He must have not noticed how she took care of that guy bothering her... Elthas thought carefully to himself. Where Ven did have a point...he knew better than to just talk to someone who wielded that much power. Her Aether is strong...someday I hope to acquire as much power as that. The fire that she conjured was a mystical origin...he'd seen some of the older Elves in his tribe wield the blue coloured fire before. Maybe she was partially Elf. Or received training from an Elf...or other being perhaps.... Elthas had an analytical mind. He could not help it, but he did not want to be rude. He looked at Ven and nodded. "Perhaps, if the lady would allow such to happen. She would have made short work of that guy that bothered her." Elthas respect power, that was for sure.

Elthas looked at Ven with a softer expression on his face at that moment. "That reminds me." Elthas reached down into his backpack and pulled out a decent sized portion of the mysterious cannibus herb. "Normally, I don't do this." Elthas began. "This herb is worth a mint you know. However, because you kept me company and I like your style I'm going to give you a sample. There's one caveat though." Elthas moved to give Ven a decent sized sample of the herb for the road. "Make sure you spread the word of where the herb comes from. Business is tight these days, and I could use a steady form of revenue." Elthas said calmly. And nodded towards Ven after handing him a good sized portion of the herb. It was already refined and would need only be smoked at that point.

"I'm glad you're also an Elf. Us folks have to look out for one another you know?" Elthas said calmly.