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Thread: [Closed] A Darkening Deep

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    [Closed] A Darkening Deep

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    The chill of a winter’s night, pervading the room even on this mild island. The sounds of a breeze knocking branches against the walls of the hall dismissed the thoughts of Ben Adelphar as he sat at a table by the fire contemplating the chain of events he was about to start. Hell, it wasn’t every day that you went about trying to pick a fight with a force that regularly took hostage the minds of gods and mortals alike. Yet, it was time to confront that little shard of his past. The man stood, old bones cracking, joints complaining with dull bursts of pain as he rose from his chair. The room, lit from above by a multitude of lamps, was momentarily taken up by the click of shoes on a wooden floor before silence once more reigned.

    “With some luck, some willing soul will show their face soon, else I fight a pointless battle” Ben muttered, looking down at the stack of papers he’d prepared while he absently scratched his beard. The old cleric raised his eyes to the door, examining the whorls and waves of the grain and scrutinizing every knot and imperfection. The paint on it had long since become chipped and worn. The door itself was probably even more ancient than him. He chuckled at the thought, a weary smile showing itself on his face as he did so.

    Ben began pacing, walking the length of the room and back, stopping occasionally to stretch a leg or crack his knee. The pace soon became a march, the old man falling back into the habits of his youths’ years spent in the armies of several different rulers. One, two. One, two. Click. Click. Turn on heel. Repeat. The motion had calmed him many times throughout the years, on those stressful nights when it seemed that not even the gods themselves could save a dying man.

    The old man’s reverie was interrupted by the whoosh of the heavy doors swinging open and the winter winds dancing through his facial hair. A group of people, wrapped tight in their jackets and feet adorned in sturdy boots walked into the room, taking seats on the chairs scattered in a circle around the middle of the chamber. “Welcome! Welcome” Ben said cheerfully as he gestured to the ring of seats. “Come in and sit, and make sure to close the door!” He returned to his table by the fire, picking up his sheaf of papers and setting them down on a stool in the center of the room.

    “We await any more who wish to attend this meeting. I beg your patience good sirs and madams.”
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    Fil'ayn Kiljarden
    I pulled my hat down low over my eyes and drew in a deep breath. Scarlet had left earlier this week, claiming that she had business that she had to take care of that could not wait. She'd given me an odd look in the process - but I presumed that had more to do with me not protesting her departure than anything else. Still, my… at this point, right now, I had no idea what to call the redhead. She wasn’t my lover - we’d not laid together like that since just after we killed the manticore. She wasn’t my girlfriend either - she was still too emotionless for me to call her that. My.. companion? Whatever she was to me, my not resisting her leaving had probably struck the woman as a bit odd. Or, it hadn’t, because maybe she thought I just presumed she had reached her ‘good’ condition and was heading back to the Hand. I didn’t think that was the case though.

    On my part, I had not protested her departure, because I myself had business. A flier I had seen while making a trip to the local tavern had caught my eye. A priest, asking for aid as he went to fight an abnormal entity, a monstrosity that dwelled within dreams. He apparently had some kind of connection to it - and sought help in finally laying the abomination to rest. It had taken me some time to travel here, to where the flier announced the meeting place was. I had left not long after Scarlet had, actually, and she must have remained on my mind because several times I thought I had seen her as I traveled. Still, I had to put the redhead out of my mind for now, and focus my thoughts upon the coming foe.

    A beast that preyed upon the slumbering minds of man and deity alike? What Huntsman worth his salt wouldn't feel the urge to take up arms against such a beast? I certainly was drawn to the call of battle against such a thing. I wondered who else might have seen and been answering the call. I gripped my Saw-Spear tighter. A foe within the mind. Would such a battle draw upon our sense of self, more than upon our physical forms? It was an interesting puzzle. If it did draw upon our sense of self, what we saw ourselves as - just what, would I appear as? A drow, a man? Or .. something else, as a result of knowing that I was not normal, touched by the moon and the genetic serum that altered me more with every day.I knew what I was, before all else. A hound of the Hunt. But… what did that mean? Bah, these ramblings would likely not matter. What would, would be the sharp edge of a blade, biting into flesh and dragging it down to our level.

