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    EXP: 2,643, Level: 2
    Level completed: 22%, EXP required for next level: 2,357
    Level completed: 22%,
    EXP required for next level: 2,357

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    ~Level 1~

    ~Level 0~

    ~Name: Jotham Archanex

    ~Height/Weight: '6."0/210 lbs

    ~Age: Immortal

    ~Race: Overmage

    ~Hair Color: Red (Like a fire)

    ~Eye Color: Black (Jotham's eyes have become onyx black)

    ~Job Class: Overmage/Artificer

    ~Psychological Profile:

    Vice: Gluttony

    Virtue: Faith (Follower of The Thayne Codex)

    ~Alignment:Lawful Good (LG)

    ~Appearance and Description:

    ~Level 2~

    A tall and lithe wizard type. Archanex has fiery red and long hair. He walks with a noticeable limp he got from a previous adventure. He keeps his hair tied in a long ponytail. He is physically fit from lots of adventuring despite his limp.

    ~Psychological Profile:

    ~Level 2~

    Archanex is the studious type. He is a fierce student of knowledge. As a follower of the Thayne Codex, he studies when he can and learns what he can. Archanex believes all life is part of a greater mystery waiting to be solved. And so, he seeks his answers...

    ~Skill/Ability Grid: (Overhauling this a bit)

    ~Magus Sphere level 1: Jotham's accrued knowledge. Jotham currently has knowledge in Destruction, Restoration and one Augmentation (Enchant) ability. As Jotham has acquired power, this knowledge has slowly, but surely, begun to branch off in new direction. Jotham has acquired some new heights of power with his Overmage ability, and has begun their study and research. As of level, The Magus Sphere has evolved and allowed the capacity for Jotham to learn to new spells in each of his chosen schools of The Arkanos.

    ~Elemental Manna Pool level 1: Jotham, upon reaching new heights of power, is capable of accessing ~sixty~ units of Elemental Manna.

    ~Grimoire Pages level 0: An Overmage's ultimate weapon is their mind. The mind evolves and expands as new heights of power are obtained. As a result, Jotham has begun to slowly access The Grimoire in his soul. Each Overmage potentially can become a living Grimoire of potentially more powerful spells over time and training. Grimoire pages are the mental catalog of every spell that Jotham currently has access to. No matter how hard someone tries, an Overmage can never "forget" a spell that he has learned. He might choose to alter the meaning of the spell with proper training, neglect it's training for a while, but never forget it. Overmage's spells are written in their very D.N.A. Once an Overmage learns a spell, it is never forgotten, and it is written in the mental pages of The Overmage's memory.

    ~Destruction School~

    (Destro) Dynamic Explosion level 0- (No Change from level 0) (Original description) -Cost: Ten Units of Manna.

    This Spell, acquired through years of study and practice, allow the Overmage to manipulate Elemental Fire. Elemental Fire is not the same as "normal" fire and appears as a blue-colored fire. This Elemental Fire has an extremely destructive capacity. It can spread across normal surfaces (Such as cloth, leather, hide) quickly and is chemically adhesive to most types of materials. Especially common and low-tier materials. Against materials like Iron and Steel, the Spell can burn hot enough to Melt Iron. Against Steel it is hot enough to Super-Heat Steel. These effects require Player Permission to work on their valued Items and weapons. It is assumed that without Player Permission, the special effects of this Ability will NOT work. Note: Whilst Jotham is casting Dynamic Explosion, he can perform NO other actions. He MUST concentrate on casting this and any other Spells.

    On flesh, the Dynamic Explosion casts quite a punch. It can cause up to Moderate damage with the equivalent damage potential of a strike of an -Iron- weapon. It is important to note that whilst Jotham is casting -ANY- Spell, he is vulnerable to attack. This Spell can currently be cast three times a Day.

    Note: The Dynamic Explosion takes 1-3 -full- Turns to Channel before they are summoned. This length of time depends on the size of the Dynamic Explosion being used.

    ~Restoration School~

    (Restro) Lay on Hands- (No Change from level 0) (Original description) Cost:Twenty Units of Manna.

    This Spell, acquired through years of study and practice, allow the Overmage to manipulate the Elemental Light. Elemental Light has many purposes, primarily curative and buffing purposes. This is Jotham's only acquired Spell with the Healing Arts. Eventually he will obtain more. The Spell requires focused concentration of the healing energies located within The Light. When this is done, the Overmage must place his hands upon an -basic- Injury to mend it. Lay On Hands functions just like a bandage might. It heals the Injury. Whilst the Overmage is casting this Spell, he can perform no other actions.

    Can be cast once a day.

