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Thread: Corone At A Glance

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    Corone At A Glance

    (Written by Christoph.)

    Corone at a Glance


    Welcome to Corone, a bustling island country to the southeast of the mainland. With its temperate climate and prosperous harbors, it is the most tamed region in Althanas. It boasts a diverse population and a strong maritime tradition befitting a strategically placed island. Below you will find a brief overview of the region, providing some quick information for eager adventurers and a list of the unique themes that identify this large island and its many unique inhabitants. For more detailed information, please visit the Wiki entry here.

    Aside from its strong navy and maritime culture, Corone's most defining feature is perhaps its lack of singular defining features. As a large island receiving traders and travelers from nearly everywhere in the known world, this island republic is Althanas' melting pot. Humans, elves, dwarves, mixed-blooded, and countless other strange and unique races call Corone home. This diversity makes the country and interesting place to visit, though sometimes squabbles and conflicts arise between the many different cultures coexisting there.

    Corone offers plenty of excitement. Explore the vast and beautiful Concordia forest at its heart or sail the high seas, braving pirates and storms. Navigate the complex politics within the Republic's Assembly or the Barons' courts. Whether seeking fame, friendship, or fortune, Corone has what you seek.

    Core Themes

    These are the most notable and distinct storytelling elements present in Corone. Note that this is far from an exhaustive list, and the themes below are not exclusive to this region. Rather, they are merely the themes most strongly present, the ones that truly define Corone

    Multiculturalism -- Corone is a melting pot teeming with diverse inhabitants. It would not be unusual to find a human living next door to an Elf and across the street from a Dwarf. Even Orcs, known for their wild savagery find places in the Rangers and the Coronian Navy. A visitor to this country never knows what sorts of people he'll find.

    Costly Freedom -- Corone's republic had endured for millennia, a beacon of freedom and opportunity. Yet, there are many, both within and without, who would see the island nation under the boot of tyranny. In recent years, civil war gripped Corone as an authoritarian regime known as the "Coalition" seized power and attempted to turn the republic into an empire. Only through blood and fire was the republic saved, and the countless fresh graves mark the toll paid for Corone's freedom.

    Opportunity -- Though Corone lacks the natural resources of Salvar, the technology of Alerar, and the arcane wonders of Raiaera, its bustling economy and strategic maritime location make it very prosperous. Because of this and its renown social mobility, people of all sorts travel to Corone in search of fame and fortune. Men and women of all professions can find opportunity here.

    Naval Power -- Corone is a vast island that holds a strategic position between the Raiaeran Gulf and the Dawn Sea. As such, its military strength and prosperity tie to its long-standing maritime culture. Its powerful navy sails far and wind, safeguarding trade and protecting outposts and colonies. Many foreigners seek coin and adventure in the Coronian Navy, and indeed many of its most renowned captains hailed from distant lands.


    (For more detail on each area, visit the Wiki page.)

    Radasanth: The capital city, connecting to the nation's largest harbor, is known for its vast warehouses, busy inns, and prestigious colleges. It is also the home of the legendary Citadel, a massive and ancient fighting arena. Currently, it is the last city held by the Imperial forces and martial law and curfews remain in effect, with traffic in and out along the roads heavily restricted.

    Concordia: The home of the Rangers, this forest is vast and green. Many mysteries hide beneath its trees. Local villagers whisper of spirits and Fae creatures lurking within.

    Bradbury: A wide expanse of orchards, river lands, and lakes to the east, this is the second largest barony in Corone. The old Bradbury family has ruled the area for countless generations.

    Yarborough: This barony contains the bulk of Corone's fertile farmland. Its capital of Gisela marks the site of many battles, old and new.

    Tylmerande: This small but wealthy barony encompasses the rocky south-eastern peninsula. A disproportionate number of elves live here, making their fortunes diving for pearls in the warm, clear waters.

    Akashima: A small, semi-independent nation within Corone's borders, it is known for its disciplined warriors and isolationism.


    Major Factions

    The Coronian Rangers -- Once merely a branch of Corone's military renowned for its guerilla tactics, the Rangers gained fame as freedom fighters during the civil war.

    The Assembly -- the ruling body of Corone. They were recently reformed in the aftermath of the civil war. Its members now seek to restore order and help the republic regain its power and prosperity.

    The Coalition -- a shadowy association of Corone's rich and powerful. They caused the civil war when they seized control of the Assembly and attempted to turn the republic into an empire. Despite their defeat, they have continued to infiltrate every major organization in the country, hoping to rebuild their power and plan their next moves.

    The Coronian Navy -- Not so much a branch of the military, but a military power unto itself, the navy patrols the high seas and maintains Corone's mercantile prosperity and security.
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