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Thread: Reformed ~ Ashla Rose Icebreaker [Level Seven Update]

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    Level completed: 55%,
    EXP required for next Level: 3,647

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    Reformed ~ Ashla Rose Icebreaker [Level Seven Update]

    Original Level Seven: HERE.

    Abilities have been left untouched, aside some reorganization (I was sick and tired of some having no names…) Also, new skills have been added (and old skills finally have titles.) A huge amount of work was done with personality and some more on appearance. Some basic statistics were also updated. Completely scraped the history section because it's way too complicated for even me to keep up with now >_<

    Name: Ashla Rose Icebreaker.
    Age: 21.
    Race: Human / Elf Hybrid.
    Hair Color: Black with brown highlights.
    Eye Color: Blue in one eye, brown in another.
    Height: 5'6.
    Weight: 88 lbs.
    Intelligence: Average.
    Handedness: Left preference.
    Big Five Personality Type: RIOGD, the Prodigy.

    Ashla Icebreaker: Former princess, vigilante, family heir, mother… criminal.

    She knew this. She woke up. She realized what she had become. It shook her. Abandoning her organization, leaving her daughter, abusing her pupil, murdering hundreds… She was so incredibly guilty, she knew not how to move.

    Ashla is not mentally well; having struggled with both emotional intensity and emotional shutdown all at the same time and hour. Both violent and distantly aloof; she can be incredibly delusional and often times is unaware of her surroundings. She barely takes care of herself. She is terrified to trust people, yet deeply desires emotional connections with others. Maybe her pursuits for power and control stem from her desire to be loved, respected, and cherished. Extremely prone towards lashing out in anger, she is unpredictable to even her few closest friends and is indeed very dangerous. Ashla is a misguided anti-hero who just wanted to be loved and to make the world a better place.

    For a genetic ice mage, Ashla is a hothead. Carrying a wity, sarcastic tongue about her, Ashla is naturally confrontational and competitive. Very hardened by the events of her life, she is often times more silent and standoffish in social situations. Even though she never appears that emotional, she truly is one of the most neurotic people out there. She is a perfect example of someone who doesn't look like they care, but actually cares a lot. Ashla cares a lot for the unfortunate. Often times carrying the weight of the whole world on her shoulders; she is always willing to help an innocent in need. Despite her guarded nature, she can be calm and friendly towards the select few who manage to earn her trust.

    Bold in conflict and skilled in combat, beneath the cold exterior is a wounded child who always wanted to be recognized and respected, but never was. Now searching for redemption after a wild swing in the darkness, Ashla now drops all sources of anger in hopes to start again - and for real this time!

    A surprising way to get on her good side is giving her an apple or an apple flavored treat.

    Like her elven mother, Ashla has thick, long hair; pointed ears; and a thin, lithe body form. Like her father, she has blackish brown hair, a round nose, fair skin, and blue eyes. She sustains the heights of a normal human. Ashla is naturally quite beautiful, although she behaves not so elegant. She does not take care of herself. While she recently has started pulling her hair back, she pulls it back unenthusiastically. She is unhealthily skinny, although not quite malnourished, and carries a slumped stature that screams of a lack of energy and a dangerous mental disarray.

    Ashla wears a simple, elegant, and adaptive outfit. She has a brown pair of pants fit for travel, a long-sleeved white shirt, and a plain zaffre short tunic. She wears leather brown boots. She also has an azure hooded cloak for rainy days. Her knife is the one weapon she always has on her even in casual settings, with it strapped to her leg. Her leather belt is wrapped around her waist.

    In battle, she may ditch the shirt for her lighter weight tunic, keeping her chainmail armor under her tunic. On her shoulders she has spaulders, her gauntlets are always equipped, and she wears greaves on her legs; with her small belt and knife on her right leg. Her handheld crossbow, Parva, is on the belt on her hip. Her sword is safe in the shield on her belt as well.


    - Expert Indie Swordsmanship: Ashla has seven years and going frontline experience with the blade. Basing her style's backbone off the small basics her uncle Monte Icebreaker taught her, she used her experiences and personal flare and personalize her style. All are a bit elegant and provisioned, but are still loose and flexible. Her fighting style has grown a lot more violent and randomized since the death of Julius Tabor. Despite this, she still maintains her elegance (not grace, elegance, mind you) and control. She has recently been studying traditional military sword fighting styles and has learned new skills and further discipline. She now understands and applies various historical techniques and stances.

