Lust Demons (Succubi/Incubi)

Lust Demons (Also known as Succubi/Incubi) have existed in the Nether for ages. It is unclear how long they have existed, as there are no records of their creation, or even of their first appearance in the mortal plane.

Lust Demons live in a clan-based society. These clans are ranked from weakest to strongest, with the strongest being the Lead Clan. It is generally a survival-of-the-fittest concept, with clans almost always warring with each other for more power. To be the Lead Clan means that maintaining your dominance is absolutely vital.
Power amongst Lust Demons is generally altogether extremely strong. They are all fairly equal in this way. However, stronger clans are usually those that contain older members, as they are the ones with the most experience and know how to expertly train their youths. Another key aspect is the size of a clan. Weaker clans might sometimes be larger than stronger ones, but because they were trained and raised a different way, they can hardly compare to the stronger clans. That certainly doesn't stop them from trying, however.
As far as mating is concerned, mating with other species is widely accepted. The children born from these multitudes of affairs will never be allowed to hold a place of leadership, of course, but they will still maintain some level of respect so long as they're deemed strong by their peers. Mating amongst family (i.e. brother/sister relations and the like) are also widely accepted, as that is how "Purebreds" are created. Only Purebreds are allowed to fight for and claim leadership. Mating with other clans is a bit of a touchy subject. If a stronger clan member mates with a member from a weaker clan, the two involved would be incredibly looked down upon. Especially if such an affair led to offspring.
Incubi are typically expected to head their clan. Again, only the strongest of the clan can lead it, which often leads to further warring amongst the family. Besides the duties of leading the family, Incubi are also expected to handle "politics" with rival clans as well as training the youths.
Succubi are expected to bear offspring, assist in the training of youths, deal with familial affairs, organize tactics in wartime, and ultimately scope out who of their clan is weak. It is their responsibility to deal with those who are deemed unfit to survive.

Their natural traits include:

Partial Shifting- The ability to alter their appearance in order to become more enticing to their prey, or even just to themselves. This also includes a Battle Form, which is used to give them better protection and more intimidation in a fight. This protection is only about as strong as your typical leather armor, however. Without using their shifting ability, they would be in their True Form, which would gain them A LOT of unwanted attention.

Energy Siphoning- Often compared to Vampires because of what they need to survive, they feed off of the life energy of their victims. This does not mean that they "eat their victims souls". They eat what years their victims have left, adding it to their own. The reason they seduce their prey is so that their life essence is the most "vibrant". One session would only remove a grand total of three years to someone's life. This means that they typically only ever siphon from someone mortal once to ensure that the mortal doesn't die. This allows for them to sleep with a vast number of people. If they do not feed over an extended period of time (i.e. 3+ years), they will begin to age and wither rather rapidly. At this point, they our considered outcasts and left to become one with the dust.

Regeneration- This allows their wounds to heal much faster than normal. Not fatal ones, of course. They are not invincible creatures.

Succubi Wombs- Unlike Incubi, who can impregnate anyone they sleep with, Succubi have a unique ability. They can keep themselves from getting pregnant, or even birthing a child in their womb, by sheer force of will. They can also allow more than one child inside their womb at once, allowing them to have children from separate fathers at the same time.

Empathy- A mental link is shared throughout those who are related to each other. It doesn't span to thoughts, but to emotions. The closer someone is to another, the stronger the link becomes. This can also be used when feeding in order to ensure that the victim is fully enjoying their experience. However, it is considerably weaker than it would be with a family member.

Pheromones- This allows them to lure in their prey. They secrete this through the pores of their skin. However, they can also use it in a sort of hypnotic fashion by looking someone in the eyes. It isn't an irresistible thing, however. It might be difficult to resist, but it's far from impossible. In many cases they aren't even necessary. They are merely an aid in securing sustenance.

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