Lornius at a Glance


Welcome to Lornius, sometimes referred to as the slum of Althanas. Lornius is the name given to the main island of a shallow water archipelago located to the west of Corone and the south of Raiaera. Built on top of ancient dwarven runes, this primarily human civilization is facing its decline. The island has hosted multiple conflicts between Raiaera and Corone for control of its port due to its strategic location between the two countries.

Ten years ago, a rag tag army of Lorninians led by the criminal Max Dirks managed to chase the last remnants of Raiaera and Corone from the island. Independence was subsequently declared and Dirks was made the leader. Under his rule, tyranny reigned supreme as Dirks killed those he deemed unworthy and constantly diverted government funds for his own schemes. This lasted for five years, until Dirks was ousted in a violent coup and the democratically elected Lornius High Council was installed in his stead. At that time, except for the Lornius Corporate Challenge, Lornius closed its borders to all outsiders.

Marred by war and never able to truly rebuild between attacks, the human traders now face unending poverty. In a desperate effort to save their country (or in an attempt to get richer, depending on who you ask), the Lornius High Council decided to encourage traders, adventurers and others to seek out the island. The borders are now open, but the natives still view the others with caution, if not outright distain.

From ancient dwarven ruins to the underground of Lyridia to the marvels and political intrigue of the Floating City, Lornius has something for everyone. However, Lornius is not for the faint of heart. Only characters level 5 or higher or those who have significantly contributed to Althanas can play here. There are additional advantages: threads completed here receive 1.5x experience. Ask yourself: Will you help this decaying civilization to rebuild, or will you help burn it to the ground?

Things to remember when role-playing in Lornius:

  • You are on an island where no one likes you – Lornius is the central island of a shallow archipelago populated by poor, xenophobic humans. A small group of familiar traders do bring goods from across Althanas, but they are limited in supply and generally reserved for the wealthiest residents. While visiting Lornius, keep one eye on the natives and the other on your wallet.
  • There is scantly rule of law – Democracy is a new concept on Lornius, and remnants of government’s past can be found all over the island. While factions aren’t as pronounced as they were under dictator Max Dirks, they still exist in the shadows. Sometimes they have their own internal governance and economic system. Outside the Floating City, these mini-factions tend to run the geographic area in which they reside. Be sure not to cross the wrong street, or you might find yourself in a world of pain.


Core Themes

These are the most notable and distinct storytelling elements present in Lornius. Note that this is far from an exhaustive list, and the themes below are not exclusive to this region. Rather, they are merely the themes most strongly present, the ones that truly define Lornius.

Xenophobia – Due to hundreds of years of conflict between Corone and Raiaera for control over the island, the native Lorninians have become inherently uncomfortable with other races, particularly elves. Outside of Lyridia, non-humans would not only be met with caution, they would be met with open distrust and distain.

Poverty – Lornius is on an island with limited natural resources. Combined with xenophobia, this has allowed poverty to grow rampant, particularly in Lyridia. Wealth belongs to only a handful of people, most of whom are hidden safely away in the Floating City, so Lyridia has become a hive for the unsavory. Since most of Lornius’ population is housed in its two major cities, its countryside virtually untouched.

Mysterious Magic & Ancient Relics – As far as scholars can tell, Lornius was once home to dwarves. Remnants of their ancient civilization can be found everywhere, from the Floating City to Damien’s Shrine in the east. No one is sure what happened to the dwarves, but most suspect they were wiped out by Raiaerians in the distant past. The human population generally stays on the surface, so there’s no telling what secrets are hidden in the ground.


(For more detail on each location, visit the Wiki page.)

The Floating City: The capital of Lornius, known simply as “The Floating City,” is a masterpiece of dwarven engineering. It is suspended 10,000 feet in the air by a combination of steam generators and helium balloons. Though carpenters and stone masons keep buildings looking pristine, the steam technology keeping the city afloat is antiquated and there are fears it could fail at any time. Access to the city is limited, but a vibrant slum has grown in its shadow on the ground.

Lyridia: The largest city on the island, Lyridia is the former capital of Lornius. The city is home to Lornius’ only port, which remains relatively active despite the xenophobia of the island. Residents here have grown accustomed to others through trade. As a result, it houses a steady mix of dregs. After the coup, most wealthy Lorninians absconded to the Floating City, so Lyridia is draped in poverty. Lyridia is also home to the Lornian Battle Tour and Piston’s Pleasure Palace, the largest casino on Althanas.

Terrinore: The most feared and nigh inescapable prison on Althanas, Terrinore is where prisoners are sent when they need to disappear. The prison sits at the top of 1000 feet of volcanic cliffs on a small island to the west of Lornius. It is a little known fact, but the majority of the income the High Council receives to run the country comes from those who want to make their enemies or rivals vanish in the prison.


Major Factions

Lornius High Council – Formed following the coup of the dictator Max Dirks, the Lornius High Council is Lornius’ first attempt at democracy. Corruption runs rampant amongst the homogenous group of rich humans, but there are a few members dedicated to Lornius’ future. The Council meets monthly in the Green Shrine located in the Floating City. It's called the Green Shine because its brass walls have been oxidized, giving it a light green hue.

Lornian Battle Tour – A group of gamblers, traders and accountants that is responsible for managing Althanas’ premier combat tournaments including the Serenti Invitational, the Gisela Open and, of course, the Lornius Corporate Challenge.

The Wardens – This mysterious group has maintained Terrinore Prison for thousands of years. The nature of the group and the precise nature of their relationship with the Lornius High Council is unknown, though some suspect there might be darker forces at work.