    - Indie Duel-Blading: Ashla has become excellent at duel-blading. She is just as good with duel blades as a single weapon, even being able to perform whirlwinds of blade and snake-fast strikes; using two weapons as a deadly offensive tool of speed and precision. However, due to her lack of muscle formed by more strength based warriors, Ashla may have a weaker defense when using a secondary weapon.

    - Military/ Classic Swordsmanship: Through studying manuscripts, manuals, and archives from various cultures, Ashla has learned a lot about traditional fighting styles with swords. She can use two handed swords, arming swords, daggers, and basket hilt swords and methods such as half-swording and rapier-dagger duel fencing with incredible skill; although in these styles she is not an expert yet.

    - Missile Throwing Projectiles: Having used her Crystalline Spear enough times, as well as her steel dagger on occasions, Ashla has become skilled in throwing missile weapons like javelins, throwing knives, and pikes. Heck, she knows how to properly throw swords! She has become even more skilled after training in traditional martial arts.

    - Knife Fighting: For once, Ashla let Julius teach her something... For the most part, Ashla's skill in the usage of knife sized weapons are sneak attacks. However, using her dexterity at its fullest, she can take on one or more opponents with a knife, dagger, or whatever else. While she is no master, Ashla can now keep up with advanced knife users. Her surprise strikes and now a deal to be reckoned with. Once again, studying historical fighting has improved her skills.

    - Pole-Arms and Staffs: In her studies of martial arts, Ashla has learned to use staffs and pole-arms. With spears being incredibly easier to learn than the swords she has used for years, Ashla has pole weapons down fairly well. However, with swords Being her main focus, she is still not that skilled using them.

    - Survivalist: Ashla is very resourceful, understanding and applying the needed survival skills outside of civilization.

    - Unarmed Combat: Previously self-trained at freeform unarmed combat. She recently has learned various military unarmed martial arts as well. Her skills at an expert level.

    - Sign Language: Ashla learned sign language from her friend and close ally Black Shadow.

    - Strategic Mastermind and Social Wariness: The Icebreaker developed the strategic and observational skills of her father throughout time. And she can easily spot hints of something a person may not be saying; if you don’t like her, she’s going to tell sometime soon… She also can quickly plot out battle and other strategic plans such as ways to infiltrate a guarded castle.

    - Icebreaker Eyes: When she's extremely angry or deeply depressed, her eyes take on a look that’s like chips of ice. This is not an ability since no damage is caused at all in battle, it only shows whether she may like you or not. Having had a heavy bonk on the head in Salvar, Ashla has heterochromia. One eye is naturally blue still, but the other is so dark brown it looks red. Her Icebreaker eyes have not changed much due to this, both being able to activate at the same time when emotionally instable. However, at mood swings and even instances where Ashla may be able to control, an odd thing happens. One eye will freeze, and another will not. It is her blue eye that seems to like freezing the most.

    - Languages: Ashla knows trade speech by heart, knows average Fallien (majorly common things like "hello", "goodbye", "thank you", alongside phrases and insults), and basic elvish (majorly common things like "hello", "goodbye", "thank you", alongside phrases and insults).


    Natural Abilities:
    (Abilities that rely on Ashla’s physical condition and are not related to her Icebreaker bloodline)

    - Dexterity: Ashla inherited the elvish trait of fitness and is extremely agile compared to the average human meaning she can bend into humanly impossible positions without breaking a bone or misplacing a muscle, she can fit into tiny places easily and is magnificent at acrobatics. [Passive.]

    - Speed: Ashla is quite fast, being able to race up to eighty five miles per hour. She can maneuver her body and reach and grab things incredibly faster than the average human. [Passive.]

    - Endurance: Ashla has gone through so much. She’s been burnt alive, beaten to the point of unconsciousness, and sliced by a sharp blade in various places at once. She’s suffered through the harsh chills of Eiskalt and the burning sands of Fallien, she’s gone through hours of child labor. A combination of all these and more, her "numbness," and a hardcore desire to live has granted the Icebreaker to resist and fend off excruciating pain, lasting extremely long in competitive situations compared to a normal human. Small cuts and bruises do not affect her anymore, and she can withstand against very harsh weather conditions. While fatal wounds obviously cause a problem, lesser damage gained in battle won't keep Ashla down for long. [Passive.]

    Icebreaker Abilities:
    (Icebreaker bloodline abilities that any member of the family can learn with training or in moments of peril.)

