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Name: Wynken Vanaril
Age: 20
Race: Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Height: 6ft
Weight: 170lbs


Distanced from the normal people with their normal affairs, you see a man draped in the shadow of a black hooded cloak. Motionless he observes the events around him. As a ghost passively haunting our world - or as The Reaper silently tending his harvest - he watches. You see an ebbing red glow behind the darkness of his cowl, and you watch as he takes a long draw on his lighted herbal parchment. The agitated embers flare to life and illuminate his face as if a fiery dragon had just roused from slumber. Through the haze of smoke, you see his ruggedly handsome features masked behind the unshaven stubble and scowling visage which you guess both perpetually paint his face. He looks weathered and experienced beyond his years, but a boyishness lingers far behind the emotionless stare of his stoic, dull grey eyes. A stare that’s currently fixed upon you.

The supple leather of his sleeveless vest is contoured neatly to his chest and lies atop a long sleeve tunic which tucks beneath a pair of silvery bracers at each forearm, and his heavy hooded cape similarly fastens neatly to the vest's polished steel shoulder caps. The sheathes of various blades adorn thick, black leather straps tethered to his body at strategic places. Several pouches and a cruel long sword hang from a slender belt which buckles with a silver clasp. The sword is remarkable, but not due to its beauty. Its tarnished blade is pitted and etched, as if forgotten and neglected by its owner, and the weapon's grip is fashioned in the likeness of an eerie and wickedly twisted tree.


Twisted by the magic of his sentient blade, Wynken is cold, harsh, and calculating. He is an opportunist and a survivalist in the truest sense of the words, feeling that friends are merely enemies who can be easily exploited to personal gain. He acts only in accordance with his own interests.

Previous History

As perceived by Wynken...

The inhabitants of this realm seem to know me by the name of Wynken, though I recall naught of them. The torn pages of this journal are illegible. The writing is my own but I have no memory of it, and this sword chills me to the core though I dare not part from it. Such a twisted and ugly weapon would be considered unusable by most but I feel as if it is an extension of myself, and I wield it with power and precision. So angering that I struggle to know who or where I was one year ago but recount vividly the distant past that has made me who I am today. Those harsh realities, lessons well learned in my youth. I suppose I can thank my father for that in the least. He got his in the end, although those early years spent at his manor were not without benefit, that mansion that doubled as guildhall for The Hand of Azrael.

They were a band of mercenaries, hired killers really, few in number but most efficient. Daggers were forced into my hands as soon they could adequately wield them. I was no more than six years of age when I received my first lesson in armed combat, and the small scar on my right hand still bears resemblance to the teeth marks from the rat in that musty celler. One of many trials I would endure with little gained other than personal development and a growing need to earn the respect that my father carelessly withheld.

I would not have survived my adolescence without the training I received under the weapon masters and thieves there, as I was expelled from the hall upon my thirteenth year. Told by my own father to not return until I could do so undetected, I took to the dank and impoverished streets of the city under threat of death at the hands of my father's cohorts. Employing the skills I had acquired, I carved out an existence in the city's vicious underbelly, taking what I needed to survive from those unable or unwilling to keep it from me.

Though existence became easier with the passage of time and I began to settle in to the routine of my life on the streets, the deep seated hatred I harbored for my father was never far from my mind. I watched as even wretched and destitute children played games and tarried in the streets, enjoying their existence in the bliss of careless freedom. As I looked on them with jealousy and rage, I couldn't help but feel comfort in that my existence was real, and that their happiness would fade leaving nothing to show for it.

By the age of sixteen I had grown in confidence as well as ability and began to indulge in the finer things. Rumor of my talents spread through the city's network of underground and less than legitimate proprietors, and I began filling their contracts. However, with success came a level of fame that is unbecoming of beings who make their existence by remaining unseen, and numerous times the undiscovered or unsuccessful attempted to carve a name for themselves by putting a dagger into my back. It was also not uncommon for those few who had established themselves as hired thieves, assassins, or informants to compete over contracts or bounty, and on one such occasion, I found myself defending against a member of The Hand of Azrael. We came together on even footing, and through the engagement he did not recognize me, though I did him. I reveled in his astonishment, eyes widened, as I whispered my name into his ear while the last of his blood ran from his throat. I had thought many times before of the moment that I would finally reenter my father's house, but that incident bolstered my resolve and signified in my mind that I was now ready.

As it actually happened...

Wynken's actual history can be read in this thread. (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?22601-My-self-My-shadow)

Chronological Post History

The Stranger (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?20145-The-stranger)

The Meeting (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?20233-The-Meeting)

A kick in the teeth (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?21826-A-kick-in-the-teeth) (Underwood mission)

Via Dolorosa (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?20231-Via-Dolorosa)

Weapons and Armor

A tailored black leather vest with the depiction of a bird of prey embossed across its front

An unremarkable pair of polished steel bracers and matching steel shoulder plates

3 steel throwing daggers

1 main-gauche – steel parrying dagger

An enchanted, well embellished damascus dagger which, once per thread, can magically expanded to the length of a bastard sword for several posts or until Wynken loses concentration. (acquired here (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?20231-Via-Dolorosa&p=182772&viewfull=1#post182772))

The Mirror Root - unique long sword with material strength equivalent to delyn


Smoking herbs
Parchment paper and chemical matches
A set of crude lock picks
Various belt pouches for holding and concealing said equipment


Strength - 1x
Speed - 1.5x
Agility - 1.5x
Stamina - 1x


1. Ambidexterity – Wynken has an inborn ability to use both hands independently of each other, and, as a result, he wields two weapons flawlessly.

