Frost Fae

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These elusive and fragile Fae are a variation of their water-attuned cousins, capable of manipulating frost, snow, and ice to their pleasing. They originally hail from Salvar, and are adapted to the harsh winter conditions of the region. In more recent history, Frost Fae have been reported in milder regions such as Corone and Raiaera, possibly in retreat from the anti-magic animosity of the Sway.

[top]Appearance & Anatomy

Unlike most beings, Frost Fae are utterly unfettered by the cold; one could stand naked in the most bitter of snowstorms and be perfectly comfortable. This is because their blood works as a sort of internal antifreeze. It is a very different chemical concoction from that of most races, one with a black coloration and a tarry consistency. Unfortunately, this mixture has a very violent reaction to iron, and if the metal comes in contact with them, Frost Fae will be blistered and burned.

When a Frost Fae is born they often possess a very childish humanoid appearance. As they age, they gradually begin to go through a metamorphosis into a more monsterous and alien form unique to themselves. This process is different for every Fae; for one, it might be as simple as growing horns. Another might become a fuzzy quadroped. For those who are unaware of this natural change, it can be an unsettling or even traumatizing event. Some scholars have speculated that their humanoid stage might be a defensive mechanism to keep young Frost Fae protected in the presence of more humanoid races, which typically won't attack children. Older Fae no longer need that protection, as they have likely mastered their ice attunement by the time they reach metamorphosis, and thus they shed that form.

A Frost Fae who does not reached metamorphosis within their first half-century of life is known as an Evergreen.


Knowledge on Frost Fae reproduction is difficult to obtain due to their reclusive nature, but it has been confirmed that they procreate by magical means rather than biological. There is a ritualistic ceremony that is performed whenever the population thins out too much, with the end result being the creation of childish new Fae. Since it takes much energy to perform and just as much energy to take care of the resulting children, it is important for a Court to choose wisely as to when to perform the ritual.

It is possible for them to have a sexual encounter with other races, but with no chance of fertility and at the unfortunate risk of frostbite for the other race -- and mild burning and itching for the Fae if iron-rich blood is somehow involved. Theoretically, one might be able to "breed" with Frost Fae if they participated in one of their mysterious ceremonies.

[top]Ways of Life


Frost Fae often organize themselves in rough communities known as "Courts", much like the Fae scattered throughout the rest of the world. Each Court is held together by a leader known as a Regent.

Several Courts are known to exist within Salvar;
  • The Winter Court: Out of all the courts, Winter is the most elusive, nestled away in the range just north of the Skavian Mountains. The leader of the Winter court is currently unknown to outsiders.
  • The Frostbitten Court: A relatively calm and collected Court scattered about the Testhan Plains. Heading the Frostbitten Court is an elk-like Regent known as Obrin. He has deigned to speak with and trick mortals on occasion.
  • The Sleepless Court: Gathered in the Whispering Hills, the Sleepless are a most riotous Court. Locals often blame their activity for the frequent disappearances and mysterious sounds that emanate from the wooded areas. Their Regent is ever-changing, as none last in the position very long before being overthrown.

Not much is known about day to day life as a member of a Court, nor what hierarchy exists outside of the Regent's rule.

[top]Beliefs & Superstitions

Most Frost Fae beliefs are shared with their cousins, such as a reverence of twins and the belief that they, as creatures of magic, are closer to divinity than other races. However, Frost Fae have developed some odd superstitions of their own.

It is believed that a Frost Fae’s appearance is an indication of the properties of their soul, especially once they have undergone their metamorphosis. One with cruel features is probably cruel as well. Likewise, one with a more bestial appearance might lack restraint or be more wild at heart. As a result, Fae children born with severe physical defects are believed to have spiritual ones as well, and thus are often abandoned or cast out of their Court to fend for themselves. These outcasts are often known as Lostlings. From time to time, the Court of a Lostling with take the child of another race and swap it with theirs, at which point the Lostling is known as a Changeling. Many tales are told of families raising a crippled child, only to eventually discover them to be ageless and icy of touch. The Sway often seeks out these Changelings and culls them.

The children stolen by the Fae are rarely given back to their families again. Those who are returned admit that their time among the Frost Fae was spent as a servant of sorts. They are usually said to be "faerie-struck", as they frequently lose themselves to vivid daydreams of dancing their time away and making merry at Fae festivities and celebrations. These usually dreams fade away as the child grows up.

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