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Thread: Cocorinha-Ginga (Mid level update)

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    Alina Espad'rina
    Human (Fallieni)

    Cocorinha-Ginga (Mid level update)

    Quick mid-level update to add an item and modify an ability. Changes are in red.

    Name: Alina Espad'rina
    Age: 20
    Race: Human (Fallieni)
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Occupation: Glasswalker
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Black
    Alignment: Lawful neutral


    Born with fire in her heart and acid on her tongue, Alina is a kind soul who will often care for others before herself. She respects the experience of the clan elders and the wisdom of the Shamans and Chieftain. She is a good and loyal friend who will go to great lengths to help those she considers in need. She is quick to anger but also quick to forgive.

    A petite woman with a slender figure, Alina has an ideal build for acrobatics and endurance. She has dark brown eyes and long midnight hair that reaches her mid-back when loose. When braided, as it usually is, her hair hangs just below the nape of her neck. Alina has thin lips and small breasts and little to no hips to speak of. She typically wears a hide skirt and is often otherwise unclothed when going about her business in Fallien.

    Alina was born and grew up among the Mi'sheteri in Fallien. There she lived in caverns beneath the sands and learned the ways of her people, with the hopes of one day becoming Chieftain of her clan.

    From a young age Alina learned to ride, to fight, and to dance. Following the customs of her people, she learned the guerilla tactics that make the Mi'sheteri one of the most feared tribes in the land. She trained in the arts of Bandesh and Lathee, and later took up Pankration and Varmakkalai.

    Even as a young girl Alina was known for the beauty of her dance. It was foretold by a Shaman that some time after her 21st birthday, she would dance before the Jya and become known across all of Fallien. Only then, according to the Shaman, would the Glasswalkers be able to leave their caves and journey to a new rich and fertile land.

    Determined to live out the prophecy, Alina refocused on her training, driving her dancing skills to such high levels that she uncovered the ancient art of dance magic. To this day she trains and waits on the arrival of her 21st birthday...


    Dance: Alina practiced dance from a young age, and has received training in a number of different forms of dance, some native to Fallien, others foreign. She is known as an exceptional talent and is able to blend her dancing with combat and other tasks, or carry on a conversation should she so choose.

    Glass Harvest: Like all Mi'sheteri, Alina knows how to find and harvest glass from the great blightlands in Fallien.

    Wilderness Lore, Fallien: Alina is capable of surviving in the wilds of Fallien with nothing but a knife to protect her. However, her knowledge of other lands is quite limited.

    Quick Study: Alina learns quickly, and is wont to devour subject matter when able. Thus far her learning has been limited to combat, dance, and the more mundane daily activities of her tribe.

    Guerilla Tactics: Alina is well trained in the use of camouflage, distraction, and subversion on the field of battle.

    Bandesh: Alina is exceptionally skilled in the art of Bandesh; she understands how to use footwork to gain an advantageous position, how to use an enemy's strength and momentum against them, and knows a frightening array of throws and lock holds.

    Lathee: Alina is an expert stave-fighter, and regularly substitutes spears for the simple wooden stick used in this martial art. She is also quite adept at using a polearm while dancing, incorporating it into her movements.

    Pankration: An expert at striking with all eight points of her body (feet, knees, hands, elbows), Alina also possesses a high degree of skill in the art of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, including joint locks and choke holds.

    Varmakkalai: Both a form of fighting and healing, Alina has an excellent understanding of the use of pressure points to impact the body. This can be used to both cause and ease pain, as well as incapacitate or pleasure the receiver, depending on the pressure points activated.

    General Acumen: Alina possesses all the regular skills and knowledge that one would attribute to a Fallieni adult. This does not include swimming.


    Speed: (2x normal) Whether she is dancing, fighting, or simply gathering glass in Nirakkal, Alina moves with speed and precision greater than an ordinary person. She is swift of foot and hand, and possesses split second reaction time.

    Agility: (3x normal) Alina is capable of performing flips, handstands and handsprings, walkovers, and a number of other acrobatic movements native to the art of dance fighting. She does so with with the ease and fluidity of one who has been performing such feats since childhood.

    Dance Magic
    When Alina dances her body builds up energy over time. She has learned to focus this energy in the following ways:
    -Knockout Charge: After dancing uninterrupted for three consecutive posts (or three minutes in a quest), Alina is capable of choosing one of the eight striking points on her body to 'charge' (hands, elbows, knees, feet). If she lands a strike to the head, neck, or torso with the chosen point, her opponent will be knocked out. If the blow lands to a limb, that part of her opponent's body will be 'asleep' for three posts (three minutes in a quest). If the blow misses, she must recharge before using this ability again. Alina can continue the flow of her dance while evading attacks, however if she is knocked off balance or otherwise interrupted she must begin charging again from the start. This attack is effective through cloths and leathers but ineffective against wooden or metal armors.

    *1 obsidian dagger given by Madison Freebird. Strength of iron.
    *1 long spear made from oak and iron. The pole is the same height as Alina, with the tip reaching just above the top of her head
    *1 iron belt knife in a leather sheath. Considerably smaller than an ordinary dagger.
    *1 waterskin made from the hide of a harpy
    An assortment of inexpensive clothing and jewelry native to Fallien


    *1 horse, a small light brown mare native to Fallien

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    Level completed: 9%,
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