All regions share a common ancestry, so it might be prudent to read the Timeline of Ancient History first.

BT = Before Time
CP = Current Time

CP 1 to CP 150 -- Years of Recovery

CP 1 - The Shattering of the Tap leaves Raiaera's magical dominance in shambles, though it remains an imperial superpower

CP 50 - A faction calling themselves "Rise Against Ignorance" begins to form in opposition to the Thayne and the Eternal Tap

CP 80 - Rise Against Ignorance finds a foothold among the general population thanks in no small part to the Shattering of the Tap and the unprecedented levels of destruction from the war

CP 140 - Though the movement has gained immense traction within the population, the government and political structure of Raiaera prevent it from entering the political spectrum

CP 150 to CP 350 -- Renewed Orthodoxy

CP 150 - The traditionalists within the government grow weary of the Rise Against Ignorance threat, and begin to form ways of suppressing the movement.

CP 200 - The first true suppression of vocal members of Rise Against Ignorance is recorded, with some of the most widely known members arrested and re-educated.

CP 340 - The politically driven attacks on Rise Against Ignorance only serve to strengthen the movement, with the members beginning to call themselves the New Elves.

CP 350 to 470 -- Elven Schism

CP 350 - Tensions reach their breaking point, and a civil war erupts between the New Elves movement and Raiaera's traditionalist government

CP 351 - The New Elves organize riots to strike out at the persecution of their brethren

CP 370 - Having gained enough support and resources from the general populace, the New Elves hire assassins to eliminate powerful Bards who would otherwise use their magic in battle

CP 425 - The civil war rages on, but the New Elves begin to wither from the consistent pressure applied by the Raiaeran government

CP 450 - The New Elves concede, unable to continue a protracted war against the full might of Raiaera, and flee west. They take a third of the elven population with them, and significant portions of the empire's remaining wealth

CP 460 - The New Elves cross the Mountains of Twilight and settle the land they would later name Alerar

CP 470 to 504 -- Urodin Expulsion

CP 470 - Nomadic humans known as the Urodins, who long traversed northern Raiaera, seek to establish a sovereign nation.

CP 480 - The Urodins, taking advantage of the elves weakened state following the civil war, overrun several Raiaeran outposts and towns, claiming them as part of this new Uroda

CP 500 - The high elves were slow to respond, but they eventually do so with full force and fury, driving the Urodins north in a series of bloody battles, eventually expelling them from Raiaera entirely

CP 504 to CP 612 -- Raiaera-Corone Wars

CP 504 - Raiaera begins small revolts against the creation of an independent Coronian government

CP 570 - The revolts escalate and unknown numbers are lost in the bloodshed between Corone and Raiaera

CP 605 - Fighting wars on two fronts exhausts Raiaeran resources, and it is decided the elves will focus their attention upon the Dark Elves and the threat of Alerar, ultimately relinquishing the island of Corone to its new independent government

CP 609 to CP 624 -- The Twilight Wars

CP 609 - The banished Dark Elves and their country, Alerar, send its military into the Mountains of Twilight and Raiaera leaves the Coronian lands to fight back against their banished brethren

CP 624 - All-out war seems inevitable, but a new extreme threat emerges to prevent it

Demon Wars -- CP 624 to CP 837

CP 624 - Raiaera and the high elves are the first to learn of the demons' emergence from Haide.

CP 630 - As the demon horde rampages across Alerar's undefended western territory, the Raiaeran army marched to meet them

CP 640 - The Raiaeran army is driven back, and ultimately falls to the Demon Army's unending hordes. The surviving high elves retreat home to tell of the defeat

CP 645 - Fortified outposts and powerful magic seal off Raiaera from the invading demon horde, though the bulk of the Demon Army focuses elsewhere buying Raiaera precious time to rebuild

CP 650 to CP 837 - Raiaera sends its remaining forces across the continent to aid other countries against the demons, even Alerar. High elf contingents play important roles in both of the victories at Knife's Edge and Teria

CP 837 to CP 1500 -- New World Order

Though Raiaera suffered less than some in the Demon Wars, they emerged from the conflict into a very different world. Their new rival Alerar had survived, its dark elf inhabitants changed into something new and dangerous. Corone had gained its independence and rapidly expanded into once elf-dominated shipping lanes. A renewed Salvar rallied behind a strange new religion in the north. Where once Raiaera dominated the known world, they were now but one of many competing powers.

