Group Name: The Guild

History: After leaving the Tarot Hierarchy, Rayleigh found that she quite disliked the wanderer's lifestyle. Though she still traveled, the trips that she took seemed to pale in comparison to past adventures. She struggled to find much purpose in what she did, and while the quest for ancient artifacts still lingered in the back of her mind, she slowly began to lose steam. Furthermore, the loneliness that accompanied going solo ate away at her far more than she could have predicted. After only a few months on her own, the girl reached out to an old friend. Tobias Stalt replied that he often quells such negative emotions by taking jobs, as the task (and the gold) provides him with the necessary focus. Inspired by this, and by the tales of Stalt's previous jobs, Ray began to draft up a group of her own, meant to fill the void left by her departure from the House of Cards.

Purpose: Rayleigh intended for the group to bring individuals together, from all walks of life, for the same reason - accepting and completing jobs. Though the Guild's purpose is fairly straight-forward, it is truly all-encompassing. Some take the work for the rewards, while some do it for the chance to travel. Other still, such as Ray, merely need the direction and the satisfaction of accomplishing something. Whatever the motivation, the group provides a safe haven for downtime, a capable crew if assistance is necessary, and the most up-to-date job postings from all across Althanas.

Structure: The Guild possesses no real hierarchy, as nearly all happenings and decisions are character-driven and situation-specific. Rayleigh is considered the Guild Master, as the group was her creation. However, she rarely finds herself making any executive decisions. Only those who she trusts to handle themselves are admitted into her group, thus removing the potential for any real problems. Her main responsibilities are keeping the mission board updated, and inducting new members into the Guild.

Members: The Guild's founding members are Rayleigh Aston, Tobias Stalt, and Alyssa Snow. As the Guild is meant to be more a gathering of like-minded individuals than a rigid society, its members are allowed (and in some cases, encouraged) to affiliate with other Power Groups.