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    Mikhail Timofeyovitch

    Name: Mikhail Timofeyovitch
    Nickname/Alias: Bely Medved
    Age: 27
    Race: Human
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 247lbs
    Occupation: Laborer, sellsword,
    Personality: Mikhail is a fatalistic, phlegmatic, cynical brute of a man. Despite his relative youth, the privations of his early life have left him wary of authority figures of any sort.


    Mikhail does not talk much about his past, beyond the last year or so. Before he took up wandering the world, he lived the majority of his life in Salvar, serving the Church of the Ethereal Sway as an initiate into their priesthood. Unfortunately, his streak of stubborn individuality, and seemingly inherent distrust of all authority figures left him completely intractable. After nearly a year of training, he used the techniques he had been taught to cut down those he had been tasked with aiding, and flee the wrath of the church, leaving his intended target to make their own way in the world. Now a marked man, Mikhail travels the face of Althanas, wielding his powers in service of his own interests, and avoiding the vengeance of the church.

    Appearance: Mikhail is a hulking man, his body is layered with rippling muscle underneath a layer of fat. The magic he learned from the church bleached all of the color from his hair and eyes, which combined with his size and temperament to earn him his nickname shortly after he abandoned the church.


    The Unforgiving Blade: Mikhail is well versed in the use of sword and shield, though his sword is composed purely of force.


    Force Sword: Mikhail manifests a blade of pure force. It doesn't have any properties that would be out of place with ordinary steel, but it has the virtue of being always available. This ability has been honed over years of training such that it takes essentially no effort, and may be wielded almost as an extension of his own arm.

    Minor Kinesis: Mikhail can move objects of up to ten pounds using the the powers taught to him by the church. He can't move them swiftly enough to cause serious injury, but he can grab things from about thirty feet away, and bring them to his hand, or move them around within the same radius. He can only manipulate one object at a time, or a single small volume of liquid within the same limits.

    Lore of the Arcane: Mikhail has learned a great deal about both magic and mages from is time among the Ethereal Sway. He can recognize magic when it is used, and even detect the residual traces of magic within a few days of it use.

    The White Bear: Mikhail is a large man, 25% stronger than average, and incredibly hearty. He endures hardship and toil more readily than an average man, and is approximately 25% more resilient than normal men.


    Mikhail wears a plain suit of iron scale armor, and carries a simple oak shield banded in iron. He also carries a travelers pack with basic necessities and camp supplies, such as a bedroll, small tent, and other minor essentials.
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