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Thread: Building Foundations (Closed)

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    Level completed: 98%,
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    Marina Quartzoath
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    The conversation she overheard on the cart ride into the camp had been plaguing Marina’s mind for the first part of the morning. She was truly happy that Bran and his wife had been able to conceive and get the family they wished for, just as she had been truly happy for her sisters when they joyously announced each of their own pregnancies. Yet as always, underneath that happy feeling there was jealousy, far too much for Marina’s comfort. She didn’t even know if she wanted a family of her own one day, but the fact that fate had taken that decision from her was something she always hated.

    She had been trying to banish those thoughts when she saw Rebby with the bar owner and his daughter had come into the clearing, and was happy for the distraction. Seeing them go over to the working men, Marina hurried on finishing up laundry that she had been doing, even it was simply just her only other full dress, one of Leoric’s shirts, and the underwear she had been wearing the night before that she managed to grab from Leoric’s room that morning and hide in her dress. That unfortunately meant she was uncomfortably bare under her dress at the moment, but it wasn’t as if she could let them remain unwashed. It didn’t take her long thankfully, but she just supposed that was the benefit of the both of them not owning many clothes. After hiding her underwear again by folding it in her damp dress in the small basket she had beside her, she got up and approached the group over at the house just as she saw Rebby start heading her way.

    “There is some fresh groceries in here too for you.” Rebby said as she held the bag she was holding out for her.

    “Oh! Thank you!” She replied as she took the bag, taking a peek inside. She was happy to see some pork and various vegetables, as well as some herbs, which gave her plenty of ideas of what she could make for lunch. She gave Rebby a huge thankful smile before turning and going to put everything away for now before returning to the group to enjoy the drinks that they had brought over.

    As much as it was nice to chat quietly with the other two girls about latest town gossip, and teasing Jimmy’s daughter, Gretta when she looked particularly embarrassed when on the topic of Luke and his carvings came up. Marina it was cute that the young girl had such an obvious crush, but again that bubble of jealousy came up about being able to be so open about her affections, so she stomped that down right quick. Once the drinks were done, she helped Rebby and Gretta clean up and then went back about where she left off with her chores.

    “So Marina, did you and Leoric stay out late last night?” Rebby asked as she helped Marina by putting Leoric’s shirt up on the makeshift clothesline that the dwarf had put up earlier in the week. “I stopped by last night and neither of you were at the inn.”

    Remembering what had happened the night before made a blush instantly flash across her face, and Marina did everything she could to focus on pinning her dress up while managing to hide the underwear just under the neckline so it could also dry. “Yes, I wanted to cook myself last night, then we went for a walk… I didn’t want to go back to the inn early, but Leoric didn’t want me walking about town late by myself, so we just went around together.” she lied flawlessly.

    “That’s really sweet of him.” Gretta piped up, sitting on a tree stump that was right next to the clothesline. “I suppose it’s because of what happened with Darius, huh?”

    “Or maybe he just wanted to spend some time with her.” Rebby hummed, giving Marina a sly smile. “I don’t suppose you minded though, right?”

    Marian scoffed, shaking her head. “I think he just didn’t want me to get in trouble again.” She added onto the lie easily. “And no, I didn’t mind… Leoric is pleasant company, when he wants to be.”

    “Oh, I know, but I’ve noticed that he seems especially pleasant with you, that’s all.” Rebby shrugged, wiping the dampness from her hands onto her skirt. “I’m a little jealous, really.”

    “He is very handsome… A lot of the girls around the town are jealous of you, Miss Marina.” Gretta admitted, absentmindedly starting to play with her hair. “He’s pretty popular around here, and a lot of girls wanted to be the one to tie him down, but then you come in and just fit so well with everyone, and bring out a side of him no one has ever seen. You’re practically a miracle worker.”

    Marina just shook her head, kneeling down to pick up the basket from the ground. She took a step to go put it away, but she stopped at a thought. Turning around, she looked at Rebby. “Are you one of those girls, Rebby?” She asked bluntly. “Do you… you know…”

    “Do I love him?” Rebby asked back in surprise. When she got a nod as her answer, she burst out laughing. “No, well, not anymore. I used to be really smitten with him, but he’s far too good a friend now to risk ruining that.” She put her hands on her hips, giving her an amused look. “Besides, I’m starting to get the hang out of single motherhood. The only thing I would probably want from Leoric is if I ever decide I want another child, but I would never expect him to stick around for that, so he’s all yours.”

    Marina ducked her head a little as she pouted, looking down at the ground. “He’s… He’s not a possession to be owned, you know…”

    “But he’s yours, anyway.” Gretta said with a giggle. “That much is obvious to everyone around here.”

    “I would never want to hold him back.” Marina sighed, turning back to them. “And I would only get in his way, I’m just here until he says I’ve done enough to repay him for everything…”

    “Marina…” Rebby stepped closer to her, giving her a knowing look. “How do you feel about him? Because I’m sure if you wanted to stay longer, he would more than happy to let you stay as long as you wanted, even if that meant forever.”

    “I…” The words caught in the dwarf’s throat as she tried to come up with something dismissive to say, but looking Rebby in the eyes, she knew she couldn’t lie about something like this to her and be believed. “How I feel doesn’t matter, I don’t think he could ever like someone like me like that…”

    What she said ended up making both Rebby’s and Gretta’s expressions fall into silent pity, and the older woman looked like she wanted to say something, but something behind Marina caught her attention.

    Turning around to see what was going on, she saw Leoric walking out of the shack with the logs he had used before during his training. Confused, she continued to watch him, even as Bran called out to him and seemed to ignore the world around him, save for one quick look in her direction. “Leoric?”

    She watched him, intensely concerned as he got himself ready and made his way over to the training dummies, immediately going to work, making her flinch with how loud the first crack against the wood was. She could tell that something was wrong, so she cautiously approached him, not listening to Rebby as she tried to convince her to stay away. She took her time, not wanting to startle him or get in his way, until she was close enough to hear some of what he seemed to be saying to himself.

    “Faster, need to be faster!”

    “Leoric!” She called, now unable to hold back her concern. She had only seen him train once, but it was nothing like this, and it made her scared for him. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

    “I think I know what’s going on,” Bran’s voice startled her, and the hand that he gently put on her shoulder did little to comfort her. “It might just be something he has to work out for himself.”

    Even if he said she should leave him be, she couldn’t just leave him, so she continued to watch over him, her worry growing as he seemed to be working himself harder and harder, managing to even start damaging the wood of the dummy with his strikes. She could tell he was talking to himself, but being several feet away and the sounds of the hits made it impossible to hear everything. She had to cover her ears after a short while because of how loud it was, and as it was beginning to become too painful to see him like this tears started springing to her eyes.

    When one of the wooden gauntlets suddenly shattered with parts of the dummy, Marina let out a sharp squeal in surprise. Letting her hands fall from her ears, she watched with wide eyes as Leoric started down at the broken equipment. “No one…” He mumbled to himself in the now deafening silence. She had no idea what just happened, but she knew she couldn’t let this go.

    Marina didn’t approach him right away, just watching him while he started to calm down again. After a few moments, she slowly took a few steps towards him. “Leoric…?”

    She noticed that in response to her voice, his body seemed to tense up again. “... What?” His sharp tone, almost made her flinch back, but she continued closer.

    “What’s going on?” she asked gently, reaching out to put her hand on his arm but he quickly moved away from her touch. As much as this hurt her, she kept herself calm, as this wasn’t about her right now. “Leoric, please… I’ve never seen you like that before, so… what’s wrong?”

    “Nothing.” He replied too quickly, pushing the last intact log off of his arm, letting it fall to the ground. “I’ve dealt with it.”

    “Then there wasn’t nothing.” She insisted, stepping closer which only made him step back again. “Please, talk to me.”

    “Marina, just let it go.” He spat, turning around quickly to walk away towards the forest, but Marina just followed, even if she had to jog after his fast pace.

    “No, I will not let it go!” She yelled back at him. “Not something that made you act like that, I’d rather you talk to me than just destroy things when something is upsetting you!”

    Once they were a few meters into the forest, trees all around them, Leoric stopped, half turning towards her to look back at her. “Marina, stop.” He growled, though there was no heat to his voice. She could see that whatever was going on in his thick head was hurting him.

    So she pushed again. “No, I want to help, so please…” She begged, softer this time as she stepped in closer to him and reaching out.

    Before she could touch him, he turned fully towards her and ducked down a bit, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other around her legs, moving too quickly for her to react as he picked her up so they were eye level. She barely had enough time to grab onto his shoulders and let out a squeak when she felt her back being pushed up against a tree and his lips crashed against hers.

    Once his body was pressed against hers, he let go of her legs to pull them around his waist, which she followed his direction if only out of fear of falling. The kiss was different from the night before, slower, deeper, and how overwhelming it was made her feel dizzy. He was kissing her with less desperation than before, like he was savoring her, and she felt she could barely keep up with him. She didn’t understand what made this kiss better, but she knew she liked it better and just wanted it to last forever.

    Unfortunately for her, as suddenly as it started Leoric broke away. He looked at her for a moment before gently letting her go down back to the ground. As soon as her feet touched the ground, he let go of her completely, turned around and walked back towards to clearing.

    Left alone in the forest, Marina felt even more confused and hurt than before, not understanding anything about what just happened. Her knees were left weak from the kiss, so she just sat down in the dirt, left to try to figure it all out. She couldn’t help but feel that the kiss that left her lips tingling and her heart soaring was supposed to be his way of answering her, of telling her everything, but she had no idea what it even meant.

    It wasn’t the kiss that kept her brain buzzing, however. The look he gave her just before he let her go was stuck in her mind. The look of a man who was so torn, wanting something so badly but was in so much pain from whatever it was he wanted. What could he want that would cause him this much pain? It didn’t help Marina understand anything, and not for the first time since she had met this man did she feel so helpless.

    After a while of trying to find answers and having none coming to her, Marina got up and brushed the dirt off of her dress and went back to the clearing. At her return, Rebby and Gretta quickly went over to her, both women looking relieved.

    “Oh thank goodness, you were taking so long we were starting to get worried.” Rebby said with a soft sigh. “Are you okay?”

    Marina nodded, forcing a small smile. “Yes, I’m fine.” Despite the sceptical look she was getting from both of the humans, neither spoke up against her insistence. Looking over towards the house construction, Marina noticed that Leoric had gone back to work and seemed completely focused on it again. She supposed it was better than him destroying everything with his bare hands.

    “So did you manage to get anything out of him?” Rebby asked, using a gentle hand on Marina’s back to lead them over to a place they could sit away from the men.

    She shook her head, but didn’t let her smile waver. “It’s fine though, I understand if he doesn’t want to tell me things…” Hoping to get off the topic of Leoric, she noticed that Gretta had started playing with her hair again, she motioned the girl over as she sat down on the ground. “Mind if I help you with that?”

    Gretta seemed excited by this, nodding quickly and sitting in front of the dwarf and allowing her to start braiding her hair in silence.

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    Level completed: 77%,
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    Marina’s prodding trying to figure out what caused him to lose his shit on the training dummy wasn’t helping. Once the adrenaline had mostly left his system and the red markings on his arm had vanished he couldn’t help but be soothed by just her voice. It took them until they were a few feet into the forest before he realized she wasn’t going to just leave him alone or forget that it had happened. So he gave her an answer without giving her an answer. Once the kiss had calmed Leoric down enough for him to remember he still had a house to build he slowly let go of Marina and let her stand on her own two feet again.

    Leoric turned and started heading back towards the house, he came out of a path near the back of the shed and went back up to the house where he quickly put his toolbelt back on and grabbed some wood before walking out of where the front door was going to be. He looked forward to see everyone staring at the destroyed training dummy as Bran knelt down and picked up a piece.

    “He can’t be serious can he?” The lumberjack said as he inspected a piece of the broken gauntlets. “He had his training thing here made out of this AND he was wearing it as gauntlets at this thickness?”

    “What are you talking about Bran?” Jimmy asked as Bran turned around.

    “Well, Here let’s get Joseph to weigh in” He tossed Joseph the piece of wood that he was holding.

    “Oh jeez this is heavy.” Joseph said as he caught it while spinning it around in his hand. His eyes going wide when he saw what it was. “Black IronWood? What kind of crazy is he? This is one of the hardest woods to work, i have broken many of my iron tools on some of this stuff and he shatters it with his bare hands?”