    I tilted my head back as I came to a door, marked with the sign that the flier had said to look for. Good, this was the place. I pushed open the door, and an older man greeted me rather energetically, as a small group of people shifted back and forth in chairs. So, a few others had already assembled to help hunt down this living nightmare. Good, more blades for the hunt. Aside from the old man, none of them looked particularly noteworthy, but appearances can be deceiving. I slipped into the shadows near the edge of the room and remained quiet, observing from the darkness until someone tried to get my attention or asked something of me.
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    Scarlet may not be immune to the cold like she once was, but it still didn't bother her as much as most. Her entire life revolved around the desolate wastes of Salvar; she had been subject to cold and harsh nights without comfort or warmth. It became the norm for her, so the bitter winds that bit at her reddened cheeks barely registered. Hell, it was one of the reasons she had accepted this ridiculous quest. Because it wasn't in Salvar. It had nothing to do with Hunter or the Crimson Hand or an obsessive succubus. There was nothing familiar about this place and that was what she needed.

    To be away from everything and everyone and to sink her fingers into something that would provide a challenge. Hell, with any luck it may just break her psyche and destroy that which magic nor modern science could. Her blasted memories.

    Scarlet shoved her hand into the coat pocket of the leather jacket she wore and pulled out the crumpled piece of paper. It was near dark and virtually impossible to see. She thought she was in the right place. The address matched, at least she thought so. Scarlet lifted her black gloved hand and drew back thick crimson locks away from her face. "This should be it." She muttered as she crumpled the paper and shoved it back in her pocket.

    Before her was a door with a strange sigil; the same that matched the paper. Scarlet pushed open the door and was met with the heat of a roaring fire and many bodies. The door slammed shut behind her as she stepped into the room. Wearing thick leather boots and a red dress that matched the fire of her hair Scarlet stood out. The rest of the men and women here shuffled around in chairs, wearing leathers of black and brown. Furs and skins covering their forms. Fodder. That's how she saw them. Nothing more than cavalry that would be marching to their death. Not a single one of them looked like they could tackle the task at hand.

    There was an older man who paced absently back and forth in a meticulous rhythm. His wrinkled face bore a smile as his eyes rested upon the woman. He turned to face her and gave her a small nod before gesturing to one of the many seats before him. Scarlet lifted her chin. The way he walked and held himself. Straight posture and confidence. No doubt he was the ringleader, former military if she were to guess right.

    "I'm fine standing." Scarlet said as she shut her black and red eyes and shifted a few feet away from the door. She folded her arms over her chest and rolled her shoulders back. She was already tempted to leave. The room was musty and stank of unwashed men. The casual chatter amongst them signalled they were either unprepared or overconfident for the upcoming task at hand.

    Scarlet wasn't sure what to make of it all. Part of her was thankful that the drugs that kept her emotions at bay were holding, else she'd be very annoyed right now. She prayed nothing would test that. For her sanity at the very least, and for the most - for the lives of those around her.

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    Rianna Azure Mizami
    Haide/Tular Plains
    "Why did you drag me out in this cold Ayami?" Rianna whined loudly, her blue luminous eyes scanning the snowy cobblestone street she was walking on. She could see shops filled to the brim with customers trying to stay warm from the cold. Taverns were filled up almost completely, the one the pair had just been in had been too full to seat them. The lithe assassin had noticed a flyer about a meeting for adventurers to handle a mysterious incident. One that was wrought with danger. Being the whiny Mizami heiress she was. She was more then willing to avoid the foray into danger. She had turned to leave the warmth of the busy tavern, to look for one less empty and full of noisy human cattle.

    However, much to the vampiress dismay, her companion from her adventure into the caverns of luck was still with her. The bunny girl's fiery pink eyes was glaring dully at her as she said succinctly "Still a brat Rianna? Even after overcoming a zombie dragon? My dear how do you expect to defeat your dear half-sister? If you continue to cower in fear? This" The little ghost bunny pulled the flyer off the wall and slapped the piece of paper into the crimson haired vixen's slim hand saying sternly "You still have much to learn about strength! This! Will be good for you! You'll be a good girl and go Ri, or I'll just drag you there in a fire bubble!"

    A pout was on the vixen's full lips as she hissed softly "Your the brat Ayami! Dragging me out into the cold like this! You know I hate I hate being dragged!" her orbs then studied the paper which expressed that an old man was looking for able bodied warriors to defeat a mysterious powerful magic. Pursing her lips Ri thought I wish Ayami would just disappear! She's been nothing but a pain since she came into my life! as her booted feet crunched over the slushy cobblestone streets, her steps soon halted as she saw a glowing sigil, the same that was on the piece of paper Ayami had thrust into her hands. Groaning audibly the vampiress assassin pushed the door open loudly and she and Ayami stepped in.

