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    Level completed: 34%,
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    Dirks 9.0

    Updates are in red.

    Name: Max Dirks
    Age: 31
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Hair: Black Spiked with gray spots
    Eyes: Green
    Appearance: Balanced
    Condition: Healthy
    Race: Human
    Occupation: Criminal


    Dirks has no true "abilities" but does boast incredible endurance. He is able to withstand more punishment than ten humans combined (i.e. 10x endurance)


    ‘Patented’ Beretta 950 - The Beretta is Dirks’ signature gun. It is what people have come to associate the name of Dirks with. When the gun became as infamous as Dirks, he decided to have it patented. The gun itself is a standard 9mm semi-automatic handgun with decent stopping power and Dirks usually keeps the gun hidden beneath his trench coat in its shoulder holster. The ‘Patented’ Beretta 950 is Dirks’ primary weapon.

    ‘Twin’ Beretta 950 - Recently purchased in the black market, the ‘Twin’ Beretta 950 is the gun that Dirks lost when he originally arrived in Althanas. The ‘Twin’ Beretta is of the same size and caliber as the ‘Patented’ gun, but Dirks doesn’t rely on it as much as he does on its counterpart. Dirks either use it as an element of surprise, or to showboat to his opponents.

    Twin Prevalida Falchions – After using katanas for five years, Dirks determined it was too difficult to yield the two weapons simultaneously due to their size and curvature. He recently traded them for twin falchions. They have already proven to be much easier to use in combat. Purchased here.

    Mythril Dirk - The Steel Dirk was the first thing that Dirks purchased in Althanas. The primary purpose of owning the dirk is for multiple ironic values that it holds. Max DIRKS owns a steel dirk. Also, some might find it odd that the biggest proponent of guns on Althanas owns a stationary weapon. Dirks has used the dirk in situations where his opponents have prepared to fight against the gun to throw them off balance. He recently upgraded it to Mythril and enchanted it to drain his opponent's stamina. Purchased here.


    White Tunic/Khaki Slacks/Black Trench Coat - Since Dirks is relatively conceded and more concerned with his appearance than his safety, he only brandishes the clothes that he wears. The tunic is extremely comfortable and the trench coat is suave.

    Prevalida chain-mail vest - Though he is careful not to reveal this secret, Dirks wears the Prevalida vest as an extra layer protection beneath his trench coat. Purchased here.


    Enchanted Bullet Clips - Dirks owns two bullet clips, each with eight steel shots for his Berettas. The clips have been enchanted to automatically refill when the clips are free from their chambers. Thus, Dirks essentially has unlimited ammo, but must still reload to activate it. An unexpected drawback of the enchantment is that the guns frequently jam despite their pristine condition. This is because when they clips were enchanted they were made two millimeters wider and technology does not yet exist on Althanas to correct the discrepancy. Purchased here.


    Dirks' previous history can be found here.

    Shortly after Starlynn's disappearance, Dirks was approached by his old friend Thoracis Rakarth. Thoracis claimed to know the whereabouts of his lost love and offered to reveal them to him if he participated with the Ice Mage in the Lornius Corporate Challenge. This exortion was effective, as Dirks tore through the very best warriors of Althanas. Ferael Fin (Scars), Amoroth Celbring (The Bard), Raychel (Raychel), Lin (Lin), Hikari no Ashigaru (Arawn), Elundir Galadhrim (Elrundir), Storm Veritas (Storm Veritas), Zephyriah Ablione (Zephyriah), Chumley de Rochfeltingham (Chumley) and Ranger Nailo (Ranger) all fell at the hands of the gunslinger. After being declared the winners, Thoracis revealed his treachery to Dirks. The ice mage did not know where Starlynn was hidden. Before Dirks could kill him, Thoracis disappeared. He has not been seen on Althanas since that day.

    After the tournament, Dirks fell into a great depression and locked himself in his manor in Corone. Tera (Tera) eventually approached the embattled criminal and asked him to use his manor as a base for his new clan, Imperial. For whatever reason, Dirks agreed. He did not associate with the group while they took over his home, though. Shortly thereafter, a group of self proclaimed patriots, the nWo, declared war on the Imperials. Though they claimed it as a response to Imperial's taxing of the Citadel, their true target was Dirks.

    A grand war took place on the grounds of Dirks' manor. Dirks defended his home valiantly, but in the end it was completely leveled. To add insult to injury, the leader of the nWo, Godhand Striker (Godhand) revealed himself as Starlynn's kidnapper. He claimed to have killed her as punishment for Dirks' actions in the Cell. Despite overwhelming odds, Dirks managed to escape. He was completely defeated. His home had been destroyed and his love had been murdered. Dirks retreated to Salvar and swore to destroy every last member of the nWo. Godhand, Damon Kaosi (Call me J), Dan Wilmhearst (Slayer of the Rot), Rayse Valentino (Rayse Valentino), Teric Bloodrose (Blood Rose), Seth Dahlios (Dissinger), Witchblade (Witchblade), Lillian Sesthal (Ataraxis), Woshington (Woshington), Findelfin ap Fingolfin (Sighter Tnailog) and Dirks' old friend, Ashiakin remain hunted until this day.

    Little is known about Dirks' journey through Salvar. He reappeared 5 years later on Sei Orlouge's doorstep, begging for the Mystic's assistance in infiltrating Lornius (where Dirks was to be shot on sight). Sei reluctantly agreed to help his old friend and they entered the island under the guise of the most recent Lornius Corporate Challenge. While there, Dirks was immediately recognized by Hsa Elub (Chibimon Trainer) and Alden Dunnan (Alden). Hsa's facination with the criminal alerted the entire continent about Dirks' presense. Dirks and Sei managed to escape, but still needed to gain access to the Floating City, Lornius' capital. It was only accessible by giant elevators. The two encountered two women, Resolve (Resolve) and Mordelain Saythrou (Mordelain) near the elevator and stole their passes. When they arrived at the elevator they were met by the entire army of Lornius. Forced to the air by the intervention of the ultimate Lornius Corporate Challenge victors, Jehan Leitdorf (Glories of Myrmidion) and Thrommesh (Tusk), Sei threatened to drop Dirks if he did not reveal his intentions. Dirks admitted to Sei that he was traveling to the capital to obtain his lost anti-magic amulet (the same one he used to idle Irisathena and take control of the bazaar). He needed the amulet to free his love, Starlynn, from an eternal sleep in the red forest. The amulet could only be powered by absorbing Sei's soul.

    Wise Sei knew that the mysterious power of the Red Forest, recently tainted by Xem'Zund had confused Dirks. Instead of flying to the Capital City, Sei flew them to the Red Forest. There, they encountered the magical barrier Dirks sought to destroy with the anti-magic amulet. Much to his dismay, Sei walked right through the barrier, revealing to Dirks that Starlynn was just a figment of his twisted imagination.

    After the revelation, Dirks finally accepted that the Starlynn Saga was over. It was time to get back to his roots.


    There is not a more arrogant soul in the whole of Althanas. Max Dirks is the epitome of vanity, cockiness and wit.
    Althanas Operations Administrator

    Dirks GP amount: 2949

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    Level completed: 46%,
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