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Name: Eteri
Nickname/Alias: None
Age: 24
Race: Halfbreed
Height: 157cm
Weight: 60kg
Occupation: None
Personality: Curious, loud, cheerful, most probably psychotic, easily distracted
Appearance: Blue hair/ears, yellow eyes. Long legs and arms, she has claw like hands and pointed canine teeth. Her build is slender with somewhat muscular thighs and forearms

Akashiman - Fluent
Tradespeak - Poor

Akashiman - Fluent
Tradespeak - Poor


Loud, no moral compass, frustrating speech mannerisms, woefully cheerful..they are some of the ways one would describe Eteri. She generally means well, most of the time.. She doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong. She has a habit of not always listening to others, she marches to the beat of her own drum, and her own drum is woefully off tempo.

She likes to collect souls in tiny vials and jars. In her spare time, she'll sew them together. She's searching for the 'bestest and brightest' souls so she can try and sew herself a new soul.

Eteri is obsessive and has found a new obsession in her beu, Nevin. She would have written more here but her computer crashed and she is moopy and will include more detail in the newest level update, which lets face it - will probably be a week away.






Soul Sight (Passive)
Eteri can see people’s souls. She can see the brightness, the colour and the quality of a person’s soul. She can now deduce approximately how old they are, and how long they may have to live. She can willfully deactivate this ability at any time however it is usually active as it is her natural state. She can see a being’s soul up to 20 feet away.

Soul Sewing
Eteri has the ability to sew souls together using an ability she learnt when she was young. Generally, she will make random articles of clothing out of the souls, these outfits have little effect other than an ‘aesthetic’ appearance she likes. Some of the clothes she makes, depending on the quality of soul used, could be used to mask another persons soul.

Eteri can now heal souls to an extent. She can mend rips and tears in souls by weaving them back together. She can attach parts of souls onto another seamlessly merging the two together. She can also, with great effort, stitch and unpick them apart. This is a long and trying process and will take a number of posts to do successfully. Because it is a delicate process the participant must be willing for her to do this.

Soul Snatch
Eteri can generally snatch up the souls of others, however they must agree to give up their soul in exchange for something. That something doesn’t have to be of the same value. It could be a pebble, a favour, or another soul. This ability does not kill a player, a person can live without their soul however the effects it has on a person can vary. When Eteri has control of a soul she generally just keeps it in a jar, or uses it to make ethereal clothing.
*Must gain permission from Players to use this ability on them*

Divine Hugs
Eteri's hugs have the power to calm people done. To alleviate worry, concern, sadness, and other negative feelings. They generally work quite well on levels below her, and for levels above her the other user must be willing to accept the warmth of the Eteri hug.

This is twice as effective against anyone with 'Divinity' this includes gods, goddesses, Thaynes, or anyone who carries divine blod.

Increased Blood Production (Passive)
Eteri can produce thrice as much blood as a normal person, this is her body adapting to the constant blood loss she has due to a pesky Alchemist. This means that it will take her three times as long to bleed to death if injured. Also, probably a tasty and convenient snack for any beings that drink and/or use blood.

Night Vision (Passive: Species trait)
Being a Nekojin Eteri can see in the dark just as well as if it were daylight.

Sensitive Hearing (Passive: Species trait)
Eteri's hearing is twice that of a normal human She can hear things normal humans could not. This is always in effect. This also means she is twice as susceptible to any sound based attacks or loud noises.



Satchel of Souls
Eteri carries many, many bottles and vials of souls with her. She carries them in an enchanted satchel. The satchel seems as though its bottomless, although its capacity is 100 soul vials. It's enchanted so all Eteri has to do is put her hand into it and say a name, and she will be able to pull out the vial containing that particular soul.

She is also able to completely empty it by shaking it upside down and saying 'Empty All' Something she does often, because she barely remembers any of the names.

Current Souls:
1 X Taka soul Shard
1 X Nevin Soul Shard
1 X half Venex Soul
1 X Angry soul leech



Eteri hails from Ninyama. She learnt her Soul abilities at a young age. Originally she, like many other residents of the small town were charged with the task of putting to rest volatile spirits. Eteri however, lost her soul - and her focus shifted to ‘making herself a new one’ rather than attempting to find her old one.

She has no real plan, Eteri is easily distracted so often just goes wherever she pleases. There were like several paragraphs of history but this will be updated later when its not 39*C at 1am in the morning after loosing all the work on the previous profile, in the meantime, enjoy the angry rants of a sick Australian girl and remember ot keep your local catgirl safe!

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Working on this now, be with you in a 5-10 minutes.

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Congratulations you are approved, welcome to level 4 :D