Dheathain Fae

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Fae are an elusive race aligned to five traditional elements - earth, fire, water, air, or wood - and scattered across the world in secluded communities and Courts. Though members of this mysterious and reclusive race exist all across Althanas in countless shapes and sizes, only the Fae of Dheathain and Frost Fae of Salvar have formed true societies.


The Fae of Dheathain vary wildly in appearance, from the more enchanting humanoids to the most monstrous abominations. Yet though these 'civilized' Fae still resemble their cousins found throughout the world, over the past thousand years, their forms have become increasingly human-like, perhaps reflecting their more structured and communal lives. Instead of organizing themselves into tribal Courts like their cousins, the vast majority of the Fae congregate in the city of Donnalaich, a secluded and fantastical place hidden on a vast jungle island within a large gulf. There, they slowly rebuild the ruins of the Ancients, hoping to create a true magical city for the modern age. Though hidden away and reclusive, Dheathain Fae are typically hospitable to visitors. This is good, since more and more outsiders seek out their city in search of its arcane wonders, such as the now-famous enchanted crystals.

As beings of magic, the Fae consider themselves as closer to divinity than the other races. They share similar beliefs to their nomadic cousins.

Unlike the nearby Drakari society, a Fae's element does not act as a caste and members of all elements are treated equally and allowed to pursue whatever goals they wish. Of course, different elements provide different abilities and aptitudes.

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