1st July, 2017

The Adventurer's Crown 2017

The final results for the Adventurer's crown are in!

1st Place: Ebivoulya
2nd Place: Gum
3rd Place: Les Miserables
4th Place: Tainted Bushido

Congratulations to Ebivoulya for an excellent performance in a particularly challenging and well contested AC this year. A special mention goes out to Gum, Les Miserable and Tainted Bushido who all put in a monumental effort to reach the final, and to all other members for their participation this year! Well done!

Althanas 4.0

On 08/01/17, Althanas 3.1 will be archived and we'll be migrating to a new forum!

So what does that mean for you? Very little. You'll have to re-register your account, but that's about it. When you do so, you'll immediately see an improvement in design and forum speed, as well as less 502's in the Althanas Chat.

There will be an open beta for Althanas 4.0 for a month commencing 07/01/17! This means that as of this moment, you can register and write on Althanas 40!

To make it extra special, we're also going to make a few Althanas related changes:

We're publicizing the ROG system. After receiving feedback from the community, we've realized that one of the major sources of contention on Althanas is the secrecy of the Realm of Greeting. Thus, we're going to make the entire system public. You'll be given the power level equation, and a list of abilities at various power levels.

We're doing a soft reset on canon. Following the events of the 2017 AC, all former canon will become historical as Althanas moves into its Third Age. The tap, it's been discovered, was just a single fountain of magic among many. Therefore, the new age will be considered the age of magic reborn. Yes, this means the canon submission system will reopened. Historical events can still be canonized, as can locations, events, but those items will face higher scrutiny. The focus will be on discovery and current events that make up the master timeline of Althanas. All old submissions that were not addressed must be resubmitted.

There will be a heavier focus on freeform roleplay. This will include an area called Kebiras, where players can role-play their Althanas approved characters at any level for reduced awards (Yes, Kebiras will still be an area of the "other regions" that you can develop with your Althanas registered character). There will also be a true freeform area, much like the Nexus, where you can play any character in any setting.

You can see the new forum here: Althanas 4.0

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in 4.0!