    “Just how strong is Leoric? Like i knew he was strong … but this?” Bran said as he picked up a few more pieces to make sure it was Ironwood

    “Is he even human?” Joseph asked as he tried to bend or even rip off a piece of the splintered ironwood and couldn’t get it to budge under his grasp.

    “Of course he is, what are you going on about?” Rebby scolded as she added herself to the conversation. “He spent how long recovering after being stabbed by Darius? We all saw that blood. And hell me and Marina babied him so much he probably was a little stir crazy after not being able to train for a week and a half.”

    At this their conversation was interrupted by the sound of hammering behind them. They all turned around to see Leoric back to work on the house, as if nothing ever happened. Bran and Joseph looked dumbfounded as they approached Leoric. A Little hesitant as they weren't quite sure how he was feeling or his current mental state.

    “Leoric?” Bran hesitantly said as he walked up the stairs.

    “Yo, What’s up?” Leoric said as nonchalantly as he could without even looking up from the nail that he had just driven in with a single hammer swing.

    “You do know that trying to work out to make yourself feel stronger isn’t going to hide those feelings you have.” Bran cocked an eyebrow as he gave Leoric a knowing look. Leoric stopped the hammer mid swing and turned his head to the side slightly his way of saying he was listening without speaking. “Believe me i went through this when i met Ella, you should remember. Hell you teased me about it.”

    Leoric placed the hammer on the ground and released the piece of wood he was holding up against the supports. Before fully turning his head to look at Bran.

    “You know it’s fine to admit you love someone, it’s not weakness. It’s a strength that many don’t get the chance of finding. There is so much Trust and compassion that comes with Love that not just anyone can find it within themselves to love someone.” Bran crouched next to leoric as he continued. “Ella completed me, without me even knowing i needed to be completed. Just like how Marina completes you, you are like an entirely different person around her. Much stronger as a person than you ever were by yourself. The town can see it and if there was a single person we would ever have to thank for the positive changes around here? It would be her. She changed you for the better.”

    Leoric sighed and went to say something when Bran spoke again. “Leoric, what you did to the training dummy, to the ironwood, shows you have the raw physical strength we all knew you had. Showing that you can love someone? Shows you have that Emotional strength as well and overall makes you a strong person. Just think on that will yeah? And when you are ready i am sure Marina would love to hear you say those three words.”

    Bran’s words rang true with Leoric. But Leoric wasn’t even sure if he was ready to tell her.. Or if she loved him back or if she just had the physical attraction that every other lady seemed to have. The only person who had gotten closest to seeing the real him was Rebby and Marina.. Yet they both stayed around. Thinking harder on this just made him feel like he needed to go work out his frustrations again but the training dummy was already destroyed. Instead he put his hand back on the board and picked up his hammer and went back to work. It was going to be a rather long day.

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    Level completed: 98%,
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    After the incident with the dummy, the hours passed with an almost tense air about the area even during lunch. Once they had all eaten, Jimmy and Gretta both left to get ready for the tavern opening that night, while Rebby stayed, primarily to keep Marina company and help clean up from their meal, since she didn’t have much to do while the men worked.

    By the time that the women had cleaned up and started talking, the men were just wrapping up work on the roof supports, and Marina had overheard them talking over their plans. Apparently they were going to wrap up early in favor of dropping off more of what they’d need for the next day’s work, so she and Rebby got their things together to leave.

    “I don’t think I can wait until all this is done,” Marina remarked while she folded the dress she had washed earlier over her arm to bring back with her to the inn.

    “Why’s that? So you have a solid and regular to sleep?” Rebby teased as she put the last of the dishes away in the hideaway with the rest of the things.

    Shaking her head, Marina went over to stand next to the human woman, holding the fabric close to her chest. “No, so that perhaps I could get some privacy to properly bathe. It has been days, and I feel rather gross.” She replied, getting a laugh from the other woman.

    “Oh, I know that feeling. I’m sure if you explained it, you could stay behind and wash yourself up while everyone else heads back. It’s not like you don’t know the way back.” Rebby suggested. “You can ask Joseph and Bran to take their time coming back, or let them know when it’s okay for them to come back once you go back into town. I’ll make sure Leoric gets back to the inn without getting lost on the way.”

    Marina laughed at the joke, and took her time to think about it. After a few more minutes Leoric came over to the both of them, his tool belt hanging off of his shoulder. “You two ready to go?”

    “Well, Marina was thinking about staying behind so she could have time to wash up.” Rebby spoke up for her giving her a light nudge up closer to Leoric, who raised his eyebrow up at her as he looked down at her.

    She couldn’t quite bring herself to look at him, especially as she still had trouble wrapping her mind around what the kiss from earlier had even meant. “If that was okay, at least.” She said softly while she shifted in spot.

    Leoric just shrugged. “Sure, if you want I’m not going to stop you. I’ll just let the guys know that you’re staying behind for a bit.” Excited with the idea that Marina would finally be able to properly wash herself, she didn’t hesitate going to grab her soap and hair treatment from the storage trunk.

    After seeing them all off, Marina made quick work to get some water heated and get herself ready. Knowing that the rest were gone, she was able to relax and just let all the stress from the last few days wash off of her. She took her time first massaging the oil treatments into her hair and then using a cloth with the heated water to clean herself completely. It was the first time since they had started staying in the inn since she felt really alone, and it was nice to be able to pamper herself and allow her to think about the past week.

    When she first came into this town, she saw it as the beginning of a grand journey, and instead she found something that almost felt like a home. So much had changed in her since she first stepped off the cart that brought her here, and she didn’t think that it could be a bad thing. Despite all the things that have happened to her, knowing what she did now and what resulted from it she doubted she would make different choices.

    After all, it lead her to Leoric, and as complicated and frustrating as he could be, she struggled to remember a time she was so happy and content with her life until he came into it. Even if he was a slob, crude, and a shameless flirt, it didn’t change how every time he looked at her with that smile of his or praised her, she felt so light that the softest breeze would make her fly. With him around her, everything felt right and complete, and with only his support she could accomplish anything.

    But was what she feeling Love? This was absolutely nothing like she had ever felt before, and it made her both scared and excited. Marina had no idea what could come of something like this, if it even was anything. She had to remind herself that just because she was feeling something, whether it was love or building up to it, did not mean that he returned those feelings. While part of her wanted to believe he felt something based on the kisses and what happened last night, his explanation on his lack of romantic feelings for Rebby threw her off. How could he easily do something like have sex with her on a regular basis without being in love? Either way, she knew that as much as she wasn’t looking forward to the conversation, she started building herself up to talk to him and get a clear answer, even if it meant trying to explain her own feelings in the process. She supposed that even if he didn’t return her feelings, it would be better to admit her own so he knew and she could move on if it was necessary.

    She hadn’t noticed how much time had passed before she saw that the sun was beginning to set, being so preoccupied with her thoughts. As quickly as she could, Marina tucked her still damp hair into a messy bun and put her clothing back on before running as fast as she could back into town. She first ran into Bran and Joseph, rapidly apologizing for taking so long which they brushed off, insisting that it was alright before sending her off back to the inn.

    Once there, she slipped into her room, letting out a sigh of relief as she let herself catch her breath. While she sat on the bed, letting her hair fall free from the bun to let it dry completely. She combed her fingers through her hair, starting to relax again when she heard light groans coming from the next room. She looked up and noticed that when she had gone into Leoric’s room that morning to retrieve her underwear, she had left the door open slightly, allowing her to be able to clearly hear what she assumed was Leoric. She froze, keeping still so she could try to listen more closely, and it quickly became evident that his groans were not out of pain like she first thought.

    Unlike the last few times, her curiosity was filled with dread, and she was scared to look. Taking a slow breath and going as slowly as she could to not make any noise, Marina moved up to the top of the bed and used to peephole to look into the next room, to ensure she wouldn’t get caught looking.

    Sure enough, what she saw hit her hard with pain and confusion. Standing up on the far side of the room with his vest undone and shirt pulled up a bit, his head was leaning back in pleasure as Rebby was knelt down in front of him, licking along the underside of his erection.

    As much as she was surprised to see that this was something that was done, it didn’t stop the pain that shot through her chest at the sight. Even after the kiss from Leoric today, and Rebby’s insistence of knowing what she felt and making it seem like it mattered, they still did this. As soon as she watched the woman pull his cock into her mouth and work a long and deep groan out of him, Marina had to look away.

    She couldn’t understand why this time was any different, or why seeing it and hearing him made tears spring to her eyes. She leaned her back against the wall as she covered her mouth, trying to not to let her tears overflow with slow breaths. Before she had simply been curious, and had no problems watching to learn and to enjoy the pleasant feelings she would get in places she had no idea could feel good, but somehow, something had changed. Part of her wanted it to go back to how it was, but she wondered if it was for the best, since she wasn’t supposed to be looking in the first place.

    Unable to take listening to them one more time, she had started getting up off the bed when Leoric’s voice rang out, “Rebby, stop…” How defeated he sounded took Marina by surprise, so she stopped to listen.

    “Everything okay, Leoric?” Rebby asked, voice almost sickly sweet.

    “Yeah… No… I don’t know, I just can’t do this…” There was a sigh and a few steps, then the creaking of the old bed. “I’m sorry, Rebby, I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

    Marina could hear Rebby get up off the floor and sit down next to him with a soft sigh. “She means that much to you, huh?”

    “How do you know--”

    “I’m not blind, Leoric, give me some credit here. I’m just surprised that it took you this long.” She laughed softly, though it was clear it wasn’t out of amusement.

    It was quiet for a while between them, only the light shifting of one of them laying down breaking the silence before Leoric spoke up again. “I think I’m falling in love with her, Rebby, and I have no fucking clue what to do about it.”

    Marina’s heart jumped into her throat, and she wondered if she had somehow misheard him. How could she though, when the first part kept ringing in her ears so clearly. He was falling in love with her?

    Rebby laughed again, this time with much less sadness. “You tell her, you idiot. You dive head first into that shit because some of us around here would kill to have someone to look at them the way you two look at one another. It’s obvious there is something special there, so stop denying yourself happiness already.”

    “The way we look at each other?”

    “Yes, you both look at each other like convicts seeing the sun for the first time in years.” There was a pause before Rebby spoke again. “You really haven’t noticed she looks at you like that, have you?”

    “Why would she? Besides, with what I do, I can’t risk her getting hurt. I will be leaving her alone all the time, and either she can end up getting a target on her head, or I might never come back.” Leoric’s insistence that he would be bad for her made Marina a little upset to hear, if only for the fact that he assumed that any of this would be a problem to her and instead seemed to make the decision for her.

    “I don’t know about you, Leoric, but she seems like the type of girl to wait for you, as long as you promise to come back. All she wants is you to be happy, anyway, so why don’t you help her out a bit and allow yourself to be happy.” The bed creaked again and Marina was able to hear Rebby walking toward the door to the hallway. “And don’t beat yourself up about saying no, we both knew this would end one day. Just don’t keep that poor girl waiting.” Without waiting for a response, the door opened and closed, indicating Rebby’s departure.

    As much as Marina wanted to just jump up and scream in joy, she knew she couldn’t without making it clear that she overheard everything. So she just sat and listened as Leoric let out a frustrated groan as he seemed to get up and start pacing around his room. He was grumbling to himself, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying, but with everything she’s overheard in the last few days, she didn’t think she needed to hear much else. This was certainly becoming a bad habit of hers, and she hoped the house would be done soon so she wouldn’t have to overhear anything else that wasn’t meant for her to hear.

    After a few minutes of listening to him walk around, his footsteps stopped suddenly. She was curious, and just as she was about to risk a peep to make sure he was okay, before he quickly left his room, his steps fast and determined. Marina was puzzled by his quick exit, but she supposed in the end of things, it wasn’t her business. She tried waiting up for him to come back, but eventually she just ended up falling asleep in all her clothes and on top of the blankets.

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    Level completed: 77%,
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    As leoric pushed open the doors to the Inn he knew what he had to do. For someone as special as Marina she needed something special to show that he really cared and that she did mean something special to him. He was going to finish the structure of the house tonight, by himself. And then he was also going to move the old shed that they had used for a week next to the water and put something over the window that was in there so Marina could use it as a bath house. She seemed to really enjoy her bath time but was extremely timid about revealing anything of her body to anyone.

