shield for the duration of one post.
    - Light of Lindquist: May sprout angelic wings to glide or descend as if avian and at double speed (not usable in battle).
    - Pulsar: Can emit a blast of light that emanates from the crown and extends in a 20-foot circle and which repels evil spirits, undead, and demons who are weaker than the wearer.
    "I have looked upon all that the universe has to hold of horror, and even the skies of spring and the flowers of summer must ever afterward be poison to me." - Call of Cthulhu

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