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    The Drifting Knight

    Name: Kadir Ivarse

    Nickname/Alias: None

    Age: 25

    Race: Human

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 200 lbs

    Occupation: Knight

    Personality: Energetic, restless and closed off, Kadir never confides in anyone usually and will mostly keep to himself unless someone doesn't prove to be ridiculous. He lives by a self-important code of honor and respect, and can be a good friend to those that follow a similar path. He is approachable, and his attitude is usually level, unless he feels threatened.

    History: (Brief History- More of his story will unfold throughout his evolution) Not much is known of Kadir’s parents as he had been orphaned at a very young age when a raiding warlord ravaged his quaint forest village snugly hugging the eastern portion along the Testhan River. For quick response from his mother, her infant boy she hid beneath a loose floor board with a note in hopes the local Count Harland Ivarse may investigate the charred village just before the murderous slaughter commenced. That he did, and in his investigation, the shrill screams of the infant sparked his curiosity. From that moment on, Kadir had been taken under the care and council and then training of his master of arms with sword and shield when the age permitted. At the age of 19, the three traveled towards Knife’s Edge on horseback when unbeknown to Kadir, the same warlord attacked the small group killing his master of arms and wounding both Kadir and the Count. Kadir earned his knighthood this day by fighting vigorously for his lord and adopted father. With the knighthood, Count Harland also bestowed upon Kadir his family name. The warlord escaped with his life intact. Old age eventually took Count Harland, and that is when Kadir set off to find out more about his family and find those responsible for the horrific stories the Count reluctantly spoke of when Kadir would pry about his past.

    Appearance: Ultimately Kadir is described bodily as a fit man. Tall in height, he has a T-framed posture and muscular in mass. Deeply aware almond-shaped eyes set emblazoned in wild maelstroms of what can be perceived as cauldrons of molten brown obsidian. Cascading abundance of chestnut hair flow to brush the top portions of wide shoulders, framing a strong unforgettable face rich with defined cheekbones, and a slight pout of wind-torn lips normally drenched with thought and caution. Choice of garb usually preferred regularly consists of a loose-fitting royal blue cotton tunic and intricately woven black breetches with a tanned double strapped leather belt adorning a worn leather scabbard for his longsword and a leather satchel for items. Simply crafted tattered black leather field boots protect his feet from the harsh terrain so chosen to tread over.


    Master Survivalist/Tracker- Due to his life happenings keen to turn Kadir on the path his destiny screamed. He underwent vigorous training in ways of a seasoned knight since a young age. Two skills he honed were those of survival and tracking. Never has there been a person or creature that Kadir couldn't track through the thickest of forest, or over wind-swept stone. He seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to seeing things a normal eye may disregard.

    Master Swordsman- Heavily trained in bladed weapons, Kadir has always felt more comfortable with the heavy mass of a sword gracing his palms. He took quickly to swordsmanship, and continues to hone his ability to improve skill, control and strength.


    Mental Fortification- Believed to be a gift of his training and explorations, Kadir could block out the excessive babbling or mind tainting intrusions of even the worst of gossips and telemanipulators. His master of arms claimed it more as having the thick skull of a man, but his latent use of the ability has been with him since birth. (This ability is still in its early stages and will be developed more-so, as will other evolutionary developing of character during his time within Althanas.)


    Longsword (Iron)
    Satchel (Leather)

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