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Thread: Artemis Eburi - Level 11

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    Hand of Virtue
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    Artemis Eburi
    Human (+ Dovicarus)
    Hair Color
    Dark Brown and Gray
    Eye Color
    Piercing Blue

    Artemis Eburi - Level 11

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    Name: Artemis Eburi
    Age: 28
    Race: Human with trace Dovicarus
    Hair Color: Dark Brown with some grays
    Eye Color: Piercing Blue
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Occupation: Blacksmith


    Artemis has a tendency to be friendly when engaged and certainly cares deeply for his friends. He is more willing to be himself, the person he was before the needless fallout with his father. After reconciling his past and reconnecting with his father, as well as meeting a few people in Knife's Edge who have become his good friends, he has found a place he can call home.

    However, due to his generally cautious nature he is very attentive and aware of his surroundings and others. He is suspicious but not to the extent of paranoia. After some of his difficult experiences with wars and the loss of many lives around him, he can become quiet at times and apathetic, almost shutting down when the memories crop up.

    He is still driven by a strong moral compass and aligns with the values of virtue. His sentient weapon, Judicis, aligns deeply with these values and helps Artemis stay on the righteous path. Though he does not do this out of spirituality or faith, it is his inherent to his nature.

    Though he doesn’t intend to, he exerts an aura of confidence and power. He is kind, though his gestures may sometimes be misinterpreted because they do not always fit into the social norm. He is known to admire craftsmanship of metalwork, blades in particular. His eyes sparkle when someone walks by with a fine blade. It is not a look of greed, simply one of admiration. He can often be found conversing with local smiths and is always available for helping others out. Though he does seem cold at times, he enjoys feeling helpful. These task range from putting up laundry or getting a kitten from a tree, to hunting and extermination missions.


    Artemis has well refined muscles though not bulky. His blue eyes are a piercing shade of blue as if his iris is constructed of ice itself. He wears a very dark blue full body leather armor that fits very snug and allows for fluid movements, and looks black unless light hits it perfectly. He also occasionally dons a black cloak when in towns, but mostly wears only his leather armor, which has an emblem located on the front and back that have become his mark of a smith. The hood is attached as an extra accessory to the robe. His face is scruffy, but he keeps his facial hair somewhat groomed – though rarely clean-shaven. His facial features are very handsome, and though women seem to be quite attracted to him, he does not seem to notice.

    After unlocking his magical potential, his eyes seem to almost emit a glow, and have gotten a brighter blue. Both of his arms have been marked with tribal-like markings that start on the hand and make their way up to the shoulders. The markings are black. Most are hidden beneath his armor. At times he is found wearing gloves and a mask to match his undersuit, which he wears beneath his armor.


    At a young age, Artemis admired his father's craft. His father was the town smith of Pylos, a small village southwest of Underwood on Corone, and was very much liked and respected. Artemis would often times watch his father work the entire day and take in as much as he could. At the young age of 12, he was already smithing small blades as toys for himself, though they were very crude and low quality. His father enjoyed watching his son fall in love with the craft, because he knew that soon he would be able to apprentice his son and continue the family tradition of smiths.

    At the age of 16, as Artemis began to apprentice for his father, he also began to pay more attention to some of the customers and visitors. He learned that his father was part of a group of fighters, but did not know much more. Artemis wanted to join and learn to fight. However, his father was a big and burley man and was known to fight with a two-handed maul. Artemis had a fancy for shorter blades. So Artemis' father asked his closest friend, a dark elf who went by the name Hawk, to train his son. Hawk was a somewhat young yet wise dark elf who was skilled with dual wielding, and began to teach Artemis everything he knew. Artemis was so passionate that he impressed Hawk, and so Hawk would go above and beyond in trying to teach Artemis. The training was often long, and would go into the night. Though it was clear that the hours were taking a toll on Artemis, he refused to slow down his training. At the age of 19, he had mastered working with two blades, and after a mere 3 years, Hawk had nothing left to teach. In fact, it seemed that despite his youth, Artemis' raw talent and youthful creativity would allow him to surpass even Hawk soon enough. Artemis then crafted himself the finest daggers he could, and after years of apprenticing with his father and training with Hawk he knew exactly what he needed. He crafted two daggers for himself out of steel, the finest his father could get his hands on. He spent nearly a month on each dagger, folding the steel over on itself repeatedly. Artemis felt the blades were extremely durable and well worked.

