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    Well, Nevin was awesome at his job.

    He and the golem, which towered over him, met with glares of deep, burning hatred. It seemed that Nevin’s whip could do better than Felicity’s sword! The sharp blade would be useless against such a beast, even if it was made out of delyn. However, Felicity trained well and knew how to improvise. She pulled the sword out and held it by the flat of the blade. Blunt attacks were needed for an opponent like this. Her sword's cross guard and pommel would have to fit.

    She held the weapon in ready for a murderstroke. The art of half-swording.

    It was no mace or war hammer, but it was what she had.

    For a moment, her arms involuntarily shook, still physiologically messed up from her panic attack. She made sure that her grip was safe and tight before turning to Nevin. Used to being the student figure, she asked, “Do we have a plan?”

    Grey dust floated around them, surrounding them like smoke. As everyone evacuated, only these two awkward heroes stood in between this monster and Scara Brae. Felicity was determined, the creature would fall here. Her eyes shone in sparks of concentrated anger.

    The golem approached.

    The soot coated redhead stepped back, light on her feet. It unleashed a punch. In a split second, a tinge of an odd, strange feeling overtook her in time. Despite this sensation, her reaction time was solid. Felicity tried to jump back, succeeded, yet was still thrown back. Actually, everything was! The dust itself cleared as if it was thrown back by an invisible force. At the edge of the impact line, the dust recollected in an unseeable, thick smog. Felicity was completely fine, but felt like gravity itself kept her clenched by the ground. The pebbles that surrounded her impact site seemed to be superglued to the earth. As the odd sensation stopped, she lifted her head. A magical, rich glow of the golem's amethysts just seemed to die down. The strange feeling went away.

    Obviously magic. But what kind?

    She staggered up. Not taking the time to wipe herself off, she shook her dazed head. Without the gem's magical glow, the cloud of grey sand made the golem invisible. It could attack at any time. Out of anywhere. She rearmed herself, shouting, “Nevin! We need a plan!”
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    Plan, plan, ask me for anything but - Thick flow! Nevin hurled himself backwards, his body sluggish as he sprang away from the swinging fist and the glow of magic. It tried to weigh him down, dragging at his body as his weight increased without his input, and the alchemist's eyes narrowed as he hit the ground and skidded. One hand drove down, driving the hilt of his whip into the earth beneath him, and he used that as an anchor, and slowly forced himself back upright.

    He shot to his feet when the magic faded, and he let out an angry growl. Earth elementals couldn't normally use magic, and when they could it was typically restricted to manipulation of the soil around them. This - this was decidedly not that kind of magic. It had been an area of effect that had held everything down, pressing them against the ground itself. Nevin scanned the dust cloud as Felicity asked for a plan again, and his mind began churning rapidly.

    Neither of their weapons were really suited to fighting this abomination. Felicity was trying to compensate by spinning her weapon around and using it as an impromptu mace, but that was sacrificing a lot of the range her sword would normally have had. Nevin's own whip was also poor for dealing with this thing - the plynt barbs had only superficially scarred the elemental construct. No, they'd need something else, something that bypassed the elemental's magic. The alchemist cursed himself - he hadn't thought to grab his dehlar cleaver, if he had that would have been well suited to this - the anti-magic blade would have negated many of this thing's abilities.

    No, negating it was not the answer. Which left, bypassing it. Nevin's lips thinned into a hard line as an idea came to him. Fight a construct, with a construct. He gave a mirthless laugh as he realized that he was going to have to unveil something rather gruesome to Felicity. Keeping an eye on the dust cloud, he responded to her question.

    "The golem is likely being animated by a core somewhere, most likely within it. We'll need to get it distracted while - well. While I search it. Don't think me too much a monster for this, would - Eh?" Nevin's attempt to explain his plan was cut off when a massive hand shot out from the dust cloud, extending further than should have been possible. It slammed into him, and he felt thick fingers curl around his waist as he was hoisted into the air. He was fairly certain he felt something break inside, but this was not the time to be concerned with that. If he didn't do something now he may not have a later.

    So he retaliated. Red burst from his form as a near forest of tendrils of blood shot from beneath his skin. They wrapped, curled, twisted around the outstretched arm of earth, and began burrowing within. The golem was not made of stone - it was an amalgam of different materials, with loose dirt filling gaps between rocks and crystals. Nevin's threads wriggled their way in, like crimson worms dancing, and infested the arm. It locked in place as the golem and Nevin fought for control of the arm.
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