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Name: Yvonne Mythrilmantle.
Alias: None.
Titles: Miss, Apothecary, Boss.
Age: Twenty one years.
Race: Grey Dwarf. (Sel darthirii father, khazad mother)
Sex: Female.

Height: 3 Feet 9 Inches, 1 Meter 14 Centimeters.
"I stand an inch shy of dwarven average height and considerably so below tha dark elven average. That means I be lookin' up at ye as we speak, and yer lookin' down yer nose at me - ya snob - or yer lowerin' down to me level in a patronizin' kneel. Either way, yer nay doin' squat ta help tha situation. Change tha subject 'fore I get prickly."

Weight: 161 Pounds, 73 Kilograms.
"Ya want ta know how much I weigh? Ya dare ta request a woman's weight!? Yer unbelieveable... Have ye a death wish!? I weigh tha same amount as any other grey dwarf. What does it matter ta ye if I be a tad well-rounded about tha bosum and hips. I would sooner chain boulders ta yer ankles and sink ye in a river than give ye any further information. Thank ye very much. Get off me moss garden."

Build: Dense, solid, rounded hourglass figure.
"Build? What would ye like ta build? ...Oh! I see. Ye sure know how ta talk a dwarf around. I be quite content with me shapely, voluptuous figure. Tha men about here frequently suggest I have ample, well proportioned curves in appropriate places. Tha ladies are envious of me thin stomach and fit posterior. That said I would nay mind bein' thinner! Taller too, but ye knew that already, dinna ye?"

Hair: Black. Straight, waist length. Hairdo often changes.
"More than happy ta talk about me hair. If yer a dwarf, hair be yer pride and joy and I be no different. Men folk have tha beards, women folk have tha hair, that be tha way it always be. Mine be straight, long, black and waist length when worn down. Whether ye braid it, tie it in a bun or tail - tie it up or let it down, tight or loose - tells a lot about a lady dwarf. Perhaps a hint of how she be preparin' ta approach tha rest of her wakin' hours."

Eyes: Silver irises, blue flecks, black pupils. Subtle slant.
"Speakin' of hints me eyes practically give away me heritage. The colour be from me Ma, bless her. A beautiful and metallic, silver hue flecked with strokes of blue. Tha angular, slanted shape belongs ta me Pa, may his britches fill to tha brim with sand! Nay quite as angled like any other sel darthirii, but it be there much as I rather it was nay tha case."

Skin: Black complexion, ashen grey undertone, clean.
"If me eyes dinna give it away, me complexion certainly will do. Black and dark as tha dark elves it be. Comes with positives and negatives I suppose. It helps ta move about unnoticed down here in Kachuck, but once yer spotted they know what ye are straight away... Nay many other mongrels in these parts. Sel darthirii are not typically inclined toward dwarves... but I have tha pointy ears ta prove that it does happen!"

It's complicated.

Yvonne commits to her own personal understanding of what is right and what is wrong. She rejects the concept of good and evil in its entirety, knowing it to be a dangerous over-simplification of people and their behaviour. They are both false conceptions that should be discarded. She is neither.

The truth is there are metaphysical forces in this world, those of order and chaos. Some of us are orderly citizens that thrive during times of peace and stability. Some are chaotic individuals that prosper through disturbing the peace - causing others to suffer - and, of course, there are all the shades of grey in between. Naturally Yvonne is one of those shades.

The grey dwarf isn't good, isn't evil, isn't entirely orderly and isn't too chaotic. Gods, that doesn't tell you anything, does it? Perhaps she leans slightly in the directions of good and order, on the good/evil and order/chaos scales respectively, but a slight lean doesn't explain enough! We must know more. How shall we ensnare her elusive persona?

She values blunt (often too blunt) honesty above all. Dishonesty from her friends, allies, partners, or subordinates will incur her wrath like nothing else will. Yvonne's dedication to a cause, once committed, is resolute and she expects the same loyalty from others. Unafraid of challenging projects and complicated tasks - she leads by example with hard work as any dwarf should - and won't tolerate incompetence or the laziness of others.

Yvonne is ambitious and shrewd. She strives forward and scales upward with the intention of creating positive change. She seeks knowledge with the intention of exploiting it. Knowledge is power and power will enable her to influence others, help the sufferers of this world and subdue their antagonists. She amasses wealth with the intention of investing it. Building businesses for profit and homes for rent where they are needed, to positively change lives and in this way gather subordinates to her cause... but how did she come to be this way? Why is she like this?