    On top of all that he knew of a magical looking place not far from the house that he could set up a table and some chairs and just spend all day with Marina instead of focusing on the house and not paying her much attention. It wasn’t long after Leoric had stepped outside and was on the path back to the house that he saw the Familiar cart heading into town from Bran and Joseph.

    “Well, a little late coming home are we?” Leoric joked as the cart came to a halt next to him.

    “Yeah, Marina lost track of time while bathing earlier so we didn't get a chance to drop off stuff until a few minutes ago.” Bran said as he jumped off the cart and gave Joseph a nod.

    “Well, Just so you know, don’t worry about bringing any building supplies tomorrow. Assuming you dropped off another load of Lumber.” Leoric let his face crawl into a cheeky grin

    “Yeah, one full cart of wood dropped off and waiting tomorrow's work.” Joseph said as he gave Leoric an inquisitive look “Why should we not bring any building supplies?”

    “I am going to finish the exterior of the house tonight, you just worry about bringing in some furniture for the house so me and Marina don’t have to stay at the Inn another night.”

    “Leo, i don't think we have two spare beds.” Joseph frowned as Leoric waved him off and started walking.

    “Well then bring the one, Marina can sleep on the bed and i will sleep elsewhere… it’s fine”

    Bran and Joseph just smirked at each other as they went on their own separate ways back to their families.

    Leoric turned down the path as his feet hit the wooden bridge they had built day one out here to make getting carts to and from easier. He smiled as he realized he was finally going to have a home after so many years living out of a shack. Not only was it going to be a house, but it would be his and Marina’s, the adorable little dwarf that he had fallen so desperately in love with.

    As he approached the house he could see the second floor of the house. The roof was the only thing missing but the supports were already there all he had to do was hammer the boards on and at some point over the next week or so Joseph would come and do the proper roofing and plug any holes as well as weatherproof the house. For just three men building a house they made some terrific time. Even if it was only a small house. But as he turned the corner and off the bridge down to the flat area of their camp he saw the shack that he had thrown together in a day when it was just him. Now it barely held enough room for the two of them. The good thing about his shoddy building of the structure was the 4 walls, the floor, and the roof, were all connected together by pegs. With enough force he could just rip the walls and roof right off the foundation and move it in two separate pieces.

    Leoric opened up the door and stood inside the shack as he placed his hands on either side of the main support on the roof. It took him about four tries. Before the walls finally began to budge and move. It took another few bursts of his strength to lift it off of the pegs. Apparently he had done a nice job of securing the structure down. Once the two pieces were moved over next to the pond he lined up the pegs and then went outside and climbed on top of the structure were it made a resounding thud as everything fell into place.

    He let out a sigh as he rolled his shoulders. It took quite a lot to actually separate the structure but if he wanted to actually confess his Love to Marina he was going to have to do it properly… she was very much from a different class then he was so sharing a pint of ale and saying it just wouldn’t cut it here.

    The determined In-love brawler looked at the house and quickly took off his shirt and vest as he grabbed an armful of boards and walked up the stairs to the second floor as he started to place down the boards on the supports. He hammered in the bottom one on each support so that he could just lay all the others without fear of them falling off. Once they were all laid down he grabbed a nail between each finger and grabbed his hammer and would drive the nails in with one quick motion. Without fail he hit every nail on the head as he quickly removed his fingers. It took him about 2 hours to lay all the boards on the roof and quickly hammer them down. Each board was perfectly touching each other with no gaps just like Joseph had instructed him when they started building and Leoric was proud of himself. He jumped off the roof and walked up to where the front door would be.

    As he looked inside he saw an empty house, with rudimentary walls placed that would just need a coat of the ‘plaster’ substance the Joseph had used to plug holes and make the walls look like one smooth piece. They had decided that Joseph could do that slowly over the next few weeks in his free time as he was a normally busy man as it was.but leoric still had one more thing he needed to do and judged by the moon and the stars he didn’t have much time to get it ready… The place he was going to tell Marina he loved her.

    Leoric walked around the pond that they had and went to the right. Roughly the same direction marina followed him when he had his explosive training session a few hours prior. Where he kissed her as a way of trying to show he loved her. But if what Rebby said was true.. Then he needed to be blunt about it and do it in a miraculous way. After a few minutes of walking, sounds of rushing water could be heard and it wasn’t until Leoric pulled some low hanging branches from a tree out of the way did it reveal what exactly was causing the sound. It was a small mountain cliff face that had a waterfall cascading over the side. But it didn’t stop and form a pond where he was, no, it fell into a hole and seemed to keep going for quite awhile down into a large cavern that was filled with water. Around the side of the hole was relatively flat land and the mist from the waterfall created a beautiful rainbow at eye level. With the constant mist it promoted more plant life to grow in the area and a bunch of wild flowers had bloomed in the area creating a beautiful rainbow array of flowers that was surrounded by a rainbow from the waterfall. If they were to be here a few more times he would have to install a fence or something to stop people from falling in. but for now it would serve as the area he would confess his feelings.


    As dawn approached Leoric took a deep breath as his lungs gave him a bit of discomfort. In the last week he had pulled two all nighters and either trained or worked through them. Giving his body very little time to rest. The house was nearing completion, it was at least complete enough for them to move in some furniture and to begin living there at least. Giving his body time to recover, he had just hoped that his lungs wouldn't give him any discomfort around Marina. She already worried about him enough and he didn't want to give her another reason to be worried about him. He quickly admired his work before taking off at a slight job through the forest back to the house where he quickly stripped down and dove into their pond. A long night working in humid conditions? He needed to wash the stink off.

    As he slowly walked out of the pond and grabbed his pants to throw on he heard the familiar sound of hooves on wood. He smirked and quickly put on his pants before grabbing the rest of his stuff and started the walk towards the sound.

    “Leoric? You are up early” Joseph and Bran said as the cart turned the corner and dropped down off the bridge.

    “Up? Well i never really slept” Leoric chuckled as he ran his hand through his wet hair before shaking the water off his hand.

    “You are crazy, you know that right?” Joseph said as he yawned and jumped off the cart.

    “Hey, weren’t you supposed to be doing something with Marina today?” Bran smirked as he looked at Leoric.

    “Yeah, i am on my way back to town and get her, or wake her if she is still sleeping at least.”

    “Good luck today” Bran said as he gave leoric a pat on the back as he passed.

    “Yeah... “ Leoric started as he began to feel a very odd sensation in the pit of his stomach “...I am going to need it”

    Leoric continued on his way into town shaking his head every so often to try and get as much of the water out of his hair as he could. He was going to actually put on one of his fancy shirts and he didn’t want it to get soaked when he pulled it over his head. With his vest and sword hanging over his arm as he walked into the city he noticed a few people staring when he bumped into Rebby.

    “Well now that isn’t a look i get to see quite often.”

    “Heh, What? Half dressed Leoric? You see me undress and dress all the time” Leoric said as he turned to face Rebby.

    “More Like fresh from a bath and half dressed, the wet look suits you well” she smirked as she walked past him. “Too bad Marina’s got dibs now”

    Leoric scoffed and rolled his eyes as he continued on his way to the Inn. it wasn’t long until his exhausted legs carried him into his room and cried out for a break, for just a moments rest. As much as he would love to give his legs, or even his body for that matter, the break they were dying for he had to wake Marina and based off what Rebby had said prior he looked down and took off his old shirt and tossed it across the room with his vest and sword so he was only wearing his leather pants and his boots. His hair was still dripping water down over his back and chest and he was breathing quite heavily. He gently knocked on marina’s door as he entered.

    “Morning beautiful, rise and shine.” he whispered as he walked softly across her bedroom floor. She seemed to hum softly and roll over so she was now facing where leoric was crouched. This is when leoric noticed that she was still in her clothing from the day before. Something had caused her to fall asleep before changing. He leaned over and grabbed her chin lightly before kissing her on the lips softly. “Marina, come on, it’s time to wake up.”

    As she slowly opened her eyes Leoric released his hold on her chin and gave her a warm smile.

    “Time to wake up, make sure you wear something nice today. And no rush, take your time.” Her face went red as her fingers came up and gently touched her lips as she looked at leoric. “Oh! And mind waking me up in an hour or so?”

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    Marina was still in the process of waking up and getting over the surprise of being woken up with a kiss again that she only just barely caught what he was saying. “Oh, yes, of course I can… Did you get any sleep last night?” She asked softly, looking him and noting the heavy circles under his eyes.

    “I got some.” Leoric said with a shrug as he stood up straight. He seemed to note her skeptical look, but he just gave her a wide grin. “Hey, don’t worry about me, just take your time getting ready.”

    “Alright…” She sighed, starting to shift out of bed when she let out a small pained squeak, which he definitely didn’t fail to notice. “I’m fine!” She said quickly. “I just feel a little stiff, that’s all.” She lied easily, despite the fact she was sure the metal bar that was supposed to be secure and safe in the stitching of her corset, but was instead jabbing into her skin, likely making her bleed a little. “Sleeping in a corset does that.” She said with a laugh, quickly standing up to ease the pain.

    “Then maybe next time you should take that off before going to sleep.” He teased, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. “Alright, see you in an hour?”

    “Yup!” She smiled widely up at him, watching him go off into his own room. Once he was in there, she closed the door behind him and made quick work to strip off her clothes to get her corset off. Like she had thought, the sharp metal had pierced up through her underclothes and had made a small cut into her skin. Not a large cut, thankfully, but enough to draw blood and make a small stain in both her underwear and on the edge of the corset, which made her whimper a bit.

    She knew she didn’t have the money to replace anything, nor did she feel comfortable asking Leoric for even more money to be able to, so with silent resignation, she put it all back on once she was able to tuck the metal back in place the best she could, only putting on her cleaner dress instead. It was honestly her favorite, it being a fitted light blue dress that she felt complimented her figure well without revealing too much of her chest like the other did. It had silver trim along the the hems that added a bit more to the simple design, though over the past while it had darkened along the bottom thanks to continued wear and exposure to dirt, but she felt at this point it added character to the dress rather than it remaining pristine. Since she remembered that Leoric had asked her to ‘wear something nice,’ she supposed this was the best she could do with what she had, and hoped that throughout the day her corset would remain intact.

    Since she had time to get herself ready for the day, Marina took her time doing her hair, humming softly to herself as she did. Not having access to a mirror she knew she couldn’t do the intricate styles that she used to be able to do with her hair, instead just doing a simple braided crown around her head that went into her usual side braid going over her shoulder. She kept the weaves loose to thicken the braids, allowing it to frame her face and take advantage of how thick it was already. She looked outside briefly to see how much time had passed, and was thinking that it was closing in on the hour that Leoric had asked her for.

    Instead of going to wake him, however, she figured he needed more time if he had only gotten a little sleep. So instead of going to wake him, Marina decided to treat him with more sleep and perhaps some breakfast.

    Not wanting to waste more of the morning, she left the inn and made her way towards Leoric’s home, not wasting much time beyond exchanging polite greetings with the people setting up their stands for the day. When she got to the clearing, she was surprised to not only see Bran and Joseph already there, but the fact that everything was completely different than when she last saw the area. The house appeared to be pretty much done, if the cart full of furniture meant anything, and the shack that she had slept in for so long was now right next to the water. For a moment she was too stunned to move as she took everything in, and wondered which was more likely; Bran and Joseph being here so long to accomplish so much, or Leoric staying up all night to do it himself. She knew she didn’t have to know the latter for long to know the answer to that.

    “You two are up early!” She said as she approached the house where the two men were working once she got over her shock.

    “Not that I mind seeing a pretty face in the morning, but what are you doing here, Marina?” Joseph asked as he went over to greet her. “We figured you’d be with Leoric today.”

    This both surprised and confused her, making her tilt her head as she looked up at the man. “Does Leoric have something else planned for the day?”

    Joseph had the look about him that he knew he had said something he didn’t, as he bashfully looked away and coughed a little. “I have no idea, I don’t even know what I’m talking about.” Marina heard a faint ‘Nice going, Joe,’ from Bran inside the building.

    “What does Leoric have planned?” She asked as sweetly as she could, hoping she could get some information out of the already flustered man.

    “Nope! Nope, nope, nope, not saying a word.” Joseph said as he quickly turned to go back into the house.

    “I’ll make you both breakfast if you tell me.” This made him pause, which Marina had guessed right in thinking both men had been up early enough that their wives had been unable to make them food. “Please?” She went around to stand in front of Joseph, standing between him and the front door of the house.

