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Thread: [Solo] The Nature of Undeath 2. (Mature)

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    [Solo] The Nature of Undeath 2. (Mature)

    ((Note: Takes place after this thread: ~Undeath~ may contain some adult scenes. Viewer discretion advised or some such thing.))

    A month later...

    The people of Stonevale...

    They don't trust me. But that's fine, I'm used to that. After the last adventure things have calmed down and I earned my pardon. I worked hard to build a trust with the people of Stonevale, but it's been a long process. They've already lost much. I didn't want to be a burden to anyone. However, there were still matters that needed to be taken care of. The guard captain and I became fast allies after the battle with the black knight concluded. Regardless of that event, I stayed in Stonevale and would eventually seek knighthood in Scara Brae. But that would be another story for another day. Tonight, the guard captain approached me after a few nights of down time. I always did hate down time.

    "Lorenor." The guard captain said carefully. "Sorry for the delay with this information that you've requested." The guard captain seemed older that night and unusually tired. Lorenor was working on some documents he'd been writing, jotting his thoughts down in a journal of sorts. The guard captain placed a parcel on Lorenor's desk. "Here it is...it seems you were correct Lorenor. You've been here several times...before."

    "It is as I thought." Lorenor responded. "Much of my past, my life is still a mystery even to me."

    "I had to do a lot of digging for those documents. But because of what you did before, I had to do it. The main document is from the demon's war. You might want to take a look at that one as it happened many centuries ago."

    Lorenor raised an eyebrow at that point. "Birth documents?" He said as he pulled the documents and effects out of the parcel.

    "You're a man of many mysteries." The guard captain said as he rubbed his chin in deep thought. "Apparently you were awarded for your services to to the allied forces during the demon's war. There is a certificate that says you died during officially during that event."

    "But yet I am here." Lorenor frowned at this point.

    "You are searching for answers I cannot provide you." The guard captain said calmly. "However, whatever material resources you need...I will grant you that. I owe you that much. General."

    Military ranks and effects from Lorenor's passed were resurfacing in that parcel. "I was a general?" Lorenor asked. "I wish I could remember...Thayne damn it all."

    It didn't make any sense.

    "You've been living a long time." The guard captain admired that. The guard captain placed his hand on Lorenor's shoulder. "If there is anything else I can do for you...please don't hesitate to ask."

    Lorenor considered what the man was saying. He looked up towards the guard captain for a long moment and nodded. "...I thank you. You've already been a big help. For a long time I've been simply wandering without any real purpose or a place to legitimately call home." Lorenor said. "I think that's the main thing I have been looking for."

    "Stonevale has that effect on people." The guard captain nodded in agreement. "For whatever the reason, I'm thankful that you have come to us. I will aide you in your search for answers."

    Lorenor sincerely smiled at that point and nodded. "It's been a long few weeks." Lorenor said. "I gained a lot of personal resources in the battle against the black knight." He tapped the side of his own head. "But it's still trapped deep in there somewhere." Lorenor was talking in a quiet voice. "There is a local alchemist that has grown considerably skilled and famous."

    "Yeah...you speak of Nevin." The guard captain nodded.

    "I've seen his wares in action before. Perhaps later on, I'll make an appointment to see him. But for now...this information will help me reclaim the life I have lost." Lorenor said. It was true...he was searching for answers that would be very difficult to find.

    The guard captain nodded and released Lorenor's shoulder. "I will retire to my house then. You have a good night, Lorenor." The guard captain turned and took his leave.

    Lorenor looked after the man for a long moment and began to do necessary research...
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