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Thread: Raiaera At A Glance

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    Raiaera At A Glance

    (Written by Christoph.)

    Raiaera at a Glance


    Welcome Raiaera, the ancestral home of the High Elves with a history of magic and wonder. Once a shining crown atop the world, the elven nation has fallen far since its golden age. The shattering of the Ethereal Tap over two thousand years ago sparked its decline, diminishing its legendary magic. In recent years, an undead horde commanded by an ancient evil, the Forgotten One named Xem'Zund, swept through the nation, leaving devastation in its wake.

    Now Raiaera's once shining cities and beautiful ancient forests hold ruins and danger and its diminished population struggles to survive and regain their nation's former glory. Yet, even in its diminished state, the elven homeland contains wonders of magic unlike anywhere else in Althanas, most notably the spell-song of the Bards.

    Whether you're hero seeking to restore a wounded realm to glory or a looter picking at its corpse, Raiaera offers adventure now more than ever. From zombie-infested ruins to magical forests; from catacombs filled with treasures to legendary schools of magic, Raiara is a place of both danger and wonder.

    Things to remember when role-playing in Raiaera:
    • The land is in ruins -- The Corpse War devastated the High Elves' once prosperous nation ransacking ancient cities and massacring much of its population. While pockets of civilization exist with the Raiaeran government struggling to reform itself, much of the land lies in chaos and ruin.
    • Magic is commonplace -- Even in its diminished state, magic is a more common part of life in Raiaera than other regions. The high elves' longer lifespans prompt many to study spell-song and other arcane arts. Indeed, about half the elvish population knows some magic, far higher than humans, orcs or dwarves.

    Core Themes

    These are the most notable and distinct storytelling elements present in Alerar. Note that this is far from an exhaustive list, and the themes below are not exclusive to this region. Rather, they are merely the themes most strongly present, the ones that truly define Raiaera.

    Lost Glory -- Raiaera was once the seat of the known world's greatest civilization. The current day finds it at perhaps its lowest point, a mere shadow of its former glory. Some seek to return the elvish realm to greatness, while others work to see it snuffed out forever.

    Spell and Song -- Magic and Raiaera have forever been intertwined, since the gods first gifted mortals with the Eternal Tap. The High Elves, with their long lives and natural finesse, excelled at both music and magic. It did not take long for the two arts to merge into one, the legendary spell-song of Raiaera.

    For the Living -- Following its near destruction at the hands of the undead, many old rivalries within the nation were cast aside. With the remnants of Xem'Zund's forces still roaming the land, one question remains. Who will inherit the realm, the living or the dead?

    High Adventure -- Many mystical ruins dot Raiaera, remnants of their golden age. Dungeons, catacombs, and temples await exploration by eager adventurers with the courage to face deadly monsters and cunning traps.


    (For more detail on each location, visit the Wiki page.)

    Eluriand: The capital, this city was once a magnificent beacon of Raiaeran enginuity and prosperity. Sadly, when Xem'Zund attacked, shimmering spires were toppled, statues shattered, and temples desecrated. With the great necromancer vanquished, the High Bard council seeks to restore the city to its former glory, though much work remains.

    Eluceliniel: A fortified city within the Great Forest, it lacks the grandeur of traditional elvish cities. Instead, it is a stark fortress with gray walls weaving through ancient trees. Here, the last bastion of Raiaeran power withstood the undead onslaught, and from here it seeks to rebuild the country.

    Beinost/Anebrilith: Once both the headquarters of the Bladesingers and home to Raiaera's oldest libraries, this ancient mountain city held out for over a year against Xem'Zund's forces. In the end, on the eve of its fall, the wizard known as Caden Law had the entire city torn down to its very foundation in an unprecedented feat of magic, all to prevent it from falling into evil hands. Now only a smoldering, ghost-haunted ruin remains.

    Valintal: This ancient citadel guards the western mountains against Alerian invasion. A hybrid of martial utilitarian design and elvish artistry, it is truly a wonder to behold.

    The Red Forest: Once, in pages long past, a beautiful and tranquil place, the Red Forest became tainted by dark magic during the War of the Tap. Now, this fell place covers the southern fourth of Raiaera like an open wound, horrible creatures lurking between unnaturally red trees. The unique quality of its wood attracts some brave enough to harvest it.


    Major Factions

    High Bard Council -- The High Bards serve two extremely important roles in Raiaeran society. First, their elders form the aforementioned council, which rules and guides the nation. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, they preserve, practice, and teach the ancient elvish art of spell-song.

    Bladesingers' Guide -- Both an elite military unit and a police force, the Bladesingers are a brotherhood of champions skilled in both spell-song and combat. They combine their magic and martial skills to become some of the most formidable warriors in the known world, and have defended the realm for thousands of years.

    The Consult – After Xem'Zund's death, his followers turned on each other and his horde fell into disarray. Over two years later, a number of surviving necromancers, vampires, and liches have banded together to rule the blighted portions of Raiaera.
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