    “Now now, Miss Marina,” Bran’s voice came from behind her, making her spin around to see him giving her a knowing smile. “That’s playing dirty. We don’t want to ruin Leoric’s surprise for you. Just know that he has something special planned for you, that’s all.”

    Marina pouted, looking back at Joseph to see if he was close to caving, but saw that Bran’s resistance to her promise of food had strengthened his resolve to not say anything. She sighed softly, though still smiled up at them. “Alright, I will not pry, then. I will still make you both food, since I’m cooking some for him anyway.”

    “Yes!” Joe cheered, making both the woman and his friend laugh. Not wanting to disturb them much more, Marina left the both of them to start cooking.

    Making breakfast didn’t take much time, even after taking the men their shares and cleaning up after she was done. She had tried thinking about what Leoric could possibly have planned for the day, but all she came up with was girlish romantic fantasies, and as much as his declaration to Rebby the night before gave her hope, she had a hard time imagining the man actually doing something so dramatic.

    Once she was sure they were fed, Marina packed up the shares of food for herself and Leoric before making her way back into town. She was almost back at the inn when she was stopped again by a soft cry of “Miss Maweena” from behind her. She had only just turned around when she felt something tiny run into her legs and hug her tightly. She looked down and saw Little Leo smiling up at her.

    “Well hi there, Leo.” She greeted cheerfully, returning the hug with her the arm she wasn’t using to carry the food. “Did you run off from your mother?”

    “Nuh uh, she’s here.” Leo pulled back from the dwarf, looking around before pointing. “See?” Now that he had stepped away, Marina was able to notice that he had a hand full of wildflowers.

    “There you are!” Rebby said with a relieved sigh as she went over to the two of them from the nearby crowd. “Leo, you know not to run off like that.” She scolded, her expression a mixture of anger and worry.

    Leo deflated a little, looking down at the ground. “Sowwee… I wanted to say hi to Miss Maweena.”

    “Then you should have said something instead of just running to her, okay?” Rebby sighed, but looked up to offer Marina a small smile. “Good morning.”

    “Good morning.” Marina said politely, but for some reason felt a small pang of pain as she remembered the night before, and how despite the woman knowing her feelings full well, still attempted what she did. She was sure she would have to talk about it with her later, but with her son right there, she decided it wasn’t the best time. “Not that I don’t enjoy the company of the both of you, but I was just going to go up and bring Leoric some breakfast…”

    Rebby nodded, reaching down to take Leo’s hand. “I understand, we won’t keep you.”

    “Waiiiiiiit!” The child whined, looking up at his mother with a pout. “I wanna give Miss Maweena a flower!”

    This made both women laugh, as Rebby let go of his hand again and gently pushed him towards Marina. “Alright, go ahead.” She looked at the woman with a gentle smile. “He picked some flowers this morning and has been giving them out to all the ladies of the town.”

    “How sweet,” Marina giggled, kneeling down in front of Leo as he was looking through the flowers, as if he was trying to find just the right one. “Do you think a flower would look good in my hair, today?”

    “Yeah!” Leo cheered, plucking one of the flowers, a simple but perfect daisy, out of the batch and stepping close, tucking it into her braid just above her ear. “There, now you look super pwetty!”

    This made the dwarf giggle again, leaning over and placing a quick kiss on the child’s cheek. “You’re so sweet, thank you, Leo.”

    “No pwobwem!” He said brightly before going back to his mother’s side, taking her hand. “Okay, now we can go.”

    Rebby laughed, nodding slowly. “Alright, alright.” She gave Marina one last smile before she started turning to leave. “I hope you have a good day, Marina.”

    “Thank you, I hope the same for you.” With a wave, the pair walked off, and Marina continued her way back to the inn.

    Once upstairs, she walked quietly into Leoric’s room and set the food down, carefully taking the coverings of the plates and making sure it was still warm before she sat down on the edge of his bed. The fact that he had been so tired to have just lay down on the bed without even taking off his boots amused her, but as much as she wished to just let him snore away, she knew he would be upset if she let him sleep any longer.

    “Leoric, it’s time to wake up…” she called softly to him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder and gently shook him. As much as she wanted to wake him with kisses as he had been doing to her, it was still much too forward, and just the thought of doing it sent the butterflies in her stomach to go crazy. “Come on sleepy head, you don’t want the food to go cold, do you?”

    He grumbled a little as he woke up, slowly opening his eyes. He blinked a few times before he seemed really aware of the world, especially as he rested his gaze on her. “Morning, Beautiful.”

    As usual, his compliment made her face feel warm as she looked away shyly. “Morning… I made breakfast for you.”

    He hummed softly before sitting up, giving her a tired grin. “Thank you.” He reached up and cupped her cheek with his hand, turning her head towards him before leaning over and kissing her softly. It was brief, but didn’t fail to redden her face more and once again send her stomach butterflies into a tizzy.

    “It.. it was no problem.” She stammered, looking away again once he dropped his hand and chuckled softly. Needing some sort of distraction from her embarrassment, she grabbed both plates and utensils, wordlessly passing his share over to him.

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    The moment Leoric’s head hit the pillow he was out like a light. He had spent the entire night building and moving things around just so that he would have a day for just him and Marina. He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to go about admitting that he loved her, or that he was going to vow to be exclusively hers. In his head even the simplest way of saying it sent his stomach doing knots and made him feel nauseous and try as he might to try and play it cool those were the only thoughts going through his head as he slept.

    With a gentle shove of his shoulder and the fragrant aroma of breakfast hitting his nose he grumbled something that even he couldn't quite understand before he slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times as the room still seemed quite blurry to him until after the third or fourth time blinking. Before him was a beautiful sight, Marina, he said good morning as he groggily sat up. He quickly leaned over and gave her a kiss as she gently passed him his plate of food.

    “You making breakfast? Man this is going to be quite a delicious wake up call.” He chuckled as he shuffled himself so he was sitting next to her and quietly ate his food as the butterflies kept coming back up every time he looked over at the beautiful dwarf that was beside him. As he shoveled the last piece of breakfast into his mouth he looked up at her and swallowed, both breakfast and the butterflies, before speaking.

    “So Tonight we aren’t going to be at the house for a bit. I got something else i want to show you.”

    “Oh?” She glanced over at him as he gently put down his fork. “Anything special?”

    “Nothing Fancy, Just a beautiful looking spot i found a while back when i first got here.” Marina took his plate as he stood up “Mind waiting outside? I got to get ready.”

    “Oh! Okay” The dwarf said as she grabbed her stuff and went to her room and closed the door behind her.

    Leoric sighed and cracked his neck as he grabbed one of his fancier shirts from his pile. It wasn’t the super fancy spidersilk shirt that he had put on the other day, but it was close to matching it in how stunning it made him look as he stretched his arms through the sleeves. He quickly threw on his vest and flexed to make sure everything wasn’t too tight on him. Leoric generally always felt constricted whenever he wore anything with sleeves. Today however deserved him to wear something a little more proper.

    Leoric grabbed the large flowing jacket that he had taken from Darius when he killed him and allowed it to drape over his shoulders. He looked down and admired himself for a second before realizing that his beard was a little scruffy looking, if he was going to confess his feelings he wanted to make sure he looked his best. He grabbed a small dagger that was sitting on the dresser in his room and, while wondering how it got there, used it to trim up his beard. It became much more of a long goatee then the beard it was. He sighed in contentment as he walked out his door and locked the door behind him. Today was going to be a long day for him.

    As leoric walked out the front door of the Inn Marina’s back was too him as she was looking around at the town. Leoric walked up behind her and after thinking of many things he could do to surprise her he settled on just putting his hand on her shoulder.

    “Well hey there Beautiful, You ready?” he asked with a smirk as his voice and his hand startled her a bit.

    “Oh! Umm … mhm” She said as she nodded, her eyes quickly darting away from his as she looked up at him and her face went a little red. Leoric smirked and placed his hand on the base of her back and pushed her gently forward as they walked. Once they reached the crossroads at the center of town he stopped her as she went to turn to go the way they would normally go back to their camp.

    “Oh Leoric!” a voice cried out as Leoric was in the middle of pointing down the street they needed to go down.

    “Hmm? What’s up?” He said as he looked up still half asleep as he yawned.

    “Don’t forget the Lunch!” She said as she walked over with two boxes tied together and placed inside a nice burlap sack for easy carrying.

    “Lunch?” Leoric looked hesitant at first.

    “Yeah, Bran and Joseph told me what they figured you were going to do today. We figured you might need some lunch.” She offered him a large grin as she pushed the burlap sack into his hands.

    “Uhh. Sure, Thanks Ella.” Leoric said as he grabbed the sack and pulled it underneath his large overcoat almost making it disappear completely “Guess we should continue that way”

    Leoric pointed down another main street before gently pushing her down the street. She shyly acknowledged him and walked side by side with him. It wasn’t until they were a bit out of the town before leoric stopped her by grabbing her hand and spinning her around to face him. She ‘eeped’ in shock as he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a great big hug before releasing her. He wrapped up the lunches in his coat and carried it under his arm before heading into the forest motioning for her to follow him.

    Leoric was oddly silent on the trek through the forest, thankfully the ground was ground and solid under their footsteps. Otherwise Leoric would of been carrying Marina to their location which would of been a little exhausting. Once Leoric could hear the rushing water his stomach was in his throat and he felt like he could vomit from all the feelings he was having. The thoughts that were going through his head were not helping either.

    ” Admitting this would mean you would no longer be able to sleep with whoever you want.”

    “I know, but it’s what i want. I don’t think i can go on without at least admitting my feels.”

    “And if she doesn’t return the feelings?”

    “Then i will bury my feelings inside of Rebby, we both know she is always there for us. But I have a strong feeling Marina returns the feelings”

    Leoric knew what he had to do, even if all con’s of it did seem to go against his way of life he felt like the pro’s heavily out weighed what he would be giving up. He stopped for a second in front of some low hanging branches and took a deep breath.

    “Leoric are you alright?” Marina asked as she curiously peeked around his side up at his face where his eyes were closed.

    “Yeah... just need a moment.” Leoric said as he exhaled and opened his eyes before offering Marina a quick little smile before changing the subject by pulling back the branches revealing the Waterfall.

    The waterfall was cascading off a cliff face that was about thirty feet up, it cascaded through a whole that was only about ten feet across but seemed to go down forever before it reached another lake. The mist that was showering the area gave the it a beautiful shimmer and if the sun ray’s hit it just the right way a rainbow could be seen circling the area. Now however there was the same bench and table that was at Leoric’s camp before. He had simply picked it up and carried it over to here. It was far enough back that unless there was a strong breeze the mist would not reach them. The Wildflowers seemed to glisten under the mist and sway with the breeze giving the area a beautiful and almost mystical feel to it. Leoric motioned for Marina to enter as she seemed to be captivated by the view.

    “Oh wow, This is beautiful!” She exclaimed as Leoric walked over and placed down his overcoat and the lunches on the table before turning to face her with a smirk on his face. So far the desired effect was working.

    Leoric had called out to marina and asked her to come sit next to him. She gladly did so as Leoric set out their lunchboxes for them. It wasn’t so much a lunchbox as it was a snack box. There was a lot of food that could be considered snack food and not an actual meal but Leoric didn’t seem to mind. As he was more of a snack man then a full on meal.a few hours passed as Marina and Leoric talked about themselves. More so about leoric’s past.

    Leoric mentioned never really getting along with either of his parents and running away at a rather young age before bumping into his master who taught him his ‘art’ the Quaking strike. And how he lived and breathed inside the forest for many years. Training with an old man that lived on a tiny island in the middle of a large pond that bordered on the size of a lake but was never really deep enough to ever be considered as such. He then stated that his master was no longer with the world of the living and that Leoric was the only person alive that knew how to use the Quaking strike.

    Leoric then proceeded to tell Marina of his travels all the far off and exotic places he had visited before getting kind of excited about the time he went to the Frozen north.

    “Oh! And there was this one time where i spent an entire year up in the Arctic training. I challenged myself to isolate myself for a whole year and do nothing but train. I found a natural occuring hot spring that was inside a cave. It was rather Humid and hard to breathe most of the time. But it did keep me warm even as a blizzard raged outside. And the hot springs felt so amazing on aching muscles after a day of training. I didn’t get much out of it besides getting quite a bit stronger then what i was but at least i got something.”

