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Thread: Thin Ice - Fennik Glennwey, Lvl 3

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    Fennik Glenwey.
    Looks eight. He's definitely older.
    More or less male.
    Hair Color
    Light blonde.
    Eye Color
    A bright, pupil-less green.
    4'1" / 52 lb
    Picker of Pockets.

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    Thin Ice - Fennik Glennwey, Lvl 3

    (Stuff in green is new! Here's the previous profile, for comparison.)

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    Name: Fennik Glenwey.
    Nicknames & Aliases: Fenn, The Evergreen, Little Mouse.
    Age: Appears to be around eight years old. Chronologically speaking, Fenn may be as old as thirty - he isn’t quite sure.
    Height & Weight: 4’1”, 52 lb.
    Occupation: Picker of Pockets, Seeker of Treasures
    Race: Frost Fae
    Occupation: Picker of Pockets, Seeker of Treasures, Fool of the Arcana

    Personality: Fenn is a nosy lad with a hunger for thrill, knowledge, and (above all else) interesting trinkets to hoard. He’d like to think himself the intellectual equal of any adult even if he acts more on impulse than maturity. His inability to speak forces him to be more emotive and exaggerated in his actions than most people, which doesn't help matters any.

    Appearance: On first glance, Fenn has the appearance of a gaunt, wispy blonde child mostly swallowed up by his own cloak. A closer look reveals him to be inhuman in nature thanks to his uncannily delicate features, high cheekbones, and ears that taper off to a point. His pupil-less eyes are a bright green and far too big on his face, which often unnerves those who look into them too long. Frost dapples his skin like freckles. Funnily enough, his ears are rather expressive and move much like a cat’s could.

    History: Fenn originated from Concordia, foraging and hiding in solitary (as Fae are wont to do) at the edge of the forest for a brief decade at the beginning of his life. Curiosity drove him to explore outside the forest, towards the human establishments he saw from way afar, softly lit in the night. Eventually, he decided he was going to check it out for himself. His trek to the nearest city was more grueling than he had anticipated, and by the time he had gotten there, he was exhausted and famished. Unable to walk another inch, Fenn collapsed on the streets. He doubted he would live to see another sunrise.

    To his surprise, he’d live to see quite a few more sunrises.

    A very small guild of petty thieves took the poor guy in out of pity. Fenn grew to be a sort of mascot for the group, and over time, he learned their trade and how to act in civilized society. Well, somewhat civilized, at least - he definitely picked up a few crass words along the way. Another decade or so of Fenn's life passed, and the group rapidly disbanded after the traumatic death of one of their members. After the closest thing he had ever had to a family fell apart, Fenn acted on his wanderlust and decided to try the pickings in other places. As of the current moment, Fenn is an enthusiastic explorer, funding his travels through thievery and clever conning. As it seems, the call of treasure and coin is slowly becoming as strong as that of the traveler’s frost-bitten breeze…

    An encounter with a group of bandits intent on selling him into slavery has left the boy with a suspicion of anyone who would claim to be his master or superior. There is one exception to this rule, however. Somewhat recently, Fenn has stumbled into a political alignment before actually learning anything about what he has been drawn into, being drawn into the Tarot by a chance encounter with the Emperor Vincent and the Strength, John.

    During his travels, a sick Fenn also encountered an injured and packless direwolf. Desperate for a meal, she chased him up a tree and collapsed. Once he got over his initial terror, Fenn took pity on her and nursed her back to health. In turn, she evidently decided that he was a better packmate than a snack, taking him in and allowing the tiny Fae to ride on her back. In exchange, he gives her affection and the occasional treat. She seems to consider him to be her pup, much to the dismay of Fenn’s ego.


    Picklocking - As he has had time to practice his skills, Fenn has gathered knowledge to pick a somewhat complex lock within a few minutes and a simple lock within half of one.

    Pickpocketry - Learned from his old thieves’ guild. His ability has been fueled by an obsession with “collecting” any small object he can get his hands on.

