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Elthas lost track of Nevin, and that made him a little sad. However, he'd agreed to help The Elven blacksmith that worked at Yark's shop. Elthas was glad that he'd been able to save The Hume (Human), Nevin from being lost in the confines of Ruild. Elthas considered the situation at hand. He was localized at that point, running parcel between The Great Tree (His hometown) and Stonevale, some parcel went far into Radasanth and other cities of Corone proper. That day, Elthas just finished delivering a parcel for Stonevale's single clinic. The apothecary was situated there, and he'd hope that he could come across Nevn. Or other Adventurers that day as well. Llukrath was a fair boss to work for, the man always seemed to have work available and paid Elthas quite handsomely for his hard work.

Elthas was trapped in the ebb and flow of things at that point.

As he finished the run, he had the clients sign the legal documentation, Corone seal, and nodded towards Lady Akarra. She was one of the Healers, an older woman who once served in The Order of Ai'Bron as one of The Citadel's monks.

"Thank you Elthas, this is a fresh stock of supplies we needed." She shook Elthas's hand. "You're fast, we requested the delivery a few days ago and finally got it. You've been a good asset to the town. I'm sure your parents are quite pleased with that." Akarra said.

Elthas nodded. "I visit home often. I still never really adapted to city life. But I don't mind helping the town out and doing my part. I must honour The Old Alliances." Elthas said proudly and for a moment, allowed him a small sense of self worth and pleasure, and accomplishment. He was helping Stonevale and his home town out. That counted for Elthas more than anything else....doing the right thing. Or at least what my Father, Halm, taught me was the right thing. I will always honour my Father's teachings. Elthas thought to himself.

"You all right?" Akarra asked. "Lost you there for a moment."

"Was just thinking about my Father." Elthas nodded. "I think that's my last parcel for today. I gotta report back to Llukrath." Elthas bowed gently towards Akarra.


Llukrath was busily working on some of the swords that a wealthy client ordered from the shop.

Elthas made his way towards Llukrath to report that the parcel had been delivered safely, and without incident. "Llukrath, I have the receipt for the parcel."

Llukrath blinked for a moment. "Done so soon?" He grinned. "The Light of our Elders has blessed you with great skill, my boy."

Elthas handed Llukrath the signed document. "Anything else today?"

Llukrath pondered for a moment. "No, that was your last parcel for today. You've already done more than I could have ever asked for these past few weeks, you deserve some time off. Go. See your friend Nevin, I know you are worried about him since last time." Llukrath said calmly.

Elthas nodded. "Thank you." He didn't know where Nevin would be...but there was a promise to keep. And Elthas had a feeling Nevin was lost someplace near town once again anyway. He was glad that the red-headed boy made as much noise as he did. It would be an easy matter to track him...

Elthas stepped out of Yark's smithy. One of many such shops in town. He raised his hood up over the fancy fedora hat he wore. That day, he wore a basic Elven suit cut in the popular Radasanth style of the age. His fedora hat was old and rustic, built for an outdoorsman like he was. He wore all black that day, he wore black oft those days. The locket he wore was a signet locket that was emblazoned with the symbol of House Belthasar.

He walked through town, looking for his friend...Nevin.

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