    “Why would you do something like that?” Marina asked, clearly curious rather than meaning any insult.

    “Well The Quaking strike ability uses the nature energy around me in the world to expand where i would naturally hit. So if i am punching straight out then it adds half my arms length into a punch giving me a clear reach advantage in hand to hand combat…” Leoric was about to get into more details with his ability before he realized it may be easier to just show her. “... Here let me show you”

    Leoric stood up and walked over so he was standing in the middle of some wild flowers, the waterfall directly behind him as a breeze whipped the forest causing his hair and the grass to all lean one way. Leoric looked straight at Marina as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Immediately the grass around him began to flow as if it was submerged under water, his hair blowing in all directions as the mist in the area could be seen becoming still in the air and becoming droplets as it collected more water droplets that entered a conical area around Leoric. The wind that was wiping through the tree’s seemed to change direction and flow towards leoric where it would then wrap around him and continue on its natural course. The mist began to stick to his white shirt causing it to become slightly transparent before he even had a chance to move.

    When Leoric opened his eyes, they were not their usual ice blue instead they were that of a shimmer gray or silver, the floating Mist seemed to flow directly at Leoric drenching him in water as all the nearby grass and flowers seemed to lean in his direction, everything, even nature itself, had it’s eyes on Leoric. Leoric took a straight punch out ahead of him as the grass underneath seemed to change direction with his punch, almost as if a blast of wind had come forth from Leoric himself. The blast that could be only be seen by the ripples in the grass and the mist in the air continued out from where Leoric’s hand stopped for about two feet forward. It matched the speed and sudden stop that his fist exhibited. Leoric threw out several more punches in various directions, clearly showing off before he stopped and looked at Marina as the feeling in the air around them returned to normal. The flow of the wind, of the mist, of the grass itself all began to flow with the wind.

    “Kinda like that, Nature lets me mimick my exact punch for a few feet further than normal.” He said as he stepped over to Marina and casually took her hand and pulled her up to her feet. “So, What did you think?”

    “I, Have never..” Marina was in so much awe that she could barely formulate her thoughts into words. “... Seen anything like that”

    “Heh, Stick around me and you will get to see quite a bit more like that” Leoric chuckled as he place his right hand on her lower back and planted a loving kiss directly on her lips. The quick meditation session had given leoric the clarity of mind that he needed to finally say what had been on his mind all day.

    “Marina, I love you” he said as he wrapped both of his arms around her and kissed her again, with more passion and desire than ever before. He knew what he wanted and she was it. “I want to be in your life for as long as you will have me.”

    It took a moment but as he looked down at her he could see that the tears were welling up in her eyes and the smile on her face reassured him as he kissed her softly again and reiterated his words. “I love you Marina, and i want to be with you for quite a long time”

    At this point Marina was clearly fighting going into a blubbering mess as she buried her head into his chest

    “I was so afraid you were going to ask me to leave at some point... I’m so happy, because I didn’t want to leave.. I love you too, Leoric.” Leoric wrapped his arms tighter around her as he kissed the top of her head.

    “I would never want you to leave my side.” He said as he let out a rather happy sigh and just held onto Marina.

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    Marina was so overwhelmed, she could hardly breath. She let herself feel like she was melting in his arms as she tried to compose herself over what was just happening. Despite hearing him tell Rebby last night, to hear him tell her that he loved her himself was a completely different feeling. The fact that a few short weeks before, she was still in her childhood home with the expectation that she will never hear someone so honestly confess their feelings to her, made it an extremely intense experience.

    After a few moments of letting herself get over the initial shock of their confessions, she took a few deep breaths before letting herself look up at him. The look he was giving her was gentle and understanding, and being able to see the care in his eyes made her heart flutter. “I’m sorry for crying on your shirt…” She spoke softly, offering him a sheepish smile.

    “It’s alright. As long as they weren’t sad tears, I don’t mind.” Leoric chuckled softly, unwrapping one of his arms to brush his fingers lightly against her cheek, wiping away some of her tears. Considering what she had just witnessed him do only a few minutes before, Marina was almost surprised he could be so gentle, but she supposed that was part of what she had grown to love about him.

    “No, absolutely not sad tears.” She said with a soft giggle. “I can’t remember a time I’ve been so happy.”

    “I hope that I can help keep you this happy.” He hummed, leaning down to leave another quick kiss to her lips. Though it wasn’t nearly as deep as the others, it didn’t fail to make her knees as weak. Feeling like all her thoughts had just flown out of her mind thanks to his kisses, all she could really do was giggle softly, which in turn made him laugh. “Alright, why don’t we head back to the house? I’m sure Bran and Joseph are almost done furnishing the place up a bit, so why don’t we go and relax?”

    As much as she wished to spend the rest of the day here, she supposed that they did have to return at some point or they would be at the risk of a lot of unnecessary whispers. “Alright, that would be nice.”

    Moving back from her, the both of them gathering the remnants of their lunch as well as Leoric’s large coat. Once they were ready to go, he took Marina’s hand and lead her back towards the clearing. Even when they got back into the town limits and they let go of eachother, Marina was still buzzing with happiness.

    Thankfully this time they weren’t stopped by anyone, only made a quick stop to drop off the box that Ella had given them before going on their way. Normally she would be happy to sit and talk, but today Marina just wished to spend some more time alone with him. Being able to talk to him earlier was great, even if she mostly listened.

    It hurt her somewhat that she had contributed little to the topic of themselves, since she felt that for the moment she couldn’t risk telling him too much about her past. While she didn’t think him knowing about the wealth of her family or the specifics of her leaving her home city would be any danger to him, there was a fear in her that he would think of her differently. Even with him telling her that he had ran from home himself, she knew that the circumstances were greatly different. That said, being able to learn more about the man himself was far more than she expected, and she felt happy to know he trusted her enough to tell her such things. If Leoric hadn’t told her his feelings, knowing he wanted to tell her more about his past would have made her day already.

    When they walked into the clearing, Marina noticed that Bran and Joseph were setting the cart up to leave. “Looks like we came back just in time,” Leoric noted with a chuckle, leading her over to the house with a gentle hand on her lower back. “Already done, guys?” He called to them, getting their attention.

    “Well then, welcome back you two.” Bran said with a smile, stepping away from the cart and wiping the sweat off his forehead. “Yeah, we just finished putting the finishing touches like setting up the stove, figured that everything else was good enough for now.”

    “We didn’t get a chance to get the plumbing done yet, but we can do that later, you both have lived without it for a while so you can manage.” Joseph joked, hopping up onto the front of the cart. “I’ll get working on the rest of the furniture, and all that should be done in about a week or so.”

    “Perfect, thank you so much guys.” Leoric let go of her to step closer to the two, clapping his hand on Bran’s shoulder. “Seriously, I owe you two a lot.”

    “Damn right you do!” Joseph piped in with a loud laugh.

    “I’ll make it up to you guys, I promise.” Leoric said seriously, looking between the two of them.

    “We know you will, otherwise we wouldn’t have done this for you.” Bran replied, his smile widening. “So don’t stress yourself too much over it, have some fun once and awhile.”

    Leoric snorted, shaking his head. “I think some would argue I have too much fun, you know.”

    “Since when?” Marina chose then to speak up, giving Leoric a teasing look. This made all three men laugh as Leoric moved back over to her.

    “I’ll just have to show you later how exactly I have fun then,” He said with a smirk and a low tone, his smile getting wider as her face warmed up intensely in response.

    “Alright, we’ll leave you two alone then.” Bran said with a chuckle as he jumped up onto the cart. “If you need anything, you know where to find us.”

    “Thank you very much, Bran and Joseph!” Marina smiled widely at the both of them, bowing her head to the both of them. “Please take care!” With a final wave from the two men, they both left, leaving Marina and Leoric once again alone.

    Once they had gotten out of sight, Leoric turned towards her and wrapped his arm back around her waist. “Shall we go see our new home?” He asked, prompting a happy flutter to pass through her stomach at the idea of it being their home. Left speechless by the feeling, she just nodded as he started to lead her inside.

    While it was clear that the place wasn’t fully furnished yet, as the main area had only the basics of a couch, a small dining table with matching chairs as well as a bare kitchen area. She didn’t mind though, because compared to living in a shack and the inn for over a week and a half, this was heaven, and most importantly of all it was theirs.

    “It’s perfect.” She said as she went over to take a look at the stove, already excited to start cooking with it. She was surprised by the sudden feeling of arms wrapping around her waist from behind and pulling her close against his chest, letting out a small squeak as she was pulled back.

    “Not as perfect as you.” Leoric purred, leaning down so he could say this close to her ear and make shivers run down her spine. He chuckled softly at her reaction, his arms tightening around her. “You haven’t even seen the rest of the house, though.”

    Marina’s voice was caught in her throat at the embrace, and it took her a moment to find her words again. “I’m sure… I’m sure that the rest of the house is just as perfect.”

    “I suppose that is true for you too,” Leoric chuckled. “I haven’t seen all of you yet, either, but I still know.” This made her squeak again, and she was able to feel him shaking with a suppressed laugh. “Sorry, too forward?”

    “Well, no, I suppose not?” She muttered, resting her hands onto his arms. “I just don’t know what to say, that’s all.”

    “I do enjoy rendering you speechless.” He hummed, kissing the top of her head before he stood back up straight.

    Clearing her throat to try to get herself back to her senses and to hold off the pleasing chills that went over her, Marina pulled out of his embrace and turned around quickly to face him. “I suppose we should bring all of our things in the house, huh?”

    Still looking rather pleased with himself over being able to fluster her so easily, Leoric nodded. “Do you have anything back at the inn? I can run back and grab them really quick while you move everything from the storage stump.”

    She giggled softly at the name of the hiding place, but she nodded. “I don’t have much, just my other dress and the lovely robe you gave me.. I didn’t have anything else there.”

    “Alright, I’ll be right back then.” Leaning down to give her a quick kiss, he left the house and allowed her to get to work organizing.

    The rest of the evening was rather unremarkable as they got themselves comfortable in their new home. Marina had the chance to look around more and didn’t fail to notice that there was only one bed, but left that to be discussed later. They talked while she cooked, which she had burned slightly due to not being used to the wood stove yet, and had just overall enjoyed each other’s company. For the first time since she had left her home, she felt truly comfortable, and couldn’t help but feel like this was how things were meant to be for her.

    Soon enough the sun had set, and everything was cleaned and put away. At some point in the evening while they were talking on the couch, Leoric had lay his head down on Marina’s lap, and as the conversation died down, she had started combing her fingers through his hair. While she wasn’t sure how long they were laying there, she hardly minded.

    “You should probably go to bed soon.” She spoke softly, just in case he had already fallen asleep.

    The fact that one of his eyebrows raised after she spoke told her otherwise, thankfully. “What do you mean I should go to bed?”

    “Well there is only one bed, so you should probably get going before you fall asleep on my lap, though I don’t really mind.”

    He opened his eyes then, looking at her skeptically. “You know that’s your bed, right?” Her surprised look was enough to give him an answer. “I’m sleeping on the couch until the other bed is done.”

    “Um, no you’re not.” She frowned. “I’ll sleep on the couch, you’ve done so much work on this place, you really deserve to have the bed.”

    “Nope.” He closed his eyes again, once again relaxing against her. “Not happening.”

    There was a moment of silence while Marina thought of how to convince Leoric to use the bed, biting her lip as she went through her options. “Then I’ll just sleep on the floor. Even if you don’t use the bed, I’ll still sleep on the floor.”

    This got his attention as he opened his eyes again. “You’re not going to be that stubborn, are you?”

    “That depends, are you going to continue being stubborn, yourself?” She said with as innocent of a look as she could manage, but she knew he was able to see through it. He looked very unamused by her resolve, though she could tell he was also thinking on how to counter her.

    Without a word he sat up and got up from the couch, stretching his back out before turning to her. “Alright, I guess we’re doing this.”

    “Doing wha--AH!” She cried out as she was suddenly scooped up off the couch and thrown over his shoulder. She scrambled to grab onto his waist so she wouldn’t fall, all while kicking her legs against his chest. “What are you--- Ah! That is my butt!” She scolded as she felt his hand resting securely on her behind.