    On his 19th birthday, Artemis started to believe that his father's group of fighters was a small branch of a larger group of assassins who killed innocent people for the sake of a contract. In anger, he charged his father, and the emotion quickly escalated. The battle became a death-match, and Artemis' agility defeated his father's strength. However, standing over his beaten father, unarmed and hurt, a tear shed from his eye and fell on his father's face, mixing with the blood of a cut that Artemis himself inflicted. He denounced his relations with his father, and said that they were no longer family. He packed up his necessities and prepared to leave. Right before leaving, he visited his father's smith one last time to engrave two words on his finely crafted daggers. For his right hand, he engraved the blade with the name Virtue, and for his left hand, the name Violence. The engravings were meant as reminders to himself of the conflict he would forever face. That conflict was the challenge of balancing a virtuous life with the one of violence that he intended to live.

    He left that same night, blades in hands, with the white of his knuckles showing as he gripped them so tightly. He left with no direction, but only wanted to find a place that reminded him of how cold the world could really be, and so he left for the north – for Salvar.

    Upon his arrival, he encountered a single orc, and fear that it may be something more resulted in leading a small scouting mission to the area. During that journey, he met Steppenwolf Orlouge, though he does not know the man's last name and famous relations. He also met a dark elf named Jhaelkah, who he is beginning to develop feelings for, though he does not understand them yet, as if he is a teenage boy.

    When in Knife's Edge, he had met a few individuals who were old adventuring friends of Jhaelkah. There is the bowyer and old human man, Axel. There are the dwarven Norlond brothers, Bazzak and Nalin. Bazzak is the one who has taken Artemis as an apprentice after breaking his dagger violence to show how poorly made it was, while Nalin does most of the merchanting.

    After meeting these adventuring friends and going with them to clear out a small cave of orcs south of Knife's Edge, he actually learns that the group used to be known as Salvar's Silent Sentinels. From the cave, the group also collects a cartload of mythril ore and Artemis goes to living a somewhat normal life as a smith's apprentice in the city. However, occasionally he takes trips to The Citadel for some combat training and keeps his skills honed. During one of these trips, his other original steel dagger is stolen, leaving him unarmed. He then purchases a pair of mythril daggers from the Bazaar to hold himself over.

    On his journey back from purchasing these daggers he passes through the town of Vardta, where he encounters a man named Adolph Gretzel, a Knight of the Apocalypse serving Sei Orlouge. After helping to protect the town from an invading army and risking his life, and after barely coming out victorious, Sei invites Artemis to join the Ixian Knights whenever Artemis feels that he is ready to do so.

    Also during his time in the town, he meets a woman named Tanya. She is the first woman Artemis is ever intimate with and within days of losing his virginity, Tanya dies while protecting him during one of the battles to protect the town. The emotional pain and rage that he feels at this loss results in an incredible desire to bring peace to the world in a virtuous way.

    Sometime later The Trap Master kidnaps Artemis, though he is unaware of his captor's identity. The Trap Master brings Artemis to The Citadel and forces him into passing several tests. During this time, Artemis is unaware of his captor as well as of his location. In the final chamber, Artemis confronts an image of his father being killed by Jay, the dark elf that he is beginning to have feelings for. However, just as he sees this image, he passes out due to excessive blood loss, a consequence of the earlier chambers. He wakes back in Knife's Edge as if nothing happened and just as he thinks it was all just a dream, the barkeep of the inn he stays at comments that he has not seen him in two weeks.

