The Council of Five

The Council of Five are an institution primarily dedicated to security matters within, and pertaining to, Telgradia. As the name suggests, the council always consists of five members and these people are considered to be the strongest warriors and minds in Telgradia. It is widely recognised that the Council of Five are Telgradiaís strongest military asset and are also appointed guards to the monarchy.



The Council of Five elects four captain-level members to the chambers in Garah to serve under the authority and jurisdiction of a captain-commander. Whilst each of the normally elected council have superiority of rank over the majority of Telgradia, they must answer to the captain-commander and the current serving monarch if required to do so.

In the event that both the monarchy and the captain-commander are indisposed, the council members look to the most experienced seat on the council for guidance and orders.


Members of the council are handpicked by the current serving captain-commander after a recommendation from one of the councilís members. To be considered for the council, a candidate must have had experience in the Telgradian military at a decision-making level and must be extremely proficient in all manner of skills.

Exceptional circumstances can be made for those who show a particular talent or skill which is considered to be almost prodigal, as was the case with Remy Krystantia and her abilities with a Kurai sword.

[top]Current members

Captain-commander: Dxun Ra
Councillor: Captain Telos Soltair
Councillor: Captain Riisa Endymeon
Councillor: Captain Miyori Massimo
Councillor: Captain Remy Krystantia

[top]Notable previous members

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