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Shinsou Vaan Osiris is a human male born on the planet Telgradia, having hailed from the nation of the same name. Once known as the revered child prodigy Atlas Revaan, the young general fell to the darkness of the Jal Shey at the end of the Telgradian Civil War and, through the will of Temperance (a Jal Shey bioweapon), was reborn as Shinsou. Now a fugative from the forces of a world he once fought both for and against, Shinsou struggles to come to terms with his ambiguous existence. As a raging conflict with both his past and his present approaches, can Shinsou overcome the latent darkness inside of him and defeat Temperance and The Council of Five? Or will he revert to type and become a harbinger of chaos once again?"



Shinsou, originally known under the revered name Atlas Revaan, initially appeared to be a very kind, well-respected commander and was looked up to by many, especially his lieutenant Dxun Ra. However, this changed after his defection and subsequent attempted coup to reveal a manipulative, and very dangerous, nature. Afterwards, in truth, he cared very little for his underlings, and was willing to use almost everyone around him as pawns to achieve his goals. He was willing to stop at nothing to further his selfish ambitions, including manipulating or killing anyone if he deems it to be necessary. He frequently toyed with his underlings for amusement. It was subsequently revealed in the Gnarled Roots of Osiris I and II (see background) that Shinsou’s dark nature was as a direct result of being possessed by Temperance, lord of the Jal shey.

After his incarceration at the most secure prison in Telgradia, Kokushi, Shinsou’s soul was split from his body and sealed inside a crystal vessel known as the Pillar of Osiris whilst the rest of his body underwent a three year procedure called "razing". This process saw that Shinsou's former identity was stripped as much as possible from his memory, ensuring that when he awoke the memories of his cold and brutal campaign had well and truly been consigned to the past. Since his re-awakening, and subsequent restoration back to Shinsou Vaan Osiris, the Telgradian’s personality has mediated between something encompassing both Atlas and Shinsou. His rebellion against both Jaeger Keats, his former right hand man, and also the Council of Five was proof of this change in him.

Time spent with his bodyguard, and only friend, Bane Stark helped to mould his personality into something more human. Shinsou, once a cold and direct individual, became more empathetic and personable than before. However, after Bane’s death at the hands of a partially actvated Temperance, Shinsou now begins to experience a plethora of conflicting emotions as his present and past start to collide within him.


Early years and the Telgradian Civil War

Shinsou Vaan Osiris, a Telgradian / Jal Shey hybrid, was believed to have been born in the Outer Territories of the Planet Telgradia in year 515 and studied under a number of different Telgradian masters as a student of the elite Council of Five, a powerful warrior force that protected the Telgradian Royal Family, with the sole intention of being Telgradia’s finest warrior. His biological father, Telos Soltair, was one such master. During his upbringing he became fast friends with a fellow student named Jaeger Keats, who with Shinsou (known at that time as Atlas Revaan) graduated from the Telgradian military academy with the highest honours. The young Shinsou became a respected commander of a Telgradian division and was a vocal critic of the Council of Five's inactivity in the ongoing war between the nations of Telgradia and the Kratas Outlands, home to the Jal Shey sect. This criticism stretched to fury when Telgradia’s princess Rhovani, Shinsou’s love interest, was kidnapped and taken by the Jal Shey to the Kratas Outlands without meeting the slightest bit of resistance.

Choosing to go against the Council’s wishes and wanting to wait no longer to take action, the now powerful Shinsou gathered a small, ragtag guerrilla force together in defiance of the overwhelming Jal Shey numbers and waged a relentless campaign against the Kratas Outlands. However, when Shinsou eventually defeated the Jal Shey lords at the Battle of Gaus VII in Telgradian year 535, he and his friend Keats followed the trail of a mysterious dark influence to the far reaches of Kratas. Here, the two discovered a reconstituted Jal Shey Empire and learned of four great powers that had been controlling events from the very beginning; Temperance, Hierophant, Chariot and Justice. Temperance, being the most powerful of the four great lords, had devoured Rhovani’s soul after needing a source of energy to continue to live. As Shinsou arrived at his temple, the Telgradian could only watch as the remnants of his love were scattered like ash into an abyss by the terrible beast. A chaotic battle ensued that destroyed Temperance’s temple, but even with Shinsou’s full power he could not match the beast’s supernatural abilities. Temperance saw the power that Shinsou possessed and chose to take possession of his and Jaeger’s bodies to further the Jal Shey goals. Both men were forced against their will to betray Telgradia, declaring themselves Emperor and Servant to the new Jal Shey Empire and declared war against the Royal State of Telgradia and the Council of Five.