    “I know.” He said with a hint of smugness as he carried her up the stairs towards the bedroom. No matter how much she kicked and wiggled, his hold on her was firm. Once going through the door and closing it with his foot, Leoric unceremoniously threw her onto the bed. Marina tried to sit up and get off the bed, but her wrists were grabbed quickly and before she knew it she was looking up at Leoric who had her pinned down to the bed. He was smirking down at her, and never had she seen him so damn proud of himself. “I think I might just stay here until you fall asleep.”

    “You wouldn’t dare.” She pouted, narrowing her eyes at him as she tried in vain to fight against his hold. He was using his weight against her too, so she knew that there was no way she’d be able to force her way out of this.

    “Oh, you know me. Besides, I don’t mind the view from up here.” Oh how she wanted to smack the smug look off his face. “Careful. Your face might get stuck like that if you keep pouting.”

    “I’m not pouting.” She huffed, looking away from him. Feeling how close he was, especially as he used his knee to nudge her legs apart to settle between them, which she allowed with a small amount of hesitation, she felt herself quickly becoming warm. Out of the corner of her eye she was able to see him staring at her, before leaning down closer to her. Her heart jumped feeling his hot breath against her ear.

    “How about I help you get that pout off your face?” He said in a low growl before he started nibbling lightly on her earlobe. At the sudden shiver that crawled over her skin, she let out a soft whimper which she quickly stifled by biting her lip. He took his time, using his tongue to gently play with her earlobe between nibbles, trying to bring more noises out of her. While she was focused on his mouth, she barely noticed him gently prodding her legs further apart with his knee, while managing to push the skirt of her dress up at the same time to allow more space between. It was only when she felt his leg press up against her core did she fully notice how far he had gone, making a small startled sound.

    At this noise, Leoric pulled back a bit, looking down at her with concern. “Are you alright?” He asked softly, pulling his leg back a bit which for some reason made her a little disappointed.

    “Yes, I’m fine..” She replied, her voice soft and airy as she tried to control her breathing. She finally looked back at him, offering him a small smile. “That just… startled me, that’s all.”

    “Is all of this okay?” He asked quickly, his hold on her arms loosening a bit. “Because if you want me to get off of you…”

    Marina couldn’t help but find his concern for her reassuring, and she was able to start relaxing again after the initial shock. “It’s alright… So far, I don’t mind at all.”

    “Alright…” Leoric seemed to relax as well, smiling down at her. “If you ever want me to stop, please tell me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” After she nodded, he leaned down again to kiss her softly. He released her arms, which the moment he did Marina wrapped her arms up around his neck, leaning herself up to deepen the kiss. Though he was surprised, if the low growl that she felt against her mouth was any indication, he absolutely wasn’t complaining.

    He pressed back down against her, his knee once again coming back up to hold against her while his tongue pushed past her lips. As she fully melted into the kiss, he shifted a bit over her as he moved to settle himself completely between her legs, and having the intense need to be closer to him, Marina let her legs spread to allow him in. The kiss slowly began to get deeper and more heated, and this only made the need that much stronger. Without letting herself over think her actions, she wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling and holding him closer. When she felt the familiar feeling of something hard pressing against her, a soft moan slipped from her throat.

    With another growl Leoric rocked his hips against her, making another moan come from her and her arms slide down from around his shoulders. She gripped at his shoulders as she pressed her hips up against him, which made him pull back from the kiss to groan lightly before starting to kiss down her neck. “Fuck, you don’t play fair…” He groaned, starting to suck lightly on her neck.

    “W-What do you mean…?” She asked, voice breathless as she tried to recover from the kiss while trying to keep herself from going crazy from his mouth on her neck.

    “You have no idea how good it feels when you do that, do you?” Marina became curious about what he meant, so she decided to experiment by rocking her hips up again, which was quickly matched with another groan and a sudden hard bite on her neck, making her cry out as well, but not in pain. She quickly covered her mouth, her eyes going wide in surprise over her reaction over being bitten, and Leoric had pushed up to look at her expression as well.

    He laughed softly, smirking down at her. “You like it when I bite you like that?”

    “No!” She said quickly, but regretted it almost instantly because she knew it wasn’t entirely true. “Well, yes… I think?”

    “Then let’s test it out.” Leoric ducked back down and started peppering her neck with kisses down to the start of her shoulder. It was there were he bit her again, sending a shot of pleasure right down between her legs and making her whimper in pleasure. He started sucking hard on her neck, sinking his teeth harder against her as a result and though she didn’t understand why it felt so good, she figured now was not the best time to ask questions.

    The longer he bit and sucked at her neck, the more sensitive she became, so she started squirming under him. Her hands wandered down his chest wishing she could be feeling along his bare chest instead, whining softly. He seemed to read her mind as he sat up suddenly, rocking his hips against her while he undid his vest to take it off, followed by his shirt soon after. Even as the feeling of his covered erection rubbing against her made whole body feel like it was tingling in pleasure, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him as his chest became exposed. The way his muscles moved with his hips was mesmerizing, and she didn’t even notice herself licking her lips, nor did she see where the vest or shirt went once they were off.

    She had started reaching out to him when he leaned back over her, holding himself up with one hand and allowing her to start feeling over his chest. She couldn’t get over how warm his skin was and how she could feel each of his muscles under his skin. Marina just wanted to take the time to memorize each one, but feeling his free hand start trailing up along one of her legs took her attention away from him.

    He was pushing up the rest of her dress up over her hips, exposing her lower half. Feeling self conscious considering being shown up close how fit he was and how much softer she was in comparison, Marina started to try pulling her dress back down but was surprised feeling the bulge in his pants a lot more directly, making her gasp. She pulled her hand back up, covering her mouth as he rocked against her over and over, coaxing small moans out from her lips while her head fell back against the bed.

    “Remember what we did the other day?” Leoric asked, his voice deeper and huskier with his own arousal. Marina knew she wouldn’t be able to speak, so she just nodded. “You want me to do that again for you?” She nodded again, much quicker this time. “Good girl..”

    Marina almost whined when she felt him pull back a bit, but was quickly satisfied again when she felt his hand move from her hip to between her legs, feeling along her slowly. “You’re already so wet for me.” He mused, pressing his middle finger along the edge of her folds through the thin fabric.

    She whined, covering her face as she squirmed. “Please don’t say that…”

    “Why not?” He hummed, tracing slow circles against her. “You don’t like me knowing how much your body wants me?”

    “It’s not that…” she mumbled, turning her face away even though it was already covered. “It’s… it’s embarrassing.”

    Laughing softly, Leoric leaned down to kiss the side of her head. “You are too cute..” He hummed before he started kissing her neck again. “But if you want me to stop, all you have to do is say so.” As he said this, one of his fingers slipped into the side of her underwear, brushing along her with a gentle and slow touch. While anywhere else being touched like this would have been nice, to be teased so much there was almost torturous.

    “No, please, just… just don’t say embarrassing things like that…” She begged softly, peeking out between her fingers to look at him again.

    “Like what?” He hummed, sitting up to look down at her. “Like the fact that your body isn’t able to hide what it wants? It’s so excited to have me touch it like this…”

    “Noooooo!” She whined loudly, but made no move to get away from his touch. In fact, she pressed herself down against his touch, wanting more.

    Not wanting to tease her for too long, Leoric pulled his hand back and started to pull down her underwear, which she lifted her hips to let him but reached down herself to pull her dress back down just enough to cover herself again. Leoric stopped, the underwear hanging around her knees. “Marina, what are you doing?” he asked softly, trying not to let his amusement come out in his voice.

    “I don’t want you to look…” she mumbled, being too embarrassed to look at him now.

    At this Leoric couldn’t hold back his quick laugh. “Darling, how am I supposed to make you feel good if I can’t see everything?”

    “You managed before!” She covered her face completely again, though her blush went down her neck.

    “Okay, okay,” He laughed again, pulling her underwear off completely before sitting up, looking down at her. “Why don’t you show me what you’re okay with showing me right now?”

    This got her attention, as she peeked through her fingers at him. “Huh? You mean… I undress myself?”

    “If you want, or we can stop here if you don’t feel comfortable enough to do that.” His tone was soft, and somehow managed to reassure her enough.

    Taking a deep and slow breath, Marina sat up and moved to sit on her knees. “Please don’t stare…” She asked meekly, but she didn’t dare look at him as she started pulling both layers of her dress up and over her head, now only sitting in the loose undershirt that went under her corset that had no sleeves, and the corset itself. Sitting as she was, she was a bit more comfortable since nothing explicit was showing, but she could feel his stare on her so she reflexively moved her arms to cover her chest and legs.

    “Do you want me to help you with your corset?” Leoric asked softly, making her look up at him. Marina bit her lip, her stomach fluttering in nervousness as she nodded slowly. Turning around in her spot, she tried not to expose too much of her lower half in the process. When she turned her head to glance back at him, she saw that his gaze was down low on her, telling her she didn’t succeed. Her face went red instantly and she reached behind herself, trying her best to cover her behind. Leoric laughed softly, looking back up at her face. “Sorry about that, you just have a beautiful body, it’s hard not to admire it.” This only made her more shy, which made him laugh again. “I’m sorry, I’ll keep my eyes on the lacing, I promise.”

    Marina was skeptical, but she supposed if they were doing what they were doing in the first place she should at least attempt to fight off her shyness. So with slow motions, she moved her arms back in front of her, resting her hands on her knees as she felt Leoric tug on the lacing to untie it before he began pulling to loosen it. As it became less confining, it became easier for her to breath and she let out a happy sigh to have it coming off. There are few feelings in the world as relieving as a corset coming off at the end of the day. While he was doing that, she started unbraiding her hair and using her fingers to comb through it as it became free to keep it neat. She knew she didn’t have to do this, but it kept her hands busy and let her focus on something else to try to ease her frantic heartbeat.

    Eventually he had it loose enough that she knew she was able to take it off, and just as she finished getting the last part of the braid out he pulled it up over her head, leaving her in the now loose undershirt. With the support from the corset lost, she felt her breasts fall and she felt her nervousness start building again as her mother’s constant harping on her about her breasts being too big and fall too low rang in her head.

    Leoric seemed to notice her change in mood, as he wrapped his arms around her middle and pulled her back against his chest. “Are you alright?” He asked gently, kissing her neck.

    “Oh, yes, I’m fine.” She mumbled, leaning back against him as he tightened his hold on her. She unfolded her legs out from under her, stretching them out in front of herself to get more comfortable. “Just nervous…” She knew she wasn’t completely telling the truth, but she also knew that now was not the best time to come clean about her mother’s cruel words that continued to haunt her. One day she would tell him, but now was not the time.

    “No need to be, we’ll take things as slow as you need.” He moved his hands so he could feel along her waist overtop the shirt. “You feel a lot better to hold without that thing, anyway. And these-” His hands slid back around her front, using both hands to cup her breasts and making her squeak. “These are easier to… wait a second.” He took a moment to feel over her breasts, lifting them a bit and seeming to get a feel for them and their size, which honestly felt a little weird to her. “Marina, how have you been able to carry these all by yourself this whole time? These are damn heavy!”

    Marina whined, covering her face with her hands again before trying to pull away, but he just held on tighter. “No no no, I mean that as a good thing, don’t run away now.” He chuckled, starting to massage her breasts in slow motions. “Just caught me by surprise, is all. I didn’t expect them to be this big, to be honest. And before you try running away again, that is also a good thing.”

    “A g-good thing?” She mumbled, biting her lip as he started toying with her nipples through her shirt. “You… like them like this?”

    “I would love your breasts even if they were barely there, but the fact that they are this amazing…” He trailed off, leaning down to start kissing her neck. “I really would love to see them, but you don’t have to if you’re not ready yet.”

    Marina said nothing, just made a small humming sound as she enjoyed the feeling of him playing with her breasts, especially when he focused on her nipples. She let out a small moan as he gently twisted one of them, though the sound surprised her a bit. Had she known that doing this sort of thing felt so good, she likely would have experimented a bit on her own, but as it was she enjoyed discovering these things with Leoric who obviously knew what to do.

    After a few minutes, she felt him move his hands down and slip under the shirt, which gave her another flutter of nervousness, but wanting more of his touch made her swallow it down, she told herself to just enjoy it. Both of his hands had no hesitation when moving back over her breasts, kneading them gently, putting focus on her nipples. The direct touch was almost completely different, the warmth of his hands adding to the pleasant feeling of him lightly squeezing and rolling her nipples in between his thumb and two of his fingers.

