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Thread: A Demonstration of Power

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    Enough was enough.

    As this mad version of the legendary ranger sent Storm's own magic careening back at him, a series of thunks accompanied a counterattack from the fringes of the streets. It came in the form of a volley of dark matter lances that protruded from the ground like loosed arrows and absorbed the might of the electrical blast before being obliterated themselves.

    At the end of the street, dark tendrils withdrew from their summoning at the hands of the Telgradian. He had been watching with concern as events reached a critical mass and ensured observation was no longer an option. Whatever the situation between Storm Veritas and Letho, whatever the problems his ally had with Seth or anyone else present, Shinsou was the electromancer's partner and a lot rested on that partnership continuing.

    More than anyone really knew.

    No sooner had Shinsou entered the melee and nullified Letho's counterattack, events twisted once again in unpredictable fashion. Letho had turned his mighty chassis and now directed his uncharacteristic ire towards Madison Freebird for the moment, whilst Seth Dahlios was preparing to destroy Storm where he stood.

    Before the demon could consolidate all of his little thoughts and plots into a single master plan, Shinsou finally showed his hand. He first unleashed a bolt of dark matter across Seths’s bow, which struck a brick wall merely inches from him. The edge of a stale-smelling passageway spewed flames that hindered the Telgradian’s view, else it might have struck dead center.

    No matter.

    "Storm!" Osiris yelled to be heard above the roaring flames and the cacophony of battle, "Get clear!"

    Behind Shinsou, a few feet above the crest of his oaken hair, mysterious arcane energies began to meld together next to a pair of burning houses whilst Veritas heeded his warning and got well out of the way of what he knew was to come.

    Forking tendrils of black and purple convulsed and converged around each other to form a fifteen foot wide circular portal of black and purple energy. The sheer corrosive force of the dark magic chewed into the grimy brickwork either side of the Telgradian, opening up a massive semi-circle into each of the town-houses flanking him that left a whistling expanse of space where solid stone used to be. Out of the black chasm that gaped behind him, protruding from the abyss of marbled purple and jet, were fifteen thin, dangerous spears of dark matter. They were all aimed in the general direction of where Seth was thought to be moving to, where he was likely to run and also where Letho was attempting to fight Freebird. By now, the Radasanthian citizenry was starting to thin, but there were still bystanders and rubberneckers ambling about. It was tough luck, as there was no more time to wait.

    The spears momentarily hung there with an ethereal hum as they waited for an order.

    Without even having to motion, Shinsou commanded eight of the projectiles to attack at once. They shot out of the portal and wildly tore towards their intended recipient Seth Dahlios, forks of blue and purple electricity ripping at the cobblestone around them and scorching the surface of the road as they travelled. Through the electric trail of his powerful volley, Shinsou gave the implacable Letho an incredulous stare.

    Soon as i'm done with him, you're next...

    The books that Shinsou had read in the extensive Brotherhood archives in Whitevale painted Letho Ravenheart as a hero of Corone. He was the legendary marshall, a man who men had written songs about and whose stories were told in taverns across Althanas in awed tones. The faces of those who knew him best, apparantly in this case Seth Dahlios and Storm Veritas, told the Telgradian more about the man than any number of history books or texts could have done. Shinsou had never met the Letho of old, but now he knew he would probably never would. At least not if events continued on their current course.

    It served to remind him of one simple truth.

    Even the best men can fall.

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    John ran toward her, clutching the girl in a tight embrace before looking at the side of her head and her ribs, both sporting gashes with congealing blood. She led a motley group of survivors, their finery forgotten in their fight for survival. She breathed deep and pointed back down the street where she came from, strewn with burning corpses. The stench was building. Her black hair shone slick with blood. She spoke quickly, reassuring him.

    "I'm fine, I'll be okay John. Back that way, guy with silver armor and dragon shield is killing people right and left, I grabbed some people and we're trying to get out, but we can't."

    John's gaze drifted across the street, looking for some solution. He pointed at an unburned building on the edge of the shadow wall.

    "Get in there, maybe it's got a basement that you can get through. If you can't, hole up in there and wait for the shadow to clear."

    Luckily before the entire place filled with smoke and killed them all anyways. Jamie was capable and fierce, but smoke would kill her all the same.

    "Alright, let's get there!" Jamie commanded, clearly the one in charge. The people began to shuffle toward the building, and perhaps to their salvation, and Jamie grabbed John's shirt, speaking just loudly enough for him to hear.

    "Shinsou is helping, but it looks rough back there, John."

    "Osiris is here too?" His recent tussle with the famed Telgradian gave him pause. If Shinsou was having difficulty handling this, it could bode ill for everyone. But he could not leave his friend and opponent to fight alone, especially not here.

    And someone owed him blood for Jamie.

    His mouth set itself in a grim line almost of its own accord, the mystical armor he possessed rising up in rivulets to coat his entire body in nigh-impregnable titanium. Someone would pay. He turned, hearing a thunderous crash from beyond the next intersection. Jamie called after him.

    "And kick some ass John!"

    There was little difficulty in finding the source of the commotion. He turned at a cross street, keeping away from the burning buildings. There was quite a lot to see, all things considered. He recognized Shinsou and the briarheart immediately, vaguely recognizing the lightning mage and the man with the dragonscale from a statue a little ways south of town.

    Either way, if this 'hero' was killing people, he needed to be stopped. The half-giant unslung his bow, leaning his seven foot dehlar tower shield on a lamppost, hoping that he was standing far enough outside the anti-hero's peripheral vision. He snatched a double-sized arrow from his quiver, lining up the shot with a custom-made talymer bow. The thicker wood creaked slightly as he drew it back with tenfold strength, grunting a little as it taxed his might. The braided steel cable he'd strung it with sung a familiar note faintly as he drew the arrow close to his ear, lining up the shot. From 50 meters, his Titanium-tipped quarrel would likely go through whatever it hit, and whatever building happened to be on the other side.

    He breathed in, smelling the burning stench, feeling the warmth of the flames. He exhaled, and naught was left in his mind but arrow, target, and a practiced lead. His fingers slipped back, loosing the arrow, which split the air with its supersonic flight towards one Letho Ravenheart.

    He would help the Telgradian and talk with the plant girl later. Right now he needed words with the man who hurt Jamie.
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