Suffering was at the crux of Yvonne's early life experience and it is suffering that continues to shape and evolve her motivations and ideals. Forged in the fires of racism, bullying and physical brutality, she has known abuse and pain. She could have snapped or been broken, as many would - instead she sought to change her circumstances for the better. Now she seeks to change the circumstances of others for the better. Her methods may have been (and still are) questionable but her goal is to bring people together, create community, and diminish suffering.

As for the means to her end, anything goes. She prefers not to fight with others at all - but if she must will look to subdue her enemy before a fight begins. Failing this, there are no rules in war, and will seek to end it swiftly. Yvonne would rather make peace with her enemies through negotiation, coming to terms, striking a deal. It's her firm belief that many hands make for light work, and by working together even enemies can overcome great odds together.

"Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can." - PD

Yvonne was born deep within the cavernous mines of Kachuck, heartland of the dwarves, nestled into the mountains of the same name. Mothered by a pureblood dwarf named Mera Mythrilmantle and fathered by a dark elf even her mother can't precisely identify, Yvonne was raised by a single parent. Her mother did her utmost to protect her child from - as she perceived them - the evils living among them, however mixed breeds were an oddity in the dwarven city and attracted attention. The evils found her before long.

Her mother was the proprietor of a local business, an establishment that served many functions - a home, an inn, a bar and a brothel. Mera fulfilled the duties that these services entailed, a busy woman always working, a parent, an innkeeper, bartender and prostitute. They were a middle class family trying to get by comfortably at a time when the overbearing dark elven regime had pervaded dwarven society. Middle class in terms of income certainly, but second class citizens nonetheless. Evil often walked through their front door and was frequently a source of coin and profit.

The situation worsened when Mera Mythrilmantle sought education for her child, as the school system was governed by dark elves who felt disdain for the mongrel juvenile and made it clear they'd rather not enrol her. The mentors elevated the prices of school fees upfront and simultaneously neglected to teach their runty student as encouragingly as they would have, if her race had been unsullied by filthy dwarven blood. The costs would take a toll on Mera - the bullying would take its toll on Yvonne.

Bullying would become a daily routine for the grey dwarfling, her tormentors a posse of boys her own age - a snooty, scheming dark elf ringleader named Ninnal, a dark elven subordinate called Tacin and an obedient dwarven thug, Embek. The insults and pranks were a steady constant, resulting in her confusion and humiliation, embarressment and injury. The abuse culminated in stoning, the boys giving chase and pelting Yvonne with blunt, jagged rocks. Shock took hold - ringing in her ears, blood in her eyes - the pain of stone after stone blurring together into a continuous agony. After a minute-eternity she felt numb. Losing interest the boys let her go home a bruised and bleeding, concussive and silent mess.

A furious mother rescinded her child's enrollment from the school a few days later, and the head mentor was quite forthcoming over the return of recent school fee payments, albeit after the axe-cleaving destruction of his office desk and a threat that he was next. Yvonne had never known her mother to resort to a berserker's aggression, but somehow it left her feeling better, knowing her parent was willing to put evil on the chopping block if need be. Mera concluded it would be beneficial to homeschool her daughter and more affordable to hire a tutor, although their establishment was often a noisy, distracting place. Silver lining - it was less distracting than stones to the head.

Homeschooling allowed the grey dwarf a modicum of extra free time - when she wasn't helping her mother keep the bar and rooms clean - and she spent it learning what she could about the city and its inhabitants. She made quick friends with outsiders, merchant-traders from Salvar to the north. Their leader, a caravaneer named Abel explained the process of trade to the adolescent, how they had come to Kachuck to trade in their pelts and lumber from their homeland. This would reward them with more coin than they had when they began their journey, coin that they could purchase metal and salt with to take to Raiaera in the east. It was a mind-expanding encounter for a young woman who had never seen the surface world.

Her curiosity was piqued. Yvonne asked Abel if she could gift him something to take on the journey, so that he might sell it on for her. The master trader offered a fulfilled smile, inspired by her youthful enthusisam toward his career, agreeing it would be a wonderful way to remember their meeting. The grey dwarf hurried home to collect her most recent creation - a dwarven cocktail she had brewed herself (with her mother's inventory mind you), confident it was unique as it held her secret ingredient. She made a case of twelve bottles in all, packed them and returned to Abel with a beaming grin on her face. He was pleasantly surprised by her budding entrepreneurship.

The caravaneer led his convoy to the surface with its neatly stowed wares, leaving Yvonne behind with a touch of sadness in her heart and a mind illuminated with ideas and understanding. Puzzle pieces were fitting neatly into their places. The grey dwarf had to sell goods to people that needed them and perhaps that would gain some of their approval. The only question was what could she sell? Raiding her mother's alcohol cellar and tweaking the bookkeeping would not go unnoticed forever. She had some time and the run of the city (so long as she was back before dinner), and so she began looking for something that would be valuable to someone. What did she find in a dank, dark subterranean city like Kachuck?


