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This is the place to register your own Power Group, or to check out the ones that haven't made a wiki yet.

The Gilded Lily
The Purpose of the Gilded Lily is to be a web of information that is spread across the entire surface of the world.
Secrets are power, and these are dealt with like currency in the Gilded Lily, sold and granted as boons to various people.

Knights of The Apocalypse
"So it will be upon the day when the sun and moon both rise, turning the sky grey will we ride once again.
We shall bring forth the End Times, destroying the world so in the ashes a new kingdom of prosperity will thrive."

The Company
"The Company is the result of the remaining famous crime families of Salvar coming together to profit off the Salvaran Civil War. They made a killing from the conflict, which allowed them to take over many natural resources and set the terms for how underground trade would be handled in the country."

The Cult of Blessed Torture
"There is Darkness inherit in everyone's heart. There is a primal need to maim and do harm, and survive off the skills you were given since birth. Yet society has made us all weakened from our true power. The laws, rules, and regulations that a person must abide by is not the nature of any species. We were born to use these urges to survive, to be ourselves and thrive in a hostile world."

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