    The experience with the trap master starts giving Artemis nightmares and one day, concerned, Jay convinces him to visit his father and confront his past. She introduces him to a friend of hers, a mage named Daros, who teleports the trio to Artemis' home town of Pylos. Artemis then confronts his father, learning about his mother and his past, and learning of a magical seal that had been placed upon him at an early age by her in order to protect the young boy. The father informs Artemis that he has a ring that will unlocked Artemis' magical potential, though it may be risky, and Artemis puts on the ring. Upon donning the signet, the ring merges into Artemis' flesh and creates tribal-like markings of black upon his hand and partially up his forearm. His eyes also shift to a brighter blue hue and seem to almost emit a glow. Removing the magical seal has also allowed Artemis the ability to openly communicate with the sentient spirit of his bow, Judicis.

    As time had passed during his life in Knife's Edge, Artemis was approached by Cydnar Yrene and asked to aid in their plight to arm the Hummel. The Norlond brothers, the employers of Artemis, agreed to the contract in hope that the payment would be enough to begin a project that has been in waiting for some time. As such, Artemis and Jay helped seek out a mythril deposit of sufficient quantity to arm the Hummel, and Cydnar's connections and their magic were successful in this goal. However, the Norlond brothers are responsible for training the Hummel in the art of blacksmithing as part of the contract, so while they remain underground (estimated for many months), Artemis is on his own.

    While waiting for the dwarves' project to finish, Artemis ran an errand for his wizardly friend, Daros, which brought him to the forest of Luthmor in the far off lands of Dheathain. While there, he came across a beast known as a Gade, which turned out to be a cursed fae that had been suffering for quite some time. Artemis, attempting to redeem the evils that had overcome the man, had released him from his mortal bonds as a favor of virtue, and returned the body to the man's son for a proper burial. The relic that had so cursed the man was then brought back to the wizard and used to design a new material known as Gade Cloth (see further down). During his time looking for the Gade, deep in some lost ruins, Artemis was able to unlock another of his abilities, shifting into darkvision. He is more able to hone this ability due to his experience with his infra-vision.

    While visiting Corone, Artemis decided to participate in a tournament within the Citadel. Unbeknownst to him, he would find himself trapped in a secret room of the Citadel, fighting to stay alive within a pocket dimension where the vampire-demon Diadeus had been trapped by the monks for many centuries, hidden safely away within the magical walls. With aid from the outside, Diadeus trapped six contestants and intended to feed upon them. However, within the confines of this pocket dimension were the spirits of ancient warriors who had fallen to Diadeus yet continued to resist his demonic consumption. Their spirits found Artemis and his new ally Victor Valentine, and together they used artifacts of these great warriors to defeat the demon within the realm. However, whether he was truly and completely defeated is not yet known.

    Artemis decided to visit his father in Underwood, but on his way, made a stop at the bazaar and picking up a ring of sustenance. He knew that soon, when the dwarves returned, there would be much work to be done in settling the new town they had planned. So after a discussion with Daros, he purchased the magical item before making his way to Radasanth and unexpectedly finding himself attempting to aid a troubled-looking man. This attempt resulted in a gunfight that cost the lives of several. Victor Callahan, a gunslinger seeking revenge on the one who took his wife, nearly killed an innocent woman, and the intervention of Artemis and the concealed hero, Sei Orlouge, acting under the alias Silas, prevented her death. As such, Artemis decided it was best to flee the city and avoid the gunslinger, seeking out the first chance he could, which happened to be joining a mercenary vessel leaving Radasanth. Little did he know that the vessel was heading to a magical and hidden land known as Se'Lutia.

    Artemis ended up spending months on the island of Se’Lutia, making new friends and then losing them soon after in a historical moment of the land’s history. With the help of Azza, a key figure in the magical mending of the land, the entire island was rejuvenated and restored to its former lush and vibrant glory. Peace has found its way to the land, but not without a cost. Many lives were lost in the culminating battle that found a prophecy to be the driving force that divided the people. It was as a result of this that Artemis’ origin was explained to him by a Dovicarus known as Sakuya who aided in his magical birth. Partaking in the ritual, though unforeseen, has also activated many pieces of his Dovicarus blood and fundamentally altered his nature. As an inadvertent consequence, his inherent magical abilities have become enhanced and some of the magical enchantments of his equipment worn at the time have now been integrated into his being, no longer requiring the equipment to use.