So began Yvonne's bent for herbalism, all the properties of plants and the purposes one could put them to. Each day, after her studies with her tutor, she would scout the caverns of Kachuck for herbs of any kind. Through trial and error she learned how to harvest them and how to store them for safe keeping. Through careful sampling and experimentation she began to teach herself of their properties and what she could use them for. Once she knew how to utilize the herbs she started to sell teas, medicinals, ointments and pain killers to customers. Unsurprisingly apothecaries were few and far between among dwarves, most of them interested in hitting rocks and collecting gemstones, so her little venture took off.

The grey dwarf was able to secure a modest and unobtrusive stall in a relatively busy borough, not too far from home. It was an exciting time, learning to start her own business and manage all of the day-to-day affairs required to keep it afloat. Yvonne was already supplimenting her mother's numerous income sources at the precarious age of fifteen, making her the proudest mother this side of Ettermire. Their lives gradually changed - from scraping by barely affording bills and food for the table, to eating well and enjoying some of life's finer luxuries. For a while all was well in the world, but all good things come to an end.

The posse from her past caught whiff of her enterprise, and - unlike Yvonne - they hadn't changed. They approached her tidy stall and almost immediately set about destroying it. At the behest of the snake Ninnal, Tacin rifled through her inventory while Embek kept her at bay with his strength and intimidation (and body odour). Mockingly they smeared the ointments on themselves, scattered powders through the air and drank her teas with pinky fingers aloft. They wanted nothing more than to see a devastated look on her face, her humiliated reaction. Embek tore the stall to pieces, wood splintering and snapping - but Yvonne's calm attention was fixed solely on Tacin, about to consume her toadstools.

"Ye dinna want ta be eating those," she offered plainly. The subordinate hesitated only momentarily, pressed by Ninnal to polish them off. Of course he ate them. He'd stopped thinking for himself years ago. Down the hatch they went, their telltale white gills, white spots and red cap. Yvonne had a fair idea how Tacin was going to feel in a few hours, but she had suggested a warning and been ignored. Laughing amongst themselves, obviously impressed with their handiwork but losing interest as the stall tender wasn't reacting, they went on their way. Once they were out of sight, she exhaled a weary sigh and knelt down to start cleaning up the mess.

Tacin came crawling back alone, roughly two hours later. Yvonne hadn't gone far - what took five minutes to ruin was taking ages to salvage. The dark elf made a weak effort to accuse her of his predicament - he was hallucinating, twitching, sweating, moody... could barely stand up straight and it was supposedly all her fault for letting it happen to him. The grey dwarf paused. Deathly silent, she arose from her knees and cleaning cloths. This crap was not going to fly. Tacin quavered against her seething glare, switching tactics as the first had failed, hard. "Help me. Please," he sputtered, suddenly panicky and unsure of himself.

"Now ye listen ta me. Yer a spineless worm, good-for-nothing riffraff! I dinna want ta help ye even if ya hadn't gone off tha deep end and destroyed tha very medicine that would have helped ye in the first place!" Yvonne was incensed, her breath ragged and heaving. "Those toadstools be a poisonous hallucinogen. Addictive . Ye ate too much and there be no going back now. Blooming headache will set in soon. Amanita may even kill ye," she impaled him with the last sentence and he blanched, the colour of his face paling. "If I help ye yer life-debted ta me, ye understand?" Crystal clear, he nodded.

"Fine. Tell me everything ye know about Ninnal and Embek."

In the coming weeks their violent posse unravelled. The three boys once held so much power over her, but not anymore. All she needed was a loose thread - Tacin - and to pull the thread until it all came undone. Her newfound underling was forthcoming with dirt on the other two, and once she exposed their weaknesses she ruthlessly exploited them for her own benefit.

Turned out Embek was the only dwarf she knew that was claustrophobic. The release of an explosive gas and a cleverly placed fuse later, Yvonne had a trap that caused a cave-in with a well timed spark. The poor, helpless dwarf panicked when he couldn't free himself, pinned beneath the rock, and who showed up to save him at the most opportune time? None other than his lifelong victim. He knew he would be the laughingstock of the city if anyone found out he was terrified the rocks were too close, and she kept his secret in exchange for his service.

