All regions share a common ancestry, so it might be prudent to read the Timeline of Ancient History first.

BT = Before Time
CP = Current Time

The "Rise Against Ignorance" -- CP 1 to CP 150

CP 50 - A faction calling themselves "Rise Against Ignorance" begins to form in opposition to the Thayne and the Eternal Tap

CP 80 - Rise Against Ignorance finds a foothold among the general population thanks in no small part to the Shattering of the Tap and the unprecedented levels of destruction from the war

CP 140 - Though the movement has gained immense traction within the population, the government and political structure of Raiaera prevent it from entering the political spectrum

The Time of Persecution -- CP 150 to CP 350

CP 150 - The traditionalists within the government grow weary of the Rise Against Ignorance threat, and begin to form ways of suppressing the movement.

CP 200 - The first true suppression of vocal members of Rise Against Ignorance is recorded, with some of the most widely known members arrested and re-educated.

CP 340 - The politically driven attacks on Rise Against Ignorance only serve to strengthen the movement, with the members beginning to call themselves the New Elves.

Elven Schism -- CP 350 to 470

CP 350 - Tensions reach their breaking point, and a civil war erupts between the New Elves movement and Raiaera's traditionalist government.

CP 351 - The New Elves organize riots to strike out at the persecution of their brethren

CP 370 - Having gained enough support and resources from the general populace, the New Elves hire assassins to eliminate powerful Bards who would otherwise use their magic in battle

CP 425 - The civil war rages on, but the New Elves begin to wither from the consistent pressure applied by the Raiaeran government

CP 450 - The New Elves concede, unable to continue a protracted war against the full might of Raiaera, and flee west. They take a third of the elven population with them, and significant portions of the empire's remaining wealth

CP 460 - The New Elves cross the Mountains of Twilight and settle the land they would later name Alerar

Wars of Possession -- CP 470 to CP 538

CP 470 to CP 500 - The exiled elves sweep across the western half of the continent, exterminating or subjugating several human tribes

CP 505 to CP 535 - The New Elves' incursion rouses the dwarves from their strongholds resulting in several battles spread across the region over the course of thirty years

CP 538 - The dwarf leaders, seeing no profit in an all-out war against the militant elven intruders, make peace. The two sides sign the Treaty of Congruity, which preserves the dwarves' mountain cities but surrenders the flatlands, and establishes trade and security relations between the two factions

The First City -- CP 538 to CP 582

CP 540 - Upon the banks of the Glaith River, the greatest visionaries among the New Elves conceive of a great city to rival Eluriand.

CP 550 - New elf architects enlist master dwarf artisans, and the labor of thousands of human slaves, to begin construction of the new city

CP 580 - The finishing touches are laid and the city of Ettermire is completed

Founding of Alerar -- CP 582 to CP 624

CP 582 - The Alerar Pact is ratified by the dwarves and the dark elves, formerly known as the New Elves, which cements the two factions into a single country

CP 590 - The country of Alerar expands quickly across the western reaches of the continent

CP 600 - The Raiaerans push back, and a number of a minor conflicts take place between the two sides with each conflict bloodier than the one before

CP 624 - The demons emerge and unintentionally prevent an all-out war between Alerar and Raiaera

Demon Wars -- CP 624 to CP 837

CP 625 - With the Alerar military focused mainly on the east, toward their hated Raiaeran rivals, the demons' attack from the south catches the young country offguard

CP 650 - Much of Alerar is swiftly awash in a tide of fire and blood, but the dwarves and dark elves retreat to their fortified cities and ancient mountain holds to wait out the storm and gather their strength. Untold numbers of both dark elves and dwarves starved or were lost in smaller strategic skirmishes in what would be known as the darkest period in Alerar history

CP 830 - In the final years of the war, the Alerians finally marched from their strongholds in force, led by Elrohir Fararil, and pushed the Demon Army out of their land, but at great cost.

Consolidation Period -- CP 837 to CP 1230

CP 840 - Elrohir Fararil begins a charge to take full control of the country's government in an effort to establish his own dynasty

CP 900 - Elrohir begins to rebuild the cities, settlements, and harbors of Alerar as his takeover of the government is finalized

CP 1000 - Elrohir Fararil oversees the construction of the Spires in Ettermire, where he houses his aristocracy all of which are hand-picked families. Over the coming three centuries of his rule, he gains a reputation for inciting squabbles amongst his nobles to weed out weakness and keep them too inner-focused to threaten his rule

The New Elves -- CP 1230 to CP 1400

CP 1300 - At the approximate age of 500, King Elrohir Fararil dies of old age, the first prominent dark elf to die this way since the schism

CP 1305 - Elrohir Fararil II assumes his father's throne

CP 1350 - Man Alerians begin calling themselves New Elves, and a new fascination with machinery, artifice, and alchemy takes hold.

Succession Period -- CP 1400 to CP 1500

CP 1400 - Elrohir II dies in a border skirmish with a Raiaeran patrol. Over the next 100 years, those with direct claims to the vacant throne succumb to various misfortunes or public embarrassments that render them too discredited or dead to assume the throne.

CP 1500 - The last remaining claim to the throne, Vorathi Fararil daughter of Elrohir II, ascends to rule.

Aggression Period
-- CP 1500 to CP 1801

CP 1600 - Queen Vorathi Fararil, to gain further political sway among the populace, turns her attention toward Raiaera, leading Alerar into several wars of varying scopes

CP 1800 - By the final year of her reign, Queen Vorathi has led the army in the destruction of all high elf outposts in Alerar, and finds ways to severely strain Raiaera's resources

Assassination of Vorathi -- CP 1801 to CP 1808

CP 1800 - Queen Vorathi Fararil is assassinated, allegedly by her own eldest son

CP 1801 - The Grafs band together to remove him, and since the remaining children of Vorathi are deemed too young to rule, High Graf Edar'axa is named Regent

CP 1802 - Regent Edar'axa oversees the expansion of Alerar's navy and becomes the first Alerian ruler to make foreign recruits high ranking military officers -- the most notable example the well-renowned commander named Thoracis

CP 1803 - Regent Edar'axa leads Alerar in another war against Raiaera, pushing all the way to the Raiaeran capital of Eluriand before the advance is ground to a halt

CP 1805 - The Alerian invasion helps secure peace negotiations which result in several Raiaeran concessions including exclusive shipping lanes in the Raiaeran Sea

CP 1808 - Regent Edar'axa declares himself king, despite only divisive support from the nobility. Many assume he never had intentions to vacate the throne

Age of Expansion -- CP 1808 to Present

As much of the rest of the known world tore itself apart in wars, Alerar expanded its power and now sets its sights on distant, exotic lands as well as their ancestral enemies.

Current Year: CP 1815