Cain had was sitting in a corner booth with his back to a window. His hand was full of cards a pair of jacks and a deuce. He had a smile on his face much to the frustration his opponent. The game was a pirates game based on skill and deception, it was taught to Cain by one of his most clever Midshipmen. Clever hell! Mr. Midshipman Agon was a lying, conniving, blackguarded, piratical scoundrel of an ex-smuggler and it was a skin of the teeth paperwork exercise that kept him just on the right side of Naval law... Mr. Midshipman Agon was one of Cains most valued crewmen and he took the time to teach his Captain how to win this game.

The first step was to have keen eyes which Cain had in spades, the next step was to keep your back to a light the brighter the better. The light and keen eyes provided you with plenty of evidence to detect a bluff while masking your own bluffs in the glare. It all took a little practice but Cain had his opponent by the lee and it was hard to hide the grin of victory. Over the course of the half day Cain had won from his opponent (A foolish captain who was a glutton for punishment.) all of his pocket cash, a cook book, two prime able seamen and now there was a pause in the play.

Cains opponent having ran out of money and other goods had produced a map, more specifically a portion of a map that he was willing to ante up.

Cain shook his head "No deal, real money or better."

Cains opponent slid the map on the table "It's a genuine piece of the map to the Dragons Heart! The largest blood ruby known. It's worth this entire pot ten times over. Please you gotta give me a chance to win back that pile."

Cain scratched his chin and leaned back at the end of the day he had won a nice pile of money, two able seamen and a cookbook and he wanted to finish the game. If that meant winning a worthless piece of paper along with the pile than so be it. "Sure" he nodded in agreement and the piece of paper was placed on the pot. The final two cards were drawn and a second deuce was laid on the table. The best Cains opponent could do was a high pair.

Cain had won the pot, the money was placed in a pouch, the cookbook under his arm and the orders for the sailors plus the map stored neatly in his pocket. That was the last the Cain would think about that map for several map.