Ninnal had a secret of his own. The snake was a closet cross-dresser. If only Yvonne had one of those new-fangled picture-takers, that would have been checkmate. Alas, she would have to make do with catching him in the act, mortifying him, and holding the knowledge that he was a drag queen over him. Of course, the dark elf was terrified of his family finding out. He knew he was defeated after all these years, his shoulders and fake breasts slumping - his victim had become the victor. Denial, fake breasts perked up, Tacin and Embek would destroy her for him if she ever said anything! No, Yvonne had them indebted to her already. He slouched a final time, crestfallen. There was a new ringleader in town.

Abel, the world-travelling trader came full circle at long last. The grey dwarf remembered her friend fondly and he remembered her - their reunion one of affable hugs and welcoming kisses on cheeks and foreheads. She offered the trader and his associates lodgings at his mother's establishment, for a reasonable and fair price of course, and he agreed wholeheartedly. That night Abel unpacked the tale of her dwarven cocktails and how he had peddled them in Raiaera as priceless, limited edition, only twelve in the world. Most of the high elves saw through his bamboozlement and hoodwinking. There was one who didn't, and that's all it takes. As promised he set down a stack of imbued gold coins on her table, Yvonne's eyes widening in wonder. She'd never seen so much Raiaeran gold in one place before. Before she swept it up in her black hand, the master-trader set down another stack next to the first, and then another - a wealth of coins seeming to materialize from his sleeves and practiced hands.

The gold was hers, as promised, but Abel had an addendum to their agreement. The grey dwarf should use the coins piled before her to reinvest in commodities, to grow her wealth. He was essentially requesting that she join his caravan, leave her dim cave-home of Kachuck behind, see the world and trade with the surface-races that lived up there on top of it. It was a pivotal moment in her life, a decision that she didn't have long to consider because the caravan would be leaving in a few days - time is money. She yearned to go with them and her heart ached for her mother staying behind all at the same time. Yvonne had her mother's encouragement and support of course - Kachuck was not a kind place for dwarves, especially dark-skinned dwarves.

She had a matter of hours to tie up all of her loose ends. What of her Apothecary stall in the market? She would manage it from afar while Tacin tended to the storefront and customer service. Embek would see to the heavy lifting and security, ensure that her business ran smoothly while she was away. As for Ninnal, he was agreeable about taking her place working for her mother Mera. The dark elf was elated to become a barmaid, housekeeper and prostitute - so long as his secret was safe from his family. Her mother would be quite bitter and resentful toward the bully for some time, which would make for a harsher employer, but the truth was she would need the extra hands.

Her youth had come to a close. The surface world opened out before her, a passenger aboard Abel's merchant convoy, heading into the smouldering glare of the sun.

Yvonne is a trader. She buys commodities where they are abundant or unwanted (inexpensive), reselling the goods in places where they are scarce or in demand (high price), making her profit from the margin remaining after the costs of transportation.

Strength: Good (1.0x Average Human)
Dexterity: Poor (0.75x Average Human)
Defence: Excellent (1.25x Average Human)
Endurance: Good (1.0x Average Human)
Perception: Excellent (1.25x Average Human)
Speed: Poor (0.75x Average Human)

Barkeeping: Yvonne is able to manage a bar or inn, pour an ale or concoct finer brews. Counts and handles coin, and removes troublemakers from the premises.
Business: Yvonne is able to run a business, source inventory, organize caravans, advertise, barter with customers, handle bookkeeping and manage subordinates.
Cleaning: Yvonne has wielded her fair share of brooms and cleaning cloths, made beds, hauled water buckets and emptied chamber pots.
Commerce: Yvonne has a mind for buying and selling, accumulating wealth over time, even on a large scale or long duration.
Cooking: Yvonne is adept at the act of combining and heating edibles, particularly with unusual and often unlikely ingredients.
Haggling: Yvonne is comfortable bargaining, disputing and cavilling over the prices of material goods, commodities and services.
Herbalism: Yvonne is capable of locating, collecting and storing herbs as well as preparing teas, infusions, ointments, poultices and tinctures.
Linguistics: Yvonne speaks fluent khazad (dwarven), is comfortable conversing in sel darthirii (dark elven) and has a basic grasp of tradespeak.
Literacy: Yvonne is proficient reading and writing sel darthirii, is capable of reading and writing in khazad, but is unable to read or write in tradespeak.
Massage: Yvonne is competent with her hands and their use in treating the body, to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress and relax tension.
Mathematics: Yvonne can write numerals and comprehend mathematical equations, percentages and fractions and apply them to bookkeeping.
Persuasion: Yvonne is apt at influencing others to do things they don't necessarily want to do, or change their mind about a belief.
Scouting: Yvonne is practiced in the art of gathering information on nearby threats and locating objects or places of interest in the surrounding area.
Seduction: Yvonne is able to seduce those who are receptive, to lure them elsewhere, to expose weakness, to distract or to hold attention.

