Capital cities Garah (Telgradia) / Kratas (Kratas Outlands) / Syrik (Mythandria)
Main races Telgradians / Jal Shey
Heads of state King Maxmillian (Telgradia) / Lythandra Rymance (Kratas) / Drasis Wolffe (Mythandria)
Governments Monarchy (Telgradia) / Dictatorship (Kratas) / Republic (Mythandria)
Official Language(s) Tradespeak / Jal Shey
Population 1,000,000,000
Notable people Shinsou Vaan Osiris

Telgradia is the name of an M3-class planet neighbouring Althanas. It is now home to two powerful and distinct races: the Telgradians and the Jal Shey, as well as a few minor races.


Telgradia is divided up into five distinct regions.


A nation of Telgradians built across a vast archipelago to the southeast of Telgradia’s mainland, Mythandria is known for its diverse inhabitants and mild climate. It is currently in a period of recovery after a long conflict with the Jal Shey, and now the restored Republic once again thrives in the presence of its ally Telgradia.


The main nation of Telgradia sprawls across the main continent of the planet, spanning from the borders of Mythandria to the fringes of the Kratas Outlands. Telgradia is a civilization of humans that have settled for a feudal life, led by their King Maxmillian and assisted and protected by the Council of Five. Their talents boast alchemy, magic, and portal technology that allows their people to settle on and travel between neighbouring worlds. In recent years, the Telgradians have been plunged into conflict with their opposite numbers, the Jal Shey, and once again they are at loggerheads with their ancestral enemies.

Telgradia also has the most secure prison facility on the planet, Kokushi.

Kratas Outlands

The ancestral home of the Jal Shey wasn’t always a land of darkness and ruin. However, in the wake of the destruction wrought by the Telgradian civil war, this realm of once thriving cities and ancient tombs has now become a valley of desert and ruins as its diminished population struggles to regain a foothold on Telgradia.


Malkhor’s borders mark the frontiers at the world's edge. Only a handful of Telgradians can tell tales of Malkhor’s jungles and its arid deserts, and other wondrous and perilous lands. It is said that the first Jal Shey, the Khaians, settled first on Malkhor after their long journey from Khaia and temples to their god Isa litter the far reaches of this otherwise unexplored country.

The Shimmering Islands

The Shimmering Islands represent a chain of now uninhabited islands across the harsh and frigid north seas, beyond the reach of Telgradia and the Kratas Outlands. It once contained a vast, mighty kingdom but this civilisation was destroyed after years of civil war between its monarchy and a separatist movement. Now, the abandoned husks of buildings are all that remain of that kingdom as its treasures lay untouched by the hands of the living.

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