    Ayami grinned as her pink hues saw the group of warriors huddled around a warm fire, chatter was hushed in the room as an older man caught sight of the pale skinned woman and her bunny ghost girl companion, his head nodded towards one of the many empty chairs. Pursing her lips Ri silently trotted over to an empty table and sat heavily onto the sturdy wooden chair. Her hands moved crossly over her chest as she hissed softly at Ayami "You better have not gotten me in over my head Ayami! I'm still sore after that fucking zombie dragon!"

    Ayami grins knowingly as she says sagely "Just wait to see what we have to do Miss Mizami! That is best considering your nature! Otherwise, your fears will consume you!"

    Ri snorts in annoyance before she grouses "Fine...lets see what this damn human has to say......"

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    My life had utterly altered. Finally I had found some of the truth of what had happened to my beloved race who I was guardian of, the kenkus, when we had come, a little over three thousand years ago, to this chaos of a planet. I had met he, Avin, the undead kenku, and met a half-brother of mine, Vindrexis, who had both captured me and created abomination that was Avin. I had only escaped him on the good will of a brave demon made of metal, and now my other half - Unicorn - and I were trying to find new meaning, new life. New adventure.

    Cautiously, with the hood of my newest aquisition - a wollen cloak, designed to shield me from prying eyes - drawn up, I slipped into the back of the room. It was broad and wooden, a town hall by any other name, with flickering lamps highlighting the ceiling. The advertisement had offered adventure in exchange for possible rewards and money. I was intrigued by the prospect, eager for any diversion aside from the thousand pervasive thoughts that spoilt my mind. My life until now had mostly been spent away from sunlight, a thing for others to amuse themselves with, and this time, I was determined, that if death came for me - or Unicorn - it would be at our choice.

    Just like when we had with Fil'ayn, that soul of brave souls.

    Quickly I cast my eyes around the group but saw nothing but the back of heads and shadows. I pulled the cloak further around me before I made my own way over to one, trying to not seem the outcast with my snow white skin and vivid pink eyes. An 'albino' was what they called the look, a person who had no pigment in their skin, and should look another way. But every time I had tried to communicate the fact to the people in this barbarous planet that in fact was not an oddity, but rather my whole species, the Uniano, looked like me.

    As a man who was clearly the leader looked at the crowd, his eyes proudly surveying the moderately sized group I moved to find a place to stand. Strange smells came to my nose, but ones of sweat and lust that I was no stranger too. Alcohol, too, pervased the area, and I found myself rolling my eyes somewhat, imagining just what they might do if I did in fact turn into Unicorn right here, and right now for them. Perhaps it would teach some of them never to over imbibe again.

    As my eyes wandered, however, I paused, blinking with surprise as I finally recognised someone in the darkness of the far back of the room. Indeed, like me, he had his features hidden, but so few in this world wore a tricorn like that and the strip of fabric for a face mask. Between them silver eyes glinted like gems. I blinked slowly, my heart skipping a single beat, before it sank again, remembering again what I had learnt in the past two weeks. He was leaning against the wall like he was some form of casual observer, even though I knew for sure he could kill most of the people here in a single thrust of his weapon.

    Fil'ayn. Huntsman. The Hunter.

    With a small sigh I looked away, and drew back, properly pulling my clothes around me. A single strand of my white hair slipped out of my cloak and I tugged it back, cautious and unsure.

    Unsure about everything.

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    Venex Apara, the white haired half-elf of curious nature, was on of the last people to arrive. In the pocket of his blue coat was a poster, requesting the aid of anyone willing to help get rid of a monster of frightening power. It was this poster that lead him to his current location, and a quick look around told him he was in the right place. Around him were several individuals with various expressions on their faces. Some were nervous, some worried, and some carrying an air of apathy. The most noteworthy were the ones that carried confidence with them. The question remained, did their confidence lie in their skill or their naivety?

    Does it even matter? Everyone was here for one reason or another.

    And why was he here? Simple. He did not care about glory, he did not care about a reward, he was not here to prove himself, and he was not here for some morally right reason. He was here because he wanted to see this monster first hand. He wanted to observe it for all that it was.

    Excitement radiated off of Ven. Was this a bad idea? Probably. Most certainly. Did he care? No. Despite the threat of death, this opportunity called to him. Maybe this would help him find what he was looking for. He couldn’t wait.
    Besides, what even was a monster? Everyone is a monster in their own way after all.
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