    ~School of Enhcanting~

    (Enchant) Spell Sword level 1-(COST-22 Units of Manna) (Dramatically changed from level 0!!!) Through years of study, Jotham has learned how to fine-tune his mastery of this spell. Now, Jotham can augment the properties of a ~single~ object even further. Initially, a single object could take on the elemental properties of Jotham's choosing. Though not permanent, the enchanting process has been refined so that he can augment something for longer periods of time. Whereas things lasted a mere five turns per enchant, the increase allows Jotham to enchant for up to ~two hours.~ on one solid object. In this fashion, one piece of augmented armor will absorb elemental properties of that type for that set amount of time. An augmented weapon item will deal elemental damage of that type. The possible elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light and Dark. (And combinations therein once Jotham unlocks the ability to do so.) Spell Sword can be used ~five times a day~.

    Edit: Each SUCCESSFUL cast of this spell last an hour. On top of the casting cost for the spell, the spell takes three full turns of preparation to prepare. Note. The spells effects are only castable upon low tier items. Further note, the effect of the spell is ~minor~ compared to other spells of that same rank. (Thanks Letho!!!)

    (Destro) Ignition Sphere level 0- (New!!!) (Cost-15 Units of Manna) A newly acquired Spell. Ignition Sphere causes the manifestation a simplistic seeming sphere made of pure elemental fire. The sphere contains terrible heat and burns hot enough to burn through flesh, leather, and iron materials. With adequate preparation it can burn through average quality steel. If it connects on a target, a basic Ignition Sphere will cause burn over time damage. These burns cannot be healed by use of normal means, the burns must be healed through magical means as the damage over time quality is magical in nature. The burns persist until the target dies, or the spell is warded. The Ignition Sphere deals ~double fire damage~ on targets weak to fire. The spell fizzles itself out if no target gets hit by it after it is launched. The initially burn over time effect only occurs on sentient, organic targets. Currently, it cannot be used against spectral or phantasmal targets. (Ghosts and Phantoms and such.)

    (Edit Damage over Time lasts approximately one full I.C. minute. Note: It CANNOT burn people to a crisp. (Thanks bro.) The damage simply effectively persists as a burn that won't naturally go away. The full burn effect lasts for approximately one full minute, or, two I.C. turns.

    ~Level 2 Changes~

    (New) ~School of Defense~

    1-Shield of Fire-Can conjure a shield of elemental fire. The shield can ward off one attack per summon. Then it shatters and has to be re-cast. (Passively) It can cause burns on the target that damages the shield. The shield can last approximately one turn as long as it has not blocked a full attack. Costs Five Manna to cast.

    ~School of Destruction~

    (New) 1-Dynamic Fire Bolt. Upon concentrating, Archanex may summon a potent bolt of fire energy. This bolt has a knock-back affect when it hits a target. Further, it can cause burning damage over time as a passive effect. The bolt can be cast over one or two turns. It costs approximately Two Manna to cast.

    Note: ALL of Archanex's spells require concentration to cast. He is completely open to attack when he casts a spell. Each spell cost burns some Manna that is constantly a refueling Manna Poool. Those are the only two new spells I want for my level 2 update, thanks for understanding!

    (No History for this character since I am bringing him out of retirement.)

    1-Battle Staff-A long, seven foot staff outfitted for battle. This staff is basically a thick, seven foot oak stick that is quite sturdy. It packs quite a wallop. It doubles as a walking stick and is surprisingly light in the hands of the Overmage.

    2-Pair of Masterwork Iron Daggers-These are two simple make Daggers made of Iron that are masterwork in nature. They each have a scabbard. Jotham is good enough to use these daggers simultaneously in battle.

    3-Padded combat gloves-A pair of leather gloves that are padded with Iron. This makes getting punched by Jotham very painful.

    4-(Items) Large Backpack with many pockets (1x), Belt with rings to attach pouches (1x), 10 large pouches, 5 small pouches, Personal Grimoire, Pigments and Inks for writing Spells, Parchment Paper for Scrolls.

    ~Overmage Weaknesses/Exploits:

    1-Dynamic Strength. Warriors that are gifted with this power of Super-Strength can be lethal to the Overmage. Overmages are about cunning, speed, and intellect and Strength can devastate a single or many Overmages. Attacks performed with Dynamic Strength buffs do double-lethal damage.

    2-Mute Effects. Overmages are extra vulnerable to any effect, or artifact, or spells that cause the Mute status. Mute Spells are -twice- as effective on an Overmage as they would be on any other Mage. Mutes take about a day or two longer to wear off than normal, and as such, Overmages are weary of the Mute Spells.

    3-Dragon's Fire. Breath Weapons from Dragons and other ancient races can instantly Kill an Overmage outright.

    Elemental Weakness: Elemental Water does Double-Lethal Damage.

    New: Elemental ~ICE~ magic deals double-lethal damage.
    ~Overmage Level 0~
    Note: 560 GP owed to The Bazaar for purchasing a house!!!

    Power resides in the old books.

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    Level completed: 37%,
    EXP required for next level: 6,956

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    Welcome back to Althanas!

    I can go ahead and approve this as it is. For the future I'd maybe think about giving the profile a bit of a spring clean as it looks a bit jumbled up!


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