    Navigation - Fenn has a keen sense of direction and is practiced in exploring and mentally mapping out both wilderness and urban areas.

    Herbology - From his original time spent in the forest and his travels after, Fenn has picked up some knowledge about which plants are delicious and which ones are icky and poisonous.

    Wild Dance - Even without formal dance practice, Fenn is really able to cut a rug when music inspires him to do so. He suspects it’s a Frost Fae thing.

    Always Hungry - Mysteriously, the tiny boy is capable of consuming over three hefty meals in one sitting. Where does he put it all?


    Ice Attunement - As a Frost Fae, Fenn has a body temperature of thirty two degrees Fahrenheit and the ability to control snow and ice. Each of the below counts as a separate ability;
    • Foul Snowball; It’s an unpolished and unpracticed ability, but Fenn can summon and hurl around snowball-sized chunks of ordinary ice. At it’s worst, the impact of the chunks stings a little. He can now fling them with a thought, rather than manually with his hands.
    • Jack of Frost; Fenn can make it lightly snow and spread frost over objects by touching them. When he has direct skin-to-skin contact with someone, Fenn is able to inflict a fairly mild frostbite on them, which can be useful in forcing people to break their hold on him. A more mundane utility for this, is that spreading frost over a flat surface turns it into a good doodlepad for the little Fae to spell out his thoughts on. This ability can also freeze over water if he is in contact with it for long enough.
    • Piercing Cold; {Placeholder: Ignore this slot for now}

    Glamour - Fenn can cast an illusion to briefly disguise himself as another being or animal. The effect lasts only a few minutes, and he can only disguise himself as something he has seen before. His skill is weak, so it isn’t hard for those with a trained eye to see the spell for what it is.

    Magic Sensitivity - As a Fae, Fenn has an innate ability to tell whether an object or person is magical or enchanted. The ability can only be use to tell if there is magic present not to discern the particular kind of magic. This sense only activates if he is in near direct contact with the object, person, or aura of magic in question. Which, when it comes to dangerous things, is probably far closer than he would ever want to be.

    Dexterity - Fenn is twice as nimble than the average human, courtesy of many years spent picking pockets and fleeing from his own follies in total panic.


    Clothes - Fenn is often seen wearing a baggy green cloak, brown breeches, and a white shirt two sizes too large. He keeps a gold locket under his shirt; a tragic keepsake from an old friend. There are some small shiny stones inside of it, but it has no enchantments or special abilities.

    Large Satchel - The loose cloth bag that Fenn has slung over his shoulder. It’s filled with the useless knick-knacks he can’t help but pick up and pilfer along the way. The clutter consists mainly of shiny stones, cheap jewelry, empty wallets, bottle corks, snail shells, buttons, wanted posters, candy wrappers, faded maps, light adventure novels, stray wires, and rusty pins. The latter are good for picking simple locks. There is absolutely nothing made of iron in the hoard.

    Brass Whistle - A small, simple whistle crafted from brass. Fenn stores it in the frontmost pocket of his bag where he can reach it with ease. It makes a shrill sound when blown into, making it his easiest way to catch other’s attention - and to summon his massive direwolf buddy.

    Familiar - Daugi the Direwolf Pupper.
    As it stands, Daugi is a hulking beast of raw muscle and floofy black fur, who is a few heads taller than Fenn when she is down on all fours. Her eyes are a bloodshot red. Fenn uses her as a mount, which allows him to travel far more swiftly than he did on foot. She tends to stay within a fifty-foot radius of him at all times, the exception being when Fenn goes into an urban area. Then, she wanders off for a bit in order to hunt.

    Having no magical powers of her own, Daugi makes do and defends Fenn with her raw physical strength. Her claws aren’t made for scratching but her snaggletoothed maw gives aggressors reason to think twice before crossing Fenn. The direwolf’s bite can snap bones and inflict heavy wounds if Fenn allows her to go all-out. She cannot be used in Citadel battles.
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