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The Gilded Lily is an international web of information, connecting the various brothels and public houses of Althanas to become a network of purpose. It also serves to be an embodiment of feminism, empowering the whores, warriors, sailors and other ladies involved to gain independence from their traditional patriarchy society. Originally constructed to be a method of letting prostitutes who were under oppressive pimps and brothel masters to gain strength of indepence, it has evolved to first become a spy guild, and now a union, with a standing army, a warship and a fortress.


The Gilded Lily is the brainchild of Philomel van der Aart, also known as the Matriarch. It is currenly celebrating its third year of existence.

When it was first created, the Gilded Lily was merely a way of achieving power over the brothel master Hector. He was master of the Crouching Tiger, a brothel in Radasanth which was badly run and had a history of abuse against its whores. When Hector refused to offer any pity for Lacey van der Aart who was raped by her client, he was thrown out by her daughter Philomel, with the assistance of Master Draak of the Fire Hall, a church which recognises all faiths as having value. Philomel also killed the rapist, hanging his body as a warning for any future attackers. For a while she herself remained as temporary head until such a woman could be found to run the Crouching Tiger.

It was some time before this creation developed into the Gilded Lily. Some scholars put it at a year, others put it longer, however it was in Radasanth that the Gilded Lily began to be created in name. Philomel van der Aart, after a year of working with the assassin guild, the Crimson Hand, put her own efforts into helping women. The second brothel to undergo her ideals of power adjustment was the Sultry Satyr, followed soon by the Sword and Hart on the harbour front of Radasanth. Two women who were established as heads of these were Justine Ala, a human of Radasanth, and Mar'tek Vartana, an orc born of upper Alerar. From here more brothels were added in Radasanth, and spreading from here into Serenti and Jadet, with a singular held one in Underwood - The Oak. The Oak is still the only Gilded Lily held brothel in Underwood to this day.

The acquirement of the Feisty Fox added a great ability to the Gilded Lily in its first year. In lease from the Pirate King himself, the Feisty Fox was liberated from the captain Tanglebeard, and thus the pirating campaign of the Gilded Lily began. Movement was made towards


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