    As normal life resumed for Artemis in Knife’s Edge, he received a mysterious note that called him to a place he’d once visited when he’d been new to Salvar. That message lead to a meeting with Graxis and a mission to set off and protect Althanas – or at least that’s what Graxis lead the young warrior to believe. Along the way he made allies with Sir Jacob Hamorearm, current lord of the Hold of Hamorearm, and Nevette Adylon. In eliminating the dangerous older brother of Jacob, he recovered the artifact of the lost civilization and foiled their evil plots. However, Artemis is not aware that Nevette has far larger plans and had been pulling the strings. Regardless, Artemis is safe and stronger for it, making a new friend of Amitiel as well, a disciple of Khal’Jaren.

    Combat Style (Informational):

    Ambush: When attacking a target that is either engaged with another enemy, or that is simply unaware of his presence, Artemis attempts to attack critical points to inflict either fatal wounds or debilitating wounds, depending on if he wants to kill the target or not.

    Counter: Artemis' preferred method of inflicting damage is to wait for his enemy to attack, and in the same motion of his enemies attack, Artemis strikes.

    Precision: Not a single attack is wasted. Thinking through every strike and waiting for the right opportunity, as well as with a thorough knowledge of anatomy, Artemis is able to find critical points quickly and effectively. His knowledge of armor smithing has also allowed him to find weaknesses in enemy armor.


    Increased Strength: (x12) Artemis’ strength has been significantly amplified due to the unlocking of his true magical nature. In combination with his general training and profession, this has made his strength surprisingly formidable despite his stature. Opponents would find it near impossible to overpower him and general feats of strength that would impress are commonplace for him.

    Keen Senses: as a result of his training, as well as his fear that his father will send people after him, he is always very in tune with his surroundings. He is very perceptive of sounds, smells, and has a very strong intuition that has saved his life before.

    Increased Agility: (x12) Artemis’ agility has been significantly amplified due to the unlocking of his true magical nature. Artemis has an incredible degree of agility that allows him to move very quickly, as well as change direction quickly. His body can bend and move in ways that most would find outright unbelievable. His reaction time is also quite impressive and it is near impossible to catch him unawares.

    Increased Balance: Due to his incredible agility and refined muscles, Artemis has a very good center of gravity, and is even able to fight effectively while on difficult terrain.

    Increased Endurance: (x12) Artemis’ endurance has been significantly amplified due to the unlocking of his true magical nature. He rarely, if ever, finds himself feeling tired or winded. He does not fatigue easily and fights as though fresh for days, even without sleep. Artemis is also remarkably resistant to ailment of various kinds, including poisons and diseases both of natural and artificial creation. He may show symptoms to the very strongest of these, but even then he is able to resist their effects remarkably and recover much faster than most others.

    Professions and Skills:

    Expert Dual Wield Proficiency: Years of training have given Artemis the ability to act as if his two arms are fluid companions to one another that can work individually or in unison without any interruption.

    Master Sniper: After thorough practice and experience in using his bow, Judicis, Artemis has achieved an impressive proficiency in archery.

    Proficiency of Dark Elf Language: Years of training with his mentor, Hawk, has resulted in a conversational understanding of the Dark Elf language.

    Mining Knowledge: Artemis has become extremely familiar with the general process of mining and has become a seasoned professional, able to prospect and extract minerals of all kinds with ease from the natural land.

