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An elusive race aligned to five traditional elements -- earth, fire, water, air, or wood -- and scattered across the world in secluded communities known as Courts. Their appearance varies wildly, from the more enchanting humanoids to the most monstrous abominations. As beings of magic, the Fae consider themselves as closer to divinity than the other races. The Dheathain Fae and Frost Fae are the only ones known to live in non-nomadic societies.

[top]Appearance & Anatomy

Physically, Fae are wildly varied. They are known for possessing protean qualities, allowing them to alter their forms to a fair degree. Some have difficulty with this; for instance, the very young, who have yet to learn how, and those elder Fae who have become set in their ways. As a result, many Fae are either inhumanly beautiful or nightmarishly terrifying to behold.

Much like Elves or Dwarves, Fae are known for their longevity and have been known to live over seven centuries. The oldest known Fae reportedly reached over two thousand years of age.

Fae are aligned to the elements, with each one strongly attuned to either earth, fire, water, air, or wood, manifesting his or her element in the physical world. This usually happens both through conscious spell casting, and an ambient field of magic that affects nearby instances of their element. The effects of ambient magical activity often reflect the current mood of the Fae. For example, an upset Fae with a wood attunement may cause plants to wilt around her, while a happy one will cause flowers to burst into bloom.

Most can also sustain temporary illusion spells to alter their appearance, known as a Glamour. Fae who are less versed in this art are capable of sustaining momentary spells that disguise them as beings and creatures that they have seen previously. Those who are truly practiced with their Glamour may be able to;
  • Cast illusions on objects other than themselves.
  • Sustain illusions for hours -- or even days -- on end.
  • Envision and create an entirely new form on the fly.

However, it takes many years of practice to get up to any of those points, and can often be foiled by mundane means. Weaker or flawed Glamour may not reflect properly, leaving the Fae’s true form visible if seen through a mirror, a lens, or in still water.

[top]Ways of Life

Many Fae live solitary lives as nomads and druids, rarely settling in one place and often causing mischief as they go along. However, it isn't uncommon to find a gaggle of Fae trooping together in one (often inhospitable) place. In such cases, Fae will organize into mobile communities known as Courts and take on a leader known as a Regent. A hierarchy exists underneath the Regent's rule, but the structure and naming scheme varies from court to court. It's been known for Fae to “borrow” structures and positions of authority from nearby hominid societies.

[top]Spiritual Beliefs

Unlike most races, the Fae do not worship any gods. As magical beings, they see themselves as closer to the divine than the “lower” races. Instead, they follow a philosophy of empowering themselves and believe that in doing so, they bring themselves even closer to divinity.

Essentially, they believe in evolution of the spirit. According to their spiritual philosophy, such evolution is how the Fae first came to be, that deeper understanding and true mastery of the mind and soul elevates one above mortality. For the religious amongst the Fae, it is a constant process, a journey toward divinity. The most spiritually enlightened Fae sometimes shed much of their elemental aspect, supposedly pursuing a higher, purer divine energy.

The Fae believe there are twelve different houses of learning for the soul to go through. These can be as simple as learning to put others above oneself, or even the other way around for one who gives too much but never to themselves. They do not yet know everything or completely understand all of this, but they continue to explore their own spirituality and debate it constantly in open forums.

Twin Lore
Twins are an extremely celebrated occurrence in Fae Lore, for many different reasons. Some Fae theorize that twins are of a higher spiritual standing and were brought into the world to teach those around them lessons. Others believe it is the soul within the twin Fae themselves that is there to learn a specific lesson, and usually more than one. One thing that does remain constant is that all Fae believe twins are born of one soul separated into two bodies. Twins are more common among Fae than any other race on Althanas. Though always identical in looks, their personalities are quite different, classified as either "Complements" or "Contrasts". One twin may be extremely energetic and carefree, the other more reserved, quiet and cautious, etc. While all Fae twins share a unique supernatural connection, some possess a link more powerful than others. In rare but notable cases, one twin will feel the pain of the other, and sometimes even drop mysteriously dead when the other twin perishes.

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