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  1. Hoarder of Souls
  2. Dragon Hunt (Rayleigh)
  3. Just Junk
  4. Pestilence and Strife
  5. Is this really it? [PM for invite]
  6. The Plague of Stormhope
  7. Breaking the Past Present and Future (SOLO)
  8. Lay the Past to Rest (Solo)
  9. Hodekin (Not Moderated Kobold Quest)
  10. Moderated Quest: Diplomacy with Hodekin
  11. Part two: Kobolds in a pub
  12. Grounded
  13. Hide and Seek [Closed to Lilithis]
  14. Gilded Eye and Ruby Heart (Closed)
  15. Curious Bird (Closed)
  16. An Alyssa Snow Thread
  17. Alerar At A Glance