    Blacksmith: Years of apprenticeship and travel have given him an impressive understanding of blacksmithing, especially with blades. His apprenticeship for the Norlond Forge also significantly improved his skills. His craftsmanship has gained renown at this point and his smithing mark has gained repute across Salvar. With his increasingly excessive knowledge of metalwork and blacksmithing, Artemis has gained an advantage when fighting individuals who wear metal armor. When attacking these individuals, he can find the weak points and attack them in order to inflict more damage, gain an opening, or damage the equipment.


    Ocular Abilities:

    • Infra-Vision: Ability to use infra-vision. This ability allows Artemis to view the world as a spectrum of heat sources rather than based on reflection of light. He can use this ability at will.
    • Darkvision: Artemis is able to shift his vision into a form that allows him to see the world as he would with sufficient light, but he sacrifices the ability to see traditional colors. Everything appears as different shades of indigo, but remains clear and crisp, even at zero light.
    • Hawk-Eye: Artemis is able to use his vision like a scope, zooming in and out of range. He is able to notice extremely fine details both close up and incredibly far away, seeing hundreds of yards with little effort or strain. This can be activated simultaneously with his darkvision or infra-vision.
    • Gaze of Graxis: Artemis has been gifted a power by Graxis, his Golden Dragon ally and friend, that allows him to determine the degree of good and evil someone embodies across a spectrum. Artemis will be able to see how malicious they truly are as a person and the severity of their malicious nature. This does not speak to actions. A person may commit deeds such as murder, but it is their intentions that determine malice or virtue. This presents itself to Artemis as a color upon the creature’s being when using this ability; gray reflects a neutral person, with more blue tone reflecting a lean toward virtue and a red tone toward maliciousness. Most people fall into the gray area, often leaning slightly toward virtue.
    • Time Leap: Artemis is able to shift his vision, using one or both eyes, so that he can see back in time to a period earlier in the timeline. It is as though he is seeing the same location in two separate points in the time continuum. He is not able to interact with anything from the past, but only visually observe – no other sensory information is provided.

    Ghostly Movement: After absorbing the power of his enchanted armguard, Artemis has gained the ability to move in complete and utter silence, regardless of any other factors. In most cases, Artemis does not feel the need to utilize this ability as his general stealthiness suffices. At will, this ability creates a sphere of influence approximately three meters across, muffling all sound within that sphere magically. However, this does not mitigate any other senses. If a target has any particular extrasensory ability to detect other sorts of vibrations and distortions, they may be able to still detect Artemis. Any sound that enters the sphere of influence is immediately silenced, no sounds are generated within the sphere of influence, and no sound is able to escape.

    Sustenance: After absorbing the power of his ring of sustenance, Artemis no longer requires food, water, or air to sustain his life. He also only requires only two hours of sleep in order to feel fully rested.

    Elementalist: Artemis has absorbed the enchantments upon his blades that allow the elements to be channeled into his weapons. He now inherently can channel fire, frost, and shock damage into any attack he chooses, whether it’s a weapon that he wields or his bare fists. The strength and potential combination of these attacks may vary, and each element consumes the equivalent of a charge (i.e. using a frost/shock combo attack would consume two charges). At his current expertise, Artemis is able to channel these forces into a maximum of nine charges between a full night's rest (in his case two hours). The current power of his elemental magic could be equated to being struck by lightning, doused with liquid nitrogent, or burned by liquid steel.

    Vampyric Touch: Artemis has absorbed the enchantments upon his blades that allows him to drain the life force of his opponents into his own being in order to regenerate wounds and fatigue. He now inherently can siphon energy through his attacks, whether it’s a weapon that he wields or his bare fists. The effectiveness of this varies in the depth of the strike and the duration of contact, as well as requiring the target to be a living being. The process of draining their life energy begins by simply causing them to fatigue and feel more tired. With enough sustained contact or energy drained, the target may fall unconscious. If continued upon an unconscious body, the target could potentially die. He can also use this ability to instill fear into opponents or intimidate them, as the sensation is immensely disconcerting and uncomfortable. At his current expertise, Artemis is able to channel these forces into a maximum of five strikes between a full night's rest (in his case two hours).