Sent back to Telgradia as Temperance’s agents of death, the newly anointed Emperor Shinsou Vaan Osiris (having discarded his old moniker of Revaan) and Keats broke the ranks of the Telgradian forces with relative ease. However, a matter of miles from Telgradia’s capital city, Garah, Shinsou and Keats were separated. All five members of the Council of Five appeared to stop the possessed Shinsou from obliterating the capital, Telos Soltair included, and after a gruelling battle Shinsou was subsequently captured and sentenced to imprisonment in the high security facility Kokushi for his crimes. The Telgradian, considered too powerful and dangerous for a normal incareration, was also sentenced to a process known as razing – used only on the most violent and profound of criminals – which strips the soul of an offender from their body completely and imprisons it inside a crystal artefact known as a Pillar. His body was then cleansed over a period of three years and Shinsou’s mind, along with Temperance’s influence, was eradicated.

The Council of Five believed that was the end of Shinsou.

The Gnarled Roots of Osiris

With his memory wiped, three years later Osiris was visited by the Council of Five commander, Dxun Ra, at Kokushi’s most secure level. As the captain-commander released the seals on Shinsou’s body, the Telgradian remarked that he recognised the magic that Dxun had used to release him. Intrigued by how Shinsou was able to remember anything at all, Dxun Ra promised that they would meet again soon and left him in the hands of Kokushi’s guards and the lower Telgradian Council. Now restored to the name of Atlas Revaan and unaware as to his previous identity, Shinsou was summoned by councillor Flexton Ra for an important mission that the Council of Five wished him to undertake. After leading Atlas to believe he had been a heroic general who had fought Shinsou Vaan Osiris’s empire before being gravely injured and had been “healing” in Kokushi, Flexton told the man that, overnight, the Pillar artefact containing Shinsou’s original soul had been stolen and he wanted Atlas to retrieve it. Reluctantly, Atlas agreed to the mission, which lead him to once again, unknowingly, cross paths with his old friend Jaeger Keats (now a member of the Telgradian Royal Guard and still under Temperance’s influence).

After cryptic meetings with Keats, and with Atlas becoming more suspicious of his own identity, the mission proceeded as planned. Atlas Revaan and a prison guard that included Gnarloc within its ranks landed on Althanas, where the Pillar of Osiris had been tracked. It was then that Jaeger Keats appeared and revealed his true colours to Atlas, bringing with him both the head of Atlas’s murdered commanding officer General Osho and the Pillar of Osiris. In a flash, Keats used the pillar to restore Shinsou back to his “original self”.

With his memory somewhat restored, Shinsou initially appeared to be his old self. Recognising the fortress they were in as the one containing the legendary Cartographer (a building containing the seal of Temperance, who had lay dormant since Shinsou’s incarceration), the Telgradian revealed himself to be free of Temperance’s influence and now instead turned on Keats, who was attempting to convince Shinsou to help him revive Temperance and lay waste to Telgradia once again. Shinsou’s refusal led to the former allies duelling and, after intervention by Gnarloc, the Telgradian succeeded in killing his former right hand man. This chain of events helped to shape Shinsou to be something encompassing both of his identities and, with his business concluded and no further desire to return to his home planet, the Telgradian began to settle on Althanas, making the restoration of his mostly sealed power his top priority.

The Gnarled Roots of Osiris II: The Council of Five

Shortly after the events of the Gnarled Roots of Osiris, word had reached Telgradia that Shinsou Vaan Osiris had been resurrected. With this news alarming the general public, Dxun Ra calls a special assembly of the Council of Five, of which Telos Soltair (Shinsou’s father), Remy Krystantia and Riisa Endymeon attend. A priority one kill order is made against both Osiris and Keats (who, unknown to them, is dead) and for the first time in Council history Dxun sends the entire force to Althanas to kill the exiled Telgradian and his right hand man, something to which Remy felt extremely uncomfortable with due to conflicts with the Council’s code of conduct. Nonetheless, the captains obey their orders and set off to their respective locations on Althanas: Corone, Raiaera and Salvar.

