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Name: Kitsune Aoimoku
Age: 10
Race: Fox Spirit
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 20”
Weight: 30lbs
Occupation: Student


Friendly, hyper, funny, prankster with a big ego


A red fox with an extra long tail.


Aoimoku is the first blue eyed Fox Spirit. Because of this he is both feared and worshiped in his village. He has no true friends as he is avoided by all the kids his age, either out of fear or respect. The only being inside the entire village to treat him like he is everyone else is the leader of the Kitsune Clan Inari. It doesn’t help that Aoimoku likes pranks.


Prankster – Aoimoku has a sharp and creative mind when it comes to pranks. Something he could use to make traps if need be.

Stealth - Aoimoku has learned how to be stealthy. He has learned how to be light on his feet and keep his breath down to a minimum. he has also learned how to hide in every terrain possible in the village.


Fox Fire (School)– Allows Aoimoku to control fire however it also makes him more susceptible to water attacks.
Flash Fire - fire will be expelled by Aoimoku up to three feet away in all directions. This fire will scorch the earth under his feet and leave anyone in that radius with first degree burns.

Fire Absorption – Aoimoku can absorb a campfire worth of fire with little trouble, however, ask him to absorb anything bigger and he could start feeling the effect of the flames in his body.

Transformations (School) – All Fox Spirits know how to transform.
Human Hybrid Transformation – Aoimoku can transform into a human shape with his tail and ears being the only difference. Aoimoku’s hybrid form is that of an average ten year old boy with red hair, fox ears and tail. He wears a kimono that has a print of him running all over it.




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The Fox in Sakuhin (Complete)(45/100)



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