    Shadow-Walker: Artemis has absorbed the ability of the relic he obtained during his battle with Diadeus. He now has the ability to shadowstep, teleporting short distances of up to fifty feet at a time instantaneously. At his current expertise, Artemis is able to use this action a maximum of five times between a full night's rest (in his case two hours).

    Teleportive Markings: Artemis’ markings have spread in strange ways, as though they are alive in their own right. On his right forearm a double-helix has formed with five bars between the strands. These bars act as charges for Artemis’ own teleportation magic that has evolved as a result of frequent exposure to Daros’ teleportive magic. Similar to Daros’ magic, Artemis needs to be familiar with where he is teleporting to and be able to visualize the location in order to go to that destination. When used, a single bar on the helix will vanish, replenishing precisely eight hours after it was expended. The fifth mark is specifically attuned to Daros’ home, as it was the most frequent return destination of Artemis’ teleporting. That mark can only be activated by Judicis’ magic, as it will serve as an emergency retreat if Judicis deems Artemis to be in severe danger of imminent death. This ability has a minimum travel distance of five kilometers - it is not meant for combat situations; that role is filled by Shadow-Walker. This is for long-distance travel. Artemis is able to take allies with him, however they must be willing to do so and not resist – otherwise the effect does not work. Each ally that is taken with Artemis consumes a charge on their own. As there are only four that can be actively used at any given time that means Artemis is able to take a maximum of three allies at once. The recharge rate is as previously mentioned.

    Shimmering Cloak: Artemis’ body has replicated the power of an ancient artifact of the lost civilization that he discovered on his journey to the Kalev Highlands. He is able to activate a cloaking field around himself that renders his person and up to one ally completely invisible while active. If stationary, it is practically impossible to see him and the ability is barely taxing in any way, and can be kept up for up to three hours. When moving, someone may notice ripples in the air similar to the way one does when looking down a hot road in the summer. Once noticed, they would have to actively seek him out but it would still be very difficult. This ability renders him undetectable by any visual method, including but not limited to subsequent abilities that detect heat, magic, sonar and radar, and the visible light spectrum, etc. When moving, the ability becomes more taxing and can be used up to thirty minutes.

    Sensory Attunement: The power of Artemis’ intuition has reached a supernatural state. He is able to sense the positioning and layout of all entities, magical and not magical, within a 100 foot radius, with his body as the point of origin. This is an ongoing effect that can be used in a combat situation and does not require much concentration. If anything were to abruptly shift, he would sense it repositioning within his sphere of influence, or if it left his range.
    • Enhanced State: If given time to concentrate and not disrupted, from seconds to minutes, he can deduce more details regarding his environment and increase the sphere of influence. If he spends ten minutes focused in a meditative state, he can effectively expand his reach to up to a radius of fifteen kilometers, allowing him to understand the lay of the land, the presence of living creatures, and even to find individuals he may be looking for and their location.


    Leather Body: A very dark blue full body leather armor with an Emblem on both the front and back stitched in black - the emblem is also Artemis' smithing mark.

    The Shaper's Signet: As a gift, Bazzak Norland has entrusted Artemis with his enchanted signet ring, a powerful relic of his dwarven past that he had found during his many travels. Now, Artemis wears it. Though the magical enhancement of this ring has been absorbed by his being, which increased the proficiency of the wearer with respect to their blacksmithing, he still wears it as a relic of his closest friends.

    Campfire Cubes: He has a pair of cubes that were created by Steppenwolf Orlouge. The cubes are gadgets that use fuel, which Artemis now knows how to produce, to create a blue and green campfire on command.