    Marina was starting to squirm as the tingling started between her legs, pressing her thighs together to try to suppress the feeling as she whined softly. She leaned back more against his chest, letting her head fall back against his shoulder as well.

    “You liking this?” He purred, giving another quick squeeze of her nipples making her gasp softly. When she nodded, he chuckled softly. “Good, because if you will let me, I want to make you feel much much better.”

    Marina bit her lip, shifting in her spot. “What… do I have to do?” she asked softly, looking up at him.

    “Just have to move first, then I’ll lead your through the rest.” He spoke gently as he moved his hands away from her chest to rest on her waist instead. Taking a slow breath in an attempt to banish the butterflies away again, she shifted away from him as he directed her to turn around to face him and then lay down again, while she kept her legs tightly closed to prevent him from seeing anything. He leaned back over her and began kissing her once again, allowing her to relax as she placed her hands onto his chest to feel over his muscles again.

    While he kissed her, he slowly started pushing her shirt up, and despite her heart racing, she assured herself that she could trust him as she remembered their declarations earlier. A small part of her was still scared that he was only saying these things to take advantage of her, but she knew that Leoric was not like that. She may not have known him for long, but she had no doubt in her mind that he would not just leave her once he got what he wanted from her.

    So she arched her back up to let him to pull her shirt up as far as he wanted, and sure enough he pulled back from their kiss to pull it off completely. Once it was off he sat up to look down at her, and she was surprised when she noticed that for a few short seconds, he was breathless.

    Just as her shyness under his gaze was starting to build and she felt the urge to cover herself again, Leoric spoke with a bit of difficulty. “Damn… Marina, you are so… You are so damn beautiful.” He stammered, his eyes raking over her body as if he wanted to memorize every detail of her, which wasn’t helping with her own shyness. Before she could cover herself however, he leaned back down, starting to kiss down her neck again. This time he didn’t stop at her shoulders, instead moving down her body to her chest while his hands started feeling along her sides and her legs.

    Marina squirmed a bit under him, unable to hold off giggles as his kisses started tickling her a bit as he moved down one of her breasts. “S-stop,” She said between laughs, her hands going to rest on his shoulders. Instead of stopping, he moved one of his hands up to hold onto her breast while his mouth latched onto her nipple, starting to gently suck on it and let his tongue twirl around it.

    She gasped, the ticklish feeling immediately being gone now at the very different action. She quickly brought one hand up off his shoulder to cover her mouth as pleasure shot through her each time he sucked on her, and couldn’t help but cry out when he let his teeth graze against her. She felt and heard him hum around her, and he let his teeth lightly clamp down on her. She cried out again, starting to squirm more, and he began lightly tugging on her nipple with his mouth, happily working with how sensitive her breasts seemed to be.

    Being so distracted by his mouth, Marina hardly noticed that she started letting her legs part away, leaving enough room for him to start moving his free hand down her stomach and between her legs, making her jump when she felt his fingers dipping down and brushing against her lower lips.

    When her legs reflexively clamped back together, his hand stopped while he looked up at her from what he was doing. Looking back down at him, he didn’t need to say anything for her to know what he was going to ask, so instead of responding, she covered her face with both hands now and let her legs spread for him.

    Leoric pulled his mouth off of her, placing a small kiss between her breasts. “Thank you, sweetheart. If you want me to stop--”

    “I’ll say something, I know…” She spoke into her hands, letting her head lay back to try to keep from looking down at him again since she knew it would make her more nervous to watch him. “J-Just… Just go ahead.”

    He didn’t reply to her, instead getting right to work with his hand, feeling along her as he started sucking and biting at her other breast, coaxing small whimpers and moans from her. His fingers slipped between her lips, starting to tease her at her entrance while he pressed down on her.

    She was expecting him to press into her as he had before, so when she felt him let go of her breast and start moving down her body leaving a soft trail of kisses down her stomach, she was surprised. Peeking out from between her fingers, she saw as he moved himself between her legs, his face now just inches away from her most private area. “W-What are you doing?!” She squeaked, uncovering her face so she could prop herself up onto her elbows to look at him. She tried closing her legs, but he was already settled between them so she couldn’t properly cover herself.

    “Just getting a better angle, darling, don’t worry.” He stopped going lower, looking at her with a soft smile “Besides, you have a beautiful pussy, you have nothing to be so shy about.”

    “A-a what?” She mumbled, feeling unbelievable warm from the combined blush and arousal that was still in her.

    Instead of answering her, Leoric chuckled softly and shifted a little lower before laying down on his stomach. One hand rested on her thigh to hold her legs apart while the other started rubbing against her again. She made herself look away, unable to watch him being so close to her like that. She felt him use his fingers to spread her apart, but just as she started feeling nervous about what he was doing, she felt what she could only assume was his mouth going over her clit. She barely had time to react to that when he started licking at it with the tip of his tongue. As much as she wanted to cuss at him for lying to her about what he was doing, all words failed her as only soft moans spilled out from her lips.

    She felt him move a bit lower and start flicking his tongue around her in ways that made her eyes roll back in her head, and she just let him do what he wanted with her. It felt amazing in ways she never could have imagined, so Marina felt no need to stop him anyway.

    He let his tongue tease at her entrance for what seemed like an eternity of bliss, lapping up her juices. She could hear him making satisfied noises, so while she didn’t understand why he would enjoy doing this for her, she was happy for him to be enjoying this as well. A few times she pressed up her hips against him with a small whine, too embarrassed to actually ask for more like she wanted, but thankfully he seemed to understand.

    Leoric shifted back up so his mouth was back on her clit, and he started gently sucking on it making a strong wave of pleasure hit her as she moaned loudly. He started sucking on her while his tongue rubbed against the tip of it, prompting more and more noises out of her as he kept going. As much as she tried to stifle herself, what he was doing just felt too good to hold back.

    The waves of pleasure started hitting her harder and harder, making it difficult for her to really do much else than just let it happen. It became even more overwhelming as she felt him press two of his fingers into her, starting a steady rhythm thrusting them deep into her in time with the sucking which was quickly driving her wild.

    Not giving any care to how loud she was going to be, as the familiar feeling of something building up inside her came again, Marina quickly brought both of her hands down and weaving her fingers into Leoric’s hair, while she pulled her legs up and around his head to try to keep him from pulling away. “P-Please…” She begged softly, her voice breathless as it started overcoming her much faster than she was ready for. “P-please don’t s-stop!”

    Oh how thankful she was when he actually listened to her, keeping what he was doing up without changing anything besides curling his fingers up to press up against that wonderful sweet stop inside her. “L-Leoric, oh g- Leoric!” She cried out as the waves of pleasure were crashing against her now and before she could even think to stop it, the pressure inside her burst out, stealing her breath as it completely overcame her body. Her back arched up off the bed and her legs squeezed tightly around him as she shook with each following wave over her.

    As the pleasure started dying down, Marina’s body started to relax and she finally felt like she could breath, letting soft moans and whimpers out as her orgasm trailed off. Her legs and hands fell away from around Leoric and she tried to calm herself down. She barely noticed Leoric sitting up from between her legs, wiping her wetness from his face onto his arm. Only when he spoke did she look up at him.

    “How was that?” He hummed, sitting back on his knees as he lightly stroked her inner thigh. When she was only able to let out a soft, blissed out hum, he chuckled. “That good, huh?” She nodded, giving him a shy but wide smile. “Glad to know you enjoy when I make you cum so much.”

    “Make me cum…?” She mumbled, tilting her head a bit in confusion.

    “Yeah, that’s what you just did… orgasm also works, if we want to get formal about it.” He shrugged, using his free hand to start loosening the lacing of his pants. “I can make you feel even better though, if you’re interested.”

    Marina laughed softly, though her interest was caught. “That is even possible?” She said through her giggles.

    “Ohh, yeah.” He grinned, tugging the last of the lacing before he started pulling his pants down. As soon as his erection was in her view, her eyes widened. “I know you’ve seen this already, so I don’t know why you’re so surprised.”

    “It… it looks bigger up close…” she mumbled, her gaze locked onto his cock. “Is it… Can it even fit?” She asked, honestly unsure if it was possible, as she sat up a bit to get a better look at it.

    This made Leoric laugh, giving her a soft reassuring squeeze to her thigh while he slowly stroked himself, giving her something to watch while she stared. “I’m not even that big, darling. But I’m sure you’ll be just fine, you just have to tell me if it hurts. It’s not supposed to, so we’ll stop right away if it does.”

    Marina blinked in surprise, looking up at him. “Wait… So…” Her eyebrows furrowed. “Now I have two questions….”

    “Go ahead.”

    “So… there are human men who are BIGGER than you?”

    Leoric barked out another laugh as she said that, taking his hand off her leg to cover his eyes as he shook his head. “Yes, there are others who are bigger than this, but you don’t have to worry about that… and your other question?”

    Marina hesitated a bit, biting her lip as she thought about her wording before deciding to just let it out. “It’s not supposed to hurt…? I was always told otherwise… That it was supposed to hurt a lot, and there should be blood…”

    His smile fell at that, having a look that was a mixture of anger and sadness. “No, it’s not supposed to hurt, and there is absolutely not supposed to be blood… Considering you didn’t even know about orgasms, I wouldn’t let whatever you were told about sex bother you too much, because… well honestly, that’s fucked up.”

    “Oh…” Marina dropped her gaze, ashamed that she obviously knew so little about how all of this was supposed to go.

    She heard him sigh, and his hand came into her view as he gently moved her head back up so she would look at him, while he leaned in and rested their foreheads together. “How about I just show you what it’s supposed to be like?” He said in a low voice, giving her such an intense look that it sent shivers down her spine. After she nodded in response, he leaned in further to kiss her, gently pushing her back so she was laying down once again.

    Leoric lifted her legs up so they were up against his hips while they kissed, then moved one of his hands back between her legs. Marina shifted so she was closer to him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, trusting him completely now that she wasn’t worried about him hurting her.

    She gasped a little feeling him slip two of his fingers inside her again, not expecting for him to press into her so quickly, nor for it to go in so easily after everything before. She squirmed a bit, but he used his body to press down on her to try to get her to keep still. She took the hint, and tried to stay still to enjoy both his hand and the feeling of their bare chests pressed together.

    Leoric was slow with his movements, gently spreading his finger inside her as he thrust them in and out. She was able to feel the light stretching, but was surprised that it didn’t hurt at all. Perhaps she shouldn’t be, she thought to herself as she briefly remembered the horrifying experience that was watching both of her sisters give birth multiple times. She quickly banished that from her mind however, to keep focus on much more pleasant things.

    Soon enough, she felt the pressing of a third finger toying with her entrance before slipping inside to join the others. She whimpered softly at the stretching feeling, finding it uncomfortable at first, but she was happy to not feel any pain, and that her discomfort faded fairly quickly as he slowly moved his hand in and out of her.

    His motions were almost torturously slow, making Marina start to feel impatient in her want for more. It seemed like ever since she came, her whole body was just going crazy over every touch from him, and she couldn’t help the feeling of just wanting more. She pressed back against his hand once the discomfort was gone, whining softly against his mouth.

    He pulled back then, pulling his fingers out from her making her whine again. He laughed softly as he sat up, waiting until she was looking up at him to make a show out of licking his fingers clean. While normally watching him do that would have embarrassed her, Marina was far too impatient now to bother, as she shifted back closer to him, pouting as she tried pulling him closer with her legs.

    “Is there something you want?” Leoric teased, taking himself into his hand as he resisted her pulling. He propped himself up with one hand over her, while he traced the tip of his cock along her lower lips. Marina’s breath hitched, feeling the unbelievably warm member there, and couldn’t help but note that it felt a lot bigger than it already looked.

    “Y-Yes… Please…” She whimpered, gripping her hands onto the sheets of the bed. Her heart was racing in both fear and anticipation, but under it all she knew that she wanted this.

    “What do you want?” He continued, a smirk stretching across his features as he pressed against her entrance. “Hmmm?”

    Whining softly, Marina tried pressing back against him, but he only pulled back to deny her. “Please, s-stop being mean!” She begged, tears springing to her eyes as she rocked her hips up to try to get him to push inside already. She knew that the longer he teased the more likely she was to not want this, and after so much build up she didn’t want to have to deny him any longer.