In the meantime, Shinsou had hired former ranger Bane Stark and his men to provide him protection whilst he traversed Althanas in an attempt to restore his power. However, the Kinshara Assassin’s Guild, an organisation with a grudge against Bane and his men, assaulted the campsite they were staying at during the night. Shinsou fought admirably against the ambush alongside his burly counterpart, but was unable to save any of the other rangers, leaving Bane without a purpose and Shinsou without a bodyguard. Grateful to Shinsou for his assistance, Bane pledged his sword to protect the man who would become his friend, whilst Shinsou decided he would forge a new Kurai sword to replace his original one, Enpera.


Dark Matter

This Dakuatsu (Telgradian for “magic”) allows the user to call upon non-elemental dark energy that can be used as a handheld weapon, moulded into another shape or used as a projectile up to a range of two hundred yards. The dark energy comprises solid dark matter that can pierce or cut flesh and medium tier armour, and is the equivalent strength of steel. The weapon, object or tool forged can be no longer than 150cms in length (or diameter). Shinsou can call upon this skill four times before exhausting it for the duration of the battle.

Senkai: Enpera Hitsugi

Shinsou draws on the latent power contained within Enpera to increase his entire body’s agility up to three times that of a normal human. This can be done in increments of his choosing, or all the way up to triple upon release. The actual ability is activated by merely speaking or thinking the words “Senkai: Enpera Hitsugi”, although usually Shinsou follows through with the Senkai ceremony; dipping his head and raising Enpera ninety degrees to his shoulders. Once activated, the power remains active until the end of the battle or at the end of an hour. This can only be cast once per battle.

Enpera Hitsugi will not work on any limb affected with a medium severity wound, but will work on those that are fully functional.

Enpera Butorenjin

Shinsou activates can activate this spell once per battle to imbue Enpera with the power to cause temporary paralysis to an opponent if they are cut by its blade. If the sword cuts an arm or a leg, that limb is rendered immobile for three posts. If the sword strikes the body, the paralysis will instead attack the electrons firing to and from the brain and cause the opponent to suffer confusion and slower reactions for two posts.

The spell, once cast, remains in effect for Enpera until it either hits the opponent or the battle ends. Enpera Butorenjin does not work on the undead or the inanimate. It also requires Shinsou to concentrate and use an incantation to cast, which equates to a one post delay before he can use it. The incantation can be only be done vocally.

Senkai Shinjitsu: Enpera Kurohitsugi

Shinsou has been striving tirelessly to unlock the remainder of his sealed power. After retrieving the Mask of Ryft from Ghyll, Raiaera, the former emperor was able to commune further with Enpera and has been able to unlock Enpera’s true abilities.

This true form of Enpera allows Shinsou to unleash a volley of five (short burst), ten (medium burst) or fifteen (full power) dark matter projectiles of Shinsou's choosing (as long as they conform to the rules of the Dark Matter dakuatsu), each with the strength of steel, from a vortex of his creation. The vortex can be created with the wave of a hand and appears on command, usually from behind him.

This skill can be used once per battle, but once activated can be discarded and re-summoned as appropriate for a cumulative four post duration (i.e the skill may not appear or be used in more than four posts per thread). Shinsou is also able to use the weapons contained within Enpera Kurohitsugi’s vortex in the same manner as those created by his Dark Matter dakuatsu.

Senkai Shinjitsu: Blood Rain

By calling upon his Jal Shey powers, Shinsou is able to call a localised storm of crimson blood. Any contact that either he or Enpera, his sword, makes with the Blood Rain will heal and cauterize any physical or magical wounds he has sustained, as well as negate the effects of any poisons inflicted upon him, up to a medium severity. This includes gashes, small fractures and aches and pains, both internal and external.

The rain lasts two posts and can be called upon once per battle. The healing process takes ten seconds to complete from first contact and is gradual rather than instant. Shinsou must be concentrating to be able to cast a full blood rain. If his concentration is broken, the effect lessens in relation to how long he has been able to focus on the spell.

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Bane Stark

A former ranger hailing from the island nation of Corone, Bane Stark was Shinsou's first real friend on Althanas. He and his men had been hired as Shinsou's protection whilst the Telgradian attempted to recover his strength, knowing that the Council of Five would soon be upon him. Bane's men were slaughtered in an ambush by the Kinshara Assassin's Guild and Bane chose to follow Shinsou from then on.

Bane was killed in north Salvar in To leave a legacy by a partially resurrected Temperance.

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