Another Artifact...The Thayne must really hate me. But, if it's per The Boss's orders I must comply. Nosdyn listened to Storm as the plan was laid out. The Boss initially set him out to find an artifact for him when he'd encountered the bastard Elf named Jake. A cold chill went up Nosdyn's spine a he considered the comedy of it all. Nosdyn was a surprisingly deep thinker despite the fact that he mainly was hired muscle. Nosdyn listened to every bit of information he was allowed. Safe Houses...there is one nearby.

"If we need to lay low for a while, I know of a place in the underground district of Ettermire we can go to." There were safe houses throughout the city of Ettermire, and it's underground portion where few citizens dared to appear in.

The Safe House locations were not known to the damned guards.

The Coronian Embassy... Of course, Nosdyn had minimal dealings with that structure. Embassies always had tight security...but that made the Haidian more than a little uncomfortable.

"The Boss has a deep interest in relics of late." Nosdyn said out loud. The interaction and adventure with Jake had cost Nosdyn a LOT. I'll make that Elf pay one day. Nosdyn considered the mission at hand very carefully. Storm had a good working knowledge of Ettermire's infrastructure which made him a potent ally. He knows about what should be considered highly classified information. I'm certain only a select few individuals would know about the relic. Nosdyn smiled at that point. "I can get one of my contacts in The Safe House to gather information for us while we recuperate and gather resources." Nosdyn considered the mattered at hand and then told Storm exactly where The Safe House was.

"When we head there...I can get us in safely. Though I doubt you have much to worry about Storm." Nosdyn admired Storm's prowess and skill level. The aether is strong with him...I can use an ally with connections outside of The Boss's influence. One day I won't be useful to The Boss anymore...and then what? I have to start planning ahead.