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Name: Rayse
Race: Fire Elemental
Occupation: Independent Contractor and Arms Dealer. Affiliated with and friend of the family of The Company.
Age: ??
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Black.
Hair Color: Black, with bangs down to his eyes.
Build: Athletic


Olive complexion. Tattoos of various sharp, black shapes on his chest, arms, legs, and back. Another tattoo/rune on his right shoulder of a swirling black fire with a circular hole in the side of it. His right index finger has an amber ring on it and his forearms sometimes have near-transparent bracelets on them. He wears a black suit, tie, slacks, and black loafers, although more casually wears a red shirt with a black business vest.


Military officer, criminal, lover, father, god-slayer.

Character relations: Teric "Bloodrose" Barton is his uncle. Taische O'Sheean is his daughter.


Wordsmithery: People who are listening to Rayse are very likely to be convinced by whatever he is saying, within the course of reason.
Argument: When pressed with a situation of doubt, Rayse can usually overcome with his arguments.
Manipulation: A combination of Worthsmithery and Argument, Rayse can manipulate those of weaker will to do his bidding.
Demolition Man: Rayse has extensive knowledge of explosives from his military days.
Elementalