In light of recent events and the deletion of The Gripe Thread, I'd like to remind everyone of some basic rules:

I. Common Courtesy
You may not agree with everything that is said. That's fine. No two people are the same. This does not give you just cause to antagonize another user. Sarcastic comments are allowed within reason. Anything that becomes a personal attack will not be tolerated.

II. Rules of Engagement for Civil Discourse.
A: DO NOT harass another user because you do not agree.
B: Cursing is allowed, but please attempt keep it to a minimum. You're a writer. Have a vocabulary that extends further than obscenities. Some of the other users are not fond of foul language. Try to acknowledge and respect that in your dealings with them.
C: Insults are not to be tolerated. (This does not include insults made in jest.) (This DOES include belittling someone's thoughts, beliefs, or work)
D: If someone dismisses you, don't continue to engage them. Leave them be. At this point, you are the one creating the problem.
E: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.
F: Treat others the way you'd like them to treat you.
G: Do your best to set aside what it is that you want, and take into account what the other person is seeking. If there is no way to peacefully reconcile your two ideas, come to an agreement. If you cannot do so amicably, seek arbitration. Any of our moderators would be happy to oblige you.
H: If it does get nasty, you will be warned, then banned.