    The Lock Plunger: This magical trinket is approximately two inches long and half an inch wide. The main body of the cylinder is made of calli glass and is wrapped in a mythril shell. The shell acts almost like a skeleton for the glass container, wrapping it as if the metal were poured gently around it, creating an unpredictable web. At one end of the cylinder is a plunger, also made of calli, that when pulled back, fills the chamber with a magical black gel. When the plunger is pushed back in, the gel is ejected through the opposite end where a small conical tip allows the fluid to travel. Upon exiting the chamber, the gel will expand and solidify in less than two seconds, creating a makeshift key to most generic tumbler locks. The gel also has a life of approximately 15 seconds from creation, and after reaching that point will disappear back into the immaterial realm from which it was summoned. The conical tip, if willed to by the user, has the potential to thin and/or elongate like a syringe, making injection of the gel easier.

    Boots of Triton: These magical boots are made of sea serpent scale and appear black. They are incredibly light and given the material, provide excellent resistance to cold as well as slashing damage. The enchantment that was placed upon these boots allows the wearer to manipulate the material in countless ways, turning the boots into the most versatile traveling footwear. If willed to by the wearer, the boots can morph to accomodate the individual's needs. However, they do not fundamentally alter in form - that is to say, the boots remain in the form of boots, they just slightly alter their function as boots.

    Gade Undersuit: Daros has crafted a gade cloth full-body suit for Artemis that has a detachable head and gloves (think superhero Spiderman) that is worn as the initial layer of his armor. He normally keeps the head and gloves off, but when worn, they do not impede him in any way (he can still see, smell, talk, hear, and grip just fine - though food and drink require it to be removed).

    • Gade Cloth: The material that Daros devised is known as Gade Cloth. It is as light and comfortable as silk, but has the ability to stretch quite well, almost like stockings. However, the advantage of this cloth is that it can be worn underneath all armor and will barely be felt, if at all. Another huge advantage of this cloth is that it retains a regenerative property so that if it is ever damaged, it will mend over a relatively short period of time (within a few hours). The final and most important attribute is that this cloth is infused with magic that allows the cloth to regulate the temperature of the person wearing it so as to protect them from extreme external elements, such as the cold of Berevar or the heat of Fallien - in both cases, the wearer would still feel comfortable. The material cannot be disenchanted, as its very substance is magical. Though the cloth protects the wearer 100% from natural instances of temperature shifts, from Berevar to Fallien, it has significantly less influence on magic. It will only mitigate approximately 25% of magical instances of something like fire or ice, and other elemental magic. Direct hits will also damage the cloth, making it less useful in the short run, though it will regenerate later.

    Justice & Virtue: Artemis crafted himself a pair of masterwork mythril daggers as a final project for his apprenticeship with Bazzak Norlond, using some of the mythril acquired during their mining expedition. He engraved his seal on each of the hilts as well as their respective names: Justice & Virtue. They were made in honor of his original steel daggers that he no longer has, Justice replacing the old one named Violence. Later, after bi-layer enchanting his blades, Tinker Rythadine then alchemically coated the twin blades with a thin coat of dehlar, thus sealing in the magic of the enchantments permanently as well as providing the weapons with some magical defense. The new name of the material is Rythadine, in honor of the creator, and is as light as mythril but as resistant to magic as dehlar, while still enchanted. The surface of the blades is also no longer the typical reflective white of the mythril, but rather it is a black matte finish that prevents refraction of light, further making the blades into dangerous tools of death

    • Keen Blades: Upon the blades, Artemis has placed the keen enchant, which permanently ensures that the edge of the blade is not lost. It will forever remain sharp. The enchant does not grant him any bonus against fighting metals, except for the edge-retention. Not only this, but it has also imbued the weapons with extreme effectiveness against organic substances, including both living and once-living materials (such as hide armor or wooden staves as well). The enchant does not grant him any bonus against fighting metals, except for the edge-retention.