    Leoric chuckled, letting go of himself to hold onto one of her legs and lifting it up so it rested higher on his hips. “Alright, I won’t keep you waiting anymore.. But next time I might need a bit more clear instruction.” He teased softly, but his smirk fell to a much more concentrated look as he pressed his hips forward.

    Marina held her breath as she felt him start pressing into her, the stretching and full feeling being so strange to her that she wasn’t exactly sure how to react. It was at this point she realized there was no going back, that at this moment everything that her mother had put worth into was lost, and she couldn’t be happier. It was much less ceremonious than she had ever imagined, but as he had promised, there was no pain as he was so careful taking her virginity. Leoric’s eyes had fluttered shut as he took a slow breath out, cursing softly as he stopped.

    “Are you okay…?” Marian asked softly, his expression worrying her a little as she brought her hant up to cup his face.

    He smiled as he leaned into her hand, letting his eyes open again. “I’m fine… You just feel so good, it’s taking a lot to not just go wild right now…” He admitted, looking almost sheepish about what he wanted. She couldn’t help but think that he looked cute while he looked down at her, the concern clear on his face despite how dark his eyes had become from his own arousal.

    “I’m okay, too, so…” She trailed off, not really sure what to say, so instead she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer and making him push deeper into her. Her breath hitched as she felt herself try to accommodate to him,

    “Oh, fuck,” He groaned, his eyes closing again before he moved down so he was propped up on his elbow and their chests were once again pressed together. “You’re so goddamn tight…”

    “Is… that a good thing?” She asked softly as she moved her hands onto his shoulders.

    “Ohh yes, it’s a very good thing.” He chuckled, kissing her cheek quickly. “I’m not even all the way in yet.”

    “Wait what?” Marina blinked in surprise, her eyes widening. “You’re… you’re not?”

    He chuckled softly, shaking his head. “I’m only about half way. I’ll take it slow though, don’t worry.” Despite his promise, Marina felt herself starting to become nervous again. He did go slowly as he started to pull out until he was almost completely out, which for a second made the dwarf scared that he was stopping, before pushing back in. She gasped in surprise, her hands tightening their hold on his shoulders as he started a steady and slow rhythm thrusting into her.

    At first Marina wasn’t sure how to react, as she was still getting used to the very feeling of having something intruding her like this, but slowly it started feeling better and better as he managed to be able to push deeper into her. That paired with his very low groans as he moved started moving shocks of pleasure go down her spine and right down between her legs.

    As he started pushing deeper and going faster, the pleasure started building up enough that Marina started moaning softly, pushing her hips up to meet with his with each thrust in. His resulting moans made her happy to know that she was making him feel good as well so she did her best to keep up while he sped up.

    Sitting up straight again, Leoric grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her slightly, angling just right to be able to slide completely into her, making her cry out in both surprise and pleasure as she felt him reach the very end of where he could, while also being able feel their hips flush together. Somehow, just knowing that she was able to fit all of him inside her was enough to send a rush of pleasure through her, especially as he let out a long and low groan before he started pounding into her.

    Marina cried out at the sudden change, desperately trying to hold onto him to adjust but she very much was not complaining, instead trying her best to rock back against him to encourage more. As the pleasure built, she stopped thinking about everything else, all her worries and concerns about doing this few out of her mind. Her eyes fluttered shut as he seemed to be able to hit all the best spots inside her. Her head fell back against the bed, barely noticing anymore how loud she had become, not as if she would have cared at this point.

    His grip on her hips tightened as he pulled her up higher, and at first she thought he would be continuing as he was, but with a surprised yelp she found herself being suddenly picked up and flipped up. She desperately grabbed at him as she was moved on top of him as he now rested under her. In her surprise, Marina found herself impressed that he managed to reverse their position without the need to pull out of her, and judging by his expression he was rather proud of himself too.

    Marina settled herself on his lap, biting her lip as she felt him move inside her while she positioned her legs more comfortably on either side of his hips. The sudden change in position had snapped her out of the pleasureful daze she had been in before, and she became rather aware of Leoric’s gaze up at her. She felt exposed sitting on him like this, making her nervousness come back full force.

    She started moving to cover her chest, but with gentle hands Leoric had took her hands in his own before she could. “You are beautiful, Marina,” he spoke softly. “You don’t have anything to hide from me. I love you completely… Both inside and out.”

    His words made Marina’s heart flutter with happiness, and even though she was still nervous, she let her hands fall down to rest on his chest. Being unable to look at his face knowing he was watching her, she closed her eyes to try to will herself to relax and forget as much as she could that nothing was able to hide the way she was now. Instead of letting her do so, Leoric’s hips rocked up against her and prompted a surprised squeak out of her as he pushed deeper into her.

    Marina kept her eyes closed, biting her lip harder as she tried to figure out what she was supposed to do when she remembered when she had watched Rebby when she had been in her place. She didn’t let herself think about the details too much, but she did try to mimic what she could, moving her hips in a slow rocking motion against him. A shudder ran through her as she felt his erection move in and out of her as she moved, keeping her pace slow as she got used to the feeling.

    It didn’t take long before Leoric took hold of her hips, gently guiding her in how to move on him. She at first thought that perhaps it was for his own benefit, but as she came back down on him, she was happily surprised to feel him go deeper into her, and the head of his cock rubbing against her insides as it pushed in, in the most wonderful way. Wanting to feel more of this, she moved her hips in large circular motions, pushing back to grind down on him and then move back forward for easier pulling back up. She loved how it felt, moaning softly with each press down, and she couldn’t help but want more, especially when she heard Leoric groaning under her as she moved.

    So Marina started moving faster, letting her head fall forward and her hair start falling over her shoulders. As the pleasure built, she stopped caring about how she may look, wanting only to go deeper into her pleasure and connection with Leoric. She felt like the world around them was melting away, as right now it didn’t matter. Opening her eyes, she looked down at him, catching him as he was looking at her with a hot gaze, their eyes locking together.

    He sat up quickly, throwing her off her rhythm and almost making her fall back in surprise if it wasn’t for one of his arms wrapping around her tightly to hold her close. He didn’t say a word as he gently guided her legs to wrap around his waist and her arms around his neck. Once she was positioned as he wanted, he rested his hands around and onto her ass. Before she could even let out a squeak at his grabbing, he leaned in and kissed her deeply, smothering any noise that came out.

    He wasted no time in moving her, lifting her up and back down with ease that would have surprised her if her focus wasn’t stolen by his cock thrusting up and against her most sensitive areas inside her. Her moans were swallowed by Leoric as they kissed passionately, her arms tightening around him to keep herself up while he moved her even though she wanted nothing more than to lay back and just let him do what he wanted with her, but she felt too good to dare change anything.

    With their kiss and the wonderful feeling of him plunging deep into her, the pleasure inside her was building quickly, and even Leoric’s lips couldn’t stop the loud moans that poured out of her. She tried her best to move herself, rocking against his hands and onto his length, but Leoric’s hold on her ass was solid enough to support her as he moved her about himself. As she heard him groan into the kiss himself, she felt herself be filled with pleasure and happiness knowing that he felt as good as she did then, and when she felt him starting to move his hips up towards her with each pull down, Marina knew that she was going to cum soon.

    She clung to him, moving out of the kiss to hide her face against his neck and cry out freely as deep waves of pleasure overcame her with each thrust. She was able to hear his heavy breathing and soft groans against her ear, and just as she felt herself about to go over the edge, letting out a soft cry of his name as the only warning she could manage, and it was ultimately hearing him moan out her name as well that pushed her over.

    Her hold tightening on him as the pressure that had built in her released, Marina whimpered and moaned with each wave that washed over her that only got stronger as he didn’t stop moving her. Desperate to feel some grounding, she reflexively used her nails to try to keep her hold on his shoulders. She began to feel dizzy from the overwhelming pleasure that refused to stop, and she became barely aware of anything happening around her as her orgasm continued. All she was able to hear clearly from her haze was her name again in a low growl and a string of curses as she felt him finally stop.

    Marina could hardly catch her breath as she started coming down, her body shaking with the last remaining waves running through her. Once the fog started lifting, she felt suddenly hyper aware of how Leoric felt against her. His body was burning hot against her skin with sweat dripping down between their bodies, and with him still inside her, she was able to feel his erection lightly pulsing inside her, which managed to send shivers up her spine. Perhaps she was just oversensitive right now, even though she was quite too tired to continue, but that feeling of him inside her coupled with his heavy breaths going over her skin made her feel so good, even if she didn’t quite understand why.

    It wasn’t until he lifted her up one more time enough that he fell out of her, and she felt the very sudden rush of what felt like thick water spilling out of her did she fully understand why he had to stop. Lifting her head and pulling back a bit, she looked down between them, almost expecting a large pool of liquid under them. “Oh.” She said simply, blinking quickly as she let it sink in that he had emptied his “seed” into her.

    Thinking nothing of it, Marina has started to relax against him again when she heard him suddenly and sharply cursing above her. Startled, she looked up at him with wide eyes as she pulled back and off of his lap. She had expected him to be happy and relaxed as she was, so to see his face mixed with panic and frustration was rather jarring.

    “W… What’s wrong?” She asked, her voice weak as she started to become scared that perhaps he already regretted what they did, or that she had did something wrong to upset him. He just cursed again, running his hand through his hair as he looked at everything but her which did nothing for her own growing panic. Lightly taking the blankets into her hands, she starts covering herself back up. “L-Leoric…?”

    He finally looked at her, and the frustration fell from his face as soon as he took in her own expression. “Fuck, I’m so sorry, Marina… please don’t cry, I’m sorry.”

    Blinking, Marina hadn’t realized she had started tearing up, so she quickly shook her head and forced the tears away. “No, I’m not… Please just tell me what’s wrong, what did I do?”

    It was Leoric’s turn to be surprised as he moved closer to her, gently taking her hands into his own. “You didn’t do anything, Marina, I did.. I didn’t mean to let it out inside you, but…” He shook his own head. “I don’t want… anything to happen, not like that, so I was stupid to just do that, especially to you…”

    “You don’t want… anything to happen?” She tilted her head a bit, his attempts at assuring her only making her more confused. He just nodded, which didn’t help her confusion. She started thinking over what he had said, trying to figure out what he meant. “What do you mean, you don’t want…” As she started asking him, she finally got it. “Oh! You don’t want… Oh!” Before she could help herself, she started laughing perhaps much too hard for the situation.

    “What’s so funny?” Leoric asked, his tone slightly annoyed as she tried to control her giggles.

    “I-I’m sorry,” She said between laughs, covering her mouth to try to stifle herself. “It’s not funny, I’m sorry.” She took a few deep breaths to force herself to calm down before letting herself speak again, her hand dropping back down to take his hand. “You don’t have to worry about that, Leoric… I never had the chance to tell you, but you really don’t have to worry about me becoming pregnant…”

    She watched as his eyebrows furrowed, confusion going over his features. “What do you mean?”

    “You don’t ever have to worry about me having your child…” She said sadly, looking down as she took a pause. “I can’t have children.” Even though it was something she had known for a long time, saying it out loud was still something that was hard to do. “I probably should have told you sooner, but I was scared that you wouldn’t want me if I did…”

    As she watched him pull his hands away from her own, her heart dropped just a moment before she felt him wrap his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug. “I would want you regardless of if you could have kids or not.” He squeeze her while she returned the embrace before he started to chuckle. “But yes, you probably should have told me before I started freaking out there.”

    Marina laughed with him, looking up at him with a shy smile. “I’m sorry…”

    “Don’t be. Now get over here.” He started shifting back, pulling her along with him. “I still have to hold you down until you fall asleep.”

    Giggling happily, feeling so glad that he hadn’t rejected her for what she had told him, Marina crawled up next to him. The both of them lay down as she pulled the blanket up around the both of them, and Leoric pulled her close to him.

    Marina curled up against him, letting out a content sigh as she relaxed into his arms. She left a soft kiss onto his chest as she closed her eyes. “I love you, Leoric.”

    “I love you too, Marina.” He kissed the top of her head as he relaxed with her, keeping her in his arms as the exhaustion from the day started to hit him. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

    Marina was still buzzing from happiness from the day’s events. She couldn’t be sure exactly when everything had changed between them, but nothing could ruin this for her. Even if her family found her the very next day, or she was dead by the time she woke up, she would feel like the happiest woman in the world to have this moment right now. She prayed that it could stay like this forever, and as she joined him in sleep, she couldn’t even imagine things getting better than this.

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