Darkvision: Yvonne's eyes are acquainted with a lack of light sources and total darkness. She can see in shapes, forms and outlines - grey lines and edges against a black backdrop - when another would not be able to see at all. Finer details often escape her and objects beyond 30 feet are harder to detect. 50 feet seems to be the limit of her vision. Darkvision doesn't have a duration but fatigue and sleep deprivation will render the ability unusable, unlocked after she gets some rest. The counterbalance to darkvision is sunlight aversion.

Latent Magic: Unbeknownst to Yvonne she would be able to manipulate the elements, with tutoring and instruction from an experienced mage if one was willing to take the time to teach her. At this time the grey dwarf has received no such guidance - this ability is locked and unawakened. She has a natural talent for geomancy - the spellcraft of understanding and utilizing the energies of the earth - using foci such as precious sands, herbs and gemstones to amplify and empower her spells, capable of healing and harm. The counterbalance to her latent magic is her magic phobia.

Sunlight Aversion: Yvonne has had limited interaction with the sun. She finds the sun's rays strikingly uncomfortable. If the grey dwarf is unable to shield her eyes the sunlight will dazzle her vision, reducing her perception to half its base score. Looking directly into the sun will blind her for six to twelve hours, forcing complete reliance on her remaining senses and any allies nearby who are willing to aid her. Powerful light sources can be utilized as weapons against her - magical illumination spells, alchemical light-based explosives and reflective mirror surfaces would all prove overwhelming.

Magic Phobia: Yvonne was raised in Alerar, nation of technological advancement and scientific progress. Sel darthirii culture was established in her mindset from birth by her dwarven mother, in the hopes of keeping her child safe from their oppressors. The dark elves abandoned sorcery during their fracturing from the high elves, and despise practitioners of reckless reality manipulation. Considering her upbringing and her mixed race already a cause for discontent, she is afraid to give them another reason to hate her, believing it will end in her death. Yvonne is intensely phobic around anything of a magical nature, forcing her to flee from the object or person.

Head: Bronze Goggles (Built-In Spyglasses)
Neck: Scarf (Brown Fur)
Shoulders: Strapped Pauldron (Brown Leather/Left), Strapped Quiver (Brown Leather/Right)
Torso: Strapped Buckled Corset (Black Leather)
Waist: Buckled Belt (Brown Leather), Knee Length Skirt (Black Cotton)
Arms: Long Sleeve Shirt (White Cotton)
Hands: Buckled Fingerless Gloves (Brown Leather/Built-In Clock)
Legs: Knee High Stockings (Black Cotton)
Feet: Buckled Heel Boots (Black Leather)

Backpack: 1x Bedroll, 1x Blanket, 1x Pillow, 2x Sets of Clothes, 1x Pair of Shoes, 2x Coin Pouch.
Equipment: Cogwheel Saw (Iron), Cooking Pot (Steel), Firestarter (Steel), Herb Sickle (Iron), Lantern (Glowbug/Shuttered), Mortar & Pestle (Granite)
Herb Pouch: 1x Bridewort, 1x Red Cap.
Implements: Journal (Leather/Parchment), Notebook (Leather/Parchment), Quill (Writing Feather), Ink (Black).
Quiver: 12x Crossbow Bolts (Iron).
Armour: None.
Weapons: Light Crossbow (Iron & Yew)

Max Dirks
02-20-2018, 09:42 AM
Do Yvonne's attributes provide her with any advantage or disadvantage over a normal human (I'd assume so, given she's a dwarf)? If so, can you please indicate to what degree she is better or worse off than a human, please? Thanks!

02-20-2018, 05:32 PM
"I have not yet met enough human surface-dwellers ta compare me with."

Oh, hush Yvonne.

Attributes are edited. Dwarf and Dark Elf, both. The grace of the dark elves in fact reduces her dwarven fortitude. The physicality of each race counter-balances the other - it's quite a sad state of affairs. It's intended that she's weaker, less durable than a Dwarf, and considerably less agile and swift when compared with a dark elf.

Her advantages and disadvantages reflect her dwarf-oriented upbringing - she often avoided dark elves where possible - and so hasn't developed the dexterity and speed which perhaps she could have in the future.

No powergaming to be found here.

Max Dirks
02-21-2018, 09:36 AM
I wasn't worried about powergaming.

You're approved with a 200 EXP bonus for integrating your history with Althanas lore in thorough and well thought out manner.