    Judicis: A sentient bow made of a white wood-like material (Upgraded to ulder in quality here) that is slightly larger than a shortbow. Artemis is able to communicate openly with the spirit. Communication can occur either in Judicis' personal realm of magic or in the real world, but in both cases, time passes normally. Judicis is able to take various forms, the most common being a bracer upon Artemis’ left wrist. It is approximately three inches long and runs around his entire wrist, appearing as leather of whatever color Artemis wills of it (a black by default). It cannot be removed, unless Artemis wills the bow back into its original form. However, at will Artemis can shift the form into a bow of pure energy that is also capable of notching and firing arrows that any bow would fire. He is also able to shift the bow into an earring, ring, or any other accessory. If absolutely necessary, he is able to merge with the weapon temporarily and hide it as a tattoo upon his flesh. However, given the strong magic involved, this is taxing upon Artemis and he prefers to avoid this unless he is taken prisoner for example.

    --The bow will not fire if the act of its wielder is not virtuous.
    --It may aid the wielder if the attack is deemed exceptionally virtuous by increasing the accuracy and/or strength of the shot.
    --The bow's color can change depending on the user's will.

    Magical Projectiles: (All are susceptible to magic resistance unless denoted otherwise)
    • Fatigue Projectile: This magical projectile takes the form of a royal blue arrow of energy. When it strikes an opponent, it does not do direct damage. The arrow's effects cause the enemy to feel fatigued, lowering physical attributes by one half (strength, agility, dexterity, etc.) and mental attributes by one quarter (intelligence, wisdom, charisma, etc.). ((Works at half efficiency against players))
    • Incapacitating Projectile: This magical projectile takes the form of a black arrow of energy. When it strikes an opponent, it does not do direct damage. The arrow's effects cause a stunning effect that causes the target to become unconscious, as if knocked out with a concussive blow. This does not depend on the area where the projectile strikes. ((Does not work on players))
    • Wounding Burst Projectile: This magical projectile takes the form of crimson arrow of energy. When it strikes an opponent, it deals direct damage. The arrow's effect causes piercing damage in the way that a regular arrow would. However, the head of the magical projectile, after hitting the target, has an explosive effect that causes a small burst of energy and causing internal damage as well.
    • Crystaline Projectile: This magical projectile takes on a clear and colorless appearance, and upon firing from the bow, solidifies into an arrow with the power of prevalida. Its flight concentrates the magical energy, effectively making the attack kinetic rather than magical in nature; thus, it is not susceptible to magic resistance as the other arrows are. Due to its nature, it is able to pierce metal and stone of varied strength, up to and include prevalida. Only something of the quality of adamantite could stop its force.

    Cloaking Artifact: While currently in the safe keeping of Graxis, Artemis now has access to a powerful cloaking device that can effectively hide up to ten square miles of area, effectively rendering it impossible to detect or enter. He intends to found a small town with the artifact in the Kalev Highlands that can be a haven for those who seek asylum from the tumult of Althanas. The artifact will be set up and activated and people will not be able to enter or leave the area of influence without knowing how to do so – which will be a closely guarded secret among Artemis and only his closest friends and allies. This is primarily for narrative purposes.

    Conveyance Obsidian: Artemis purchased an obsidian stone shaped into an earring that he wears as a loop on the helix of his left ear. The trinket allows him to contact individuals that he has attuned to the trinket’s power, opening a communication channel that can allow the individuals to speak to one another as well as allow one another to see through their eyes. Artemis is the only one who can open the channel and those whom he contacts can opt to decline the attempt at contact if they are so inclined. To begin a contact, Artemis must speak the word “Initus” followed by the name of the contact. When he is finished, he speaks the word “Terminus” to close the link. There are no limitations on usage aside from the need to be attuned to the individual and for them to be on the same plane as Artemis at the time of communication. In order to attune, Artemis must be in physical contact with the individual and initiate a call which they must answer in order to give their consent. The trinket has a maximum of ten contacts that he can be attuned to at any given time. The current list is as follows:

    --Jhaelkah (Jay)
    --Regis Dali
    --Bazzak Norlond
    --Nalin Norlond
    --Gareth Eburi


    • Added numerical modifiers to strength, agility, and endurance.
    • Added time leap ocular ability.
    • Increased the power of elementalist from six charges to nine.
    • Added sensory attunement.
    • Added not needing air to his sustenance ability.
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