    - Ice Cast: Ashla has been able to advance her Frost Armor beyond the normal, and combining it with her Particle Restriction, she's learned a completely new ability. She can form up to one hundred fifty pounds of ice per day into any shape of her choosing. She can form it on her body, or up to five feet away - on a solid surface or in the air. The ice is the strength of Plynt. It is also extremely cold, from several feet away even it can be felt like wind from a winter day. Physical contact with the ice can cause mild frostbite up to five posts later.

    - Blood Ice: Ashla can summon a different ice than the kind from Ice Cast. This ice does cause frostbite, but only thirty five pounds can be summoned per day, and the ice is the strength of iron. This ice has adapted the "watermelon snow" effect, making the ice blood red. Really, the ice is loaded with bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These organisms, being in a symbiotic relationship with Ashla, will not harm here. When any living (or whatnot) being is hit on the skin (or whatnot, also look at eyes, hair, etc. what stands in for those varies per species) will experience burning pain, itching, and rapid decay. If a victim is cut, speared, or they swallow it or something; they will have headaches, illnesses of any kind, and hallucinations after about five minutes, conditions worsening as the infections spread.

    - Icebreaker Infusion: Ashla can channel the darkness inside to her ice, allowing her conjured abilities to explode upon wanted timing. The explosions can knock a grown man off his feet, but the shrapnel of the ice is what does the damage, tearing through unprotected skin, and piercing steel at close range bruise and batter someone close by, and can threaten to break bones and cause concussions. She can do this ten] times per thread.

    - Crystallization: Ashla can freeze up to twenty gallons of any liquid into solid ice the strength of steel. She can do this by touching it, or she can cause it to freeze from ten feet away. There are some liquids though, like lava and quicksilver that Ashla just can't freeze yet.

    - Preservation: Already being numb and having endurance, Ashla has begun looking back to her bloodline for power since her daughter's birth. Ashla is immune to magic that would directly drain her endurance or take away her magic. On the downside, she is immune to magic that would buff or improve her abilities. [Passive.]

    - Numb: Ashla has inherited another type of ability from her kin. This isn’t an ability that relies on ice, but rather is a pass-me-down of emotions. Ashla is officially numb. This gives Ashla a very strong mind and will power. By willpower, Ashla is able to shrug off harsh emotions and even push herself past physical pain to accomplish her goals for an extremely short time. More importantly though, Ashla is able to resist abilities that effect the eyes/ mind/ emotions/ etc.

    - Heal: Whenever Ashla is physically injured in any way, both inside and out, a healing mechanism is triggered. Ice covers the wound, keeping it from getting worse and numbing it. Then, depending on the size and severity, it is mended. If a small cut is made, it can heal completely in minutes. If it is torn tissue, broken bone, or a deep cut, healing will take longer. If a limb (aside the head) is sliced or yanked off, it could take a week to a month for it to "grow" back. If a vital organ like the kidneys or heart are hit, the severity actually makes Ashla fall unconscious for a certain amount of time, but they can be healed in time (if the heart is hit though, problems can happen like an uneven heart beat and/ or lightheadedness) The only body part that cannot be healed or even mended is a decapitated head.

    - The Hail Storm's Daughter: a damascus, enhanced (lightweight/ has a hidden, spiked bar in the sheath) broadsword.
    - Parvabow: a handheld crossbow that can be attached to Ashla’s arm, OR have a hilt attached for it to look like a gun. Masterwork steel.
    - Deadpetal: a steel dagger with rose engraved on it.
    - Leather, fingerless gauntlets with delyn plates with three small, lividus chalybs claws attached.
    - A small belt strapped around her leg with a sheath for her dagger.
    - Steel Spaulders.
    - Steel Plate Greaves.
    - Sleeveless, steel chainmail shirt.
    - Belt with pockets for odds and ends (including food and a needle with thread)
    - Sheaths for all her blades.
    - A small belt strapped around her leg with a sheath for her dagger.

    Fireleaf: A tabby cat: he is orange with dark yellow stripes. He had white down his neck, across his entire belly, to his tail, as well as his paws. White stripes around his tail. Not usable in combat.

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    EXP: 32,930, Level: 7
    Level completed: 75%, EXP required for next Level: 2,070
    Level completed: 75%,
    EXP required for next Level: 2,070

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    Because there are no dramatic changes from your previous level seven update, and your abilities remain the same, I'm going to just go ahead and approve this. The original level seven update that you requested to be transferred has been marked "outdated."

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