2. Kinematics – Wynken possesses a keen and instinctual understanding of the classical mechanics of motion. He can, with greater than average ease and accuracy, make predictions of range and projection angle and make judgments according to an entity’s acceleration and velocity.

Through the application of this knowledge Wynken can better gauge and control his own momentum and inertia, and, as a result, his strikes fall with a 1.5x strength modification. His understanding of kinematics also affords him an improved opportunity to parry or evade attacks, both melee as well as ranged from a distance greater than 30 yards. (requested here (http://www.althanas.com/oldworld/showthread.php?20233-The-Meeting&p=173922&viewfull=1#post173922))

3. Kinesiology – Wynken has an acquired knowledge of humanoid kinesiology and general anatomy. Currently, his observations focus mainly on range of motion, center of gravity, and weight distribution; with critical areas or weak points occupying less of his consideration.

As a result of his practice and studious observation, Wynken has improved his own speed and agility (1.5x) including reflexes, balance, and flexibility. He can accomplish feats that average individuals would consider to be acrobatic. Furthermore, he can often maintain balance while outmaneuvering similarly agile opponents in order to place them on disadvantaged footing.

4. Shifting – More than a parry but not always an offensive counter, blade shifting is Wynken’s term for the ability to purposefully deflect an incoming attack. Employing his understanding of classical and human motion, Wynken can often maneuver (shift) an opponent’s weapon in order to better control the outcome of battle.

At his current level of ability, an opponent’s weapon(s) can be maneuvered to a slightly unfavorable angle or into an off/overbalanced position. Current suggested uses are: to briefly delay that weapon’s next swing, to make successive strikes fall with less (-1.5x) force or accuracy, to create small offensive openings, etc.

While this is often effective against opponents of similar or lower ability, the speed; agility; and weapon skill of the attacker all contribute to its efficiency.

5. Awareness – Largely due to the intimations of his sentient blade, Wynken has an acute sense of his immediate environment, sometimes even while not actively or consciously observing it. It is very difficult to attack him unawares.


Stalking and Hiding – Wynken enjoys an innate ability in the art of non-detection. His movements are quiet, controlled, and deliberate; and he employs the darkness of shadows to remain unseen.

Sleight of Hand – Wynken’s cunning intellect and dexterous fingers have allowed him to excel in the many roguish applications of sleight of hand. He can pick locks, pick pockets, and disarm traps with an extreme degree of success.

Swordsmanship – Wynken is a master swordsman, particularly skilled in the use of one-handed, straight bladed weapons such as long swords and daggars.

Dual Wielding – Aided tremendously by his ambidexterity, Wynken is an expert at fighting with a weapon in each hand. His preference is to wield both a long sword and dagger.

Throwing – Though he wields them at range with only above average proficiency, Wynken often uses thrown weapons as a diversion during melee combat or to disturb spellcasting.

Mirror Root

There is a great deal of history surrounding the Mirror Root. Little of which is known to any of this age, and none by even Wynken himself because it has not always been his sword to wield, though he would certainly tell you otherwise. He would believe it as well, for such is the power that it holds over him. As many events that compose its history are the number of dark forces which were imbued upon it during the time of its creation. It has been recorded that the Mirror Root will reflect in us our own subconscious, bringing to the surface those thoughts and behaviors that we suppress out of social necessity until they replace the pomp and polish of such a manufactured fa�ade with the dark and dreadful instincts of our ancestry.

The sword's blade that is now tarnished and etched was once a thing of beauty, and looked like silver freshly and perfectly polished. However, the blade tarnishes as the sentient weapon corrupts the mind of its wielder. In addition to its weathered appearance, the blade shows markings which make it look as though it were entangled by thin roots which wind up and around from the guard. The hilt is fashioned entirely from petrified wood which has been crafted in the likeness of a very miniature and very dead tree. The guard forms the roots, one of which wraps clear around the blade, and the grip is the trunk of the tree whose dead and leafless branches form a spire shaped pommel.

Mirror Root Abilities

Intimation – The sentient blade’s natural, though magically inspired, ability to corrupt its wielder is supplemented by subtle hints and communications. As it gains more control and a deeper understanding of the original and resulting emotions of its host, the need for subtlety diminishes and correspondence can become increasingly overt. Currently, the blade communicates to Wynken using only slight intimations, such as subtle change in temperature or oscillation, in order to express its pleasure or to sound an alarm.

Subversion – The blade’s sole desire is to methodically bend the will of its owner. However, at times it finds a need to more forcefully exert control in order to protect its chosen host or the sword itself. During moments wherein its wielder is experiencing extreme or prolonged mental, emotional or physical duress, the Mirror Root can temporarily raise their fortitude through sheer force of will. This is not without risk, however, as it grants the host an opportunity to battle or reject the hastily ill-conceived will of their sentient master. Current modifications: Morale and Pain Tolerance 2x for a three minute duration.

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Before we move onto abilities, we need to assign a comparative strength to the Mirror Root. It can be made of unknown materials, but we need to know how strong it is for potential PVP scenarios. Since this is essentially being grandfathered in, how about we say it is as strong as delyn?

Also, thanks for putting the extra effort in on your profile, it is appreciated!

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Whatever you suggest as far as material goes. I'm not picky, so I've made the edit to include a mention to delyn.

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Alright, everything looks good. Just so you're aware, we treat abilities associated with items such as the Mirror Root differently than regular abilities. While your normal abilities can be upgraded/added to at level ups, any improvements to the Mirror Root must be purchased through the bazaar. If you have any questions don't hesitate to fire me a quick PM.

Thanks for the cooperation, you are approved!