CP 1500 to CP 1808 -- Aggression Period

CP 1500 to CP 1600 - Raiaera and Alerar enter into an unspoken truce and time of peace

CP 1600 to CP 1800 - Queen Vorathi Fararil comes into power in Alerar, waging a vengeance-laden war against Raiaera ultimately destroying all Raiaeran outposts in Alerar and pushing an attack all the way to Eluriand

CP 1801 to CP 1803- Queen Vorathi's successor, Regent Edar'axa follows her vengeful war with one of his own, pushing an attack all the way to the Raiaeran capital of Eluriand.

CP 1805 - The two sides enter peace talks for the first time, with Alerar securing concessions from Raiaera including exclusive shipping lanes in the Raiaeran Sea

CP 1812 to CP 1814 -- The Corpse War

CP 1812 - (Summer) The Dread Necromancer, Xem'zund, gathers his forces at his fortress in the depths of the Lindequalme and strikes the High Elven realm of Raiaera. The sentinel city of Carnelost falls, annihilated nearly to the last man, and from there Xem'zund's hordes push towards the ancient port of Anebrilith to the east and the great fortress of Valinatal to the west. Barely had the High Bard Council managed to contain these initial advances when unexpected annihilation rained down upon Valinatal, obliterating it and its defiant garrison from Althanas. Survivors proclaim the retunr of N'jal to Althanas, although this is in fact an illusion created by Khal'jaren the Sage. At Eluriand, the Horn of Velice is blown as its defenders take the field, and the Necromancer himself is wounded, the undead host from Valinatal sweeps all elven armies from the field. This is forever after known as "Aurë Unótimë Unqualë", the Day of Untold Agony (Submitted by Flames of Hyperion)

CP 1812 - (Late Summer) Raiaera strikes back, bringing the scourge of undeath to a bloody standstill. Eluriand and Anebrilith are under protracted siege. Vast swathes of Timbrethinil Forest are utterly destroyed and rendered lifeless, although Xem'zund's tower, the Obsidian Spire, is brought crashing to the ground in a daring raid. The Lady General, High Bladesinger Nalith Celiniel, fortifies the villa of Tirinost and renames it Eluceliniel (Submitted by Flames of Hyperion)

CP 1812 - (Winter) Throughout the winter the desperate fighting continues. The valiant defenders of Eluriand are rooted out from their halls, and only isolated recesses of Istien survive. Anebrilith suffers beneath the rise of dark forces intent on piracy, slavery, and destruction. Angered at the loss of the Obsidian Spire, Xem'zund raises a replacement amongst the ruins of the Narenhad, once called Valinatal. But Nenaebreth is liberated, driving a wedge into Xem'zund's thrusts north and east, and Nalith gathers her forces for a final offensive towards Eluriand (Submitted by Flames of Hyperion)

CP 1813 (Spring)- Xem'zund, determined to draw his foes forth from Eluceliniel, is ambushed by Nalith on the banks of the River Escaldor. But before their week-long engagement can prove decisive Alerian forces invade across the Twilight Peaks and lay siege to Narenhad. The Battle of the Escaldor ends in a victory for Nalith, and the Death Lords are similarly defeated in Timbrethinil Forest and in Anebrilith now reborn as Beinost. Nalith rides on to liberate Eluriand, only to find the city devastated and its central palaces - and the libraries of Istien - lost forever to the physical plane. Similarly, the Alerians win a victory at Narenhad, at the cost of the Necromancer's blight infecting the surrounding lands with corrupting plague. Xem'zund retreats to his last fastness deep within the Lindequalme, where he is confronted and cast down by a group of foolhardy adventurers known to time as the Dawnbringers. Xem'zund's eventual passing is calm, dignified, and final; Raiaera's legacy of confusion and devastation, however, lives on even to this day (Submitted by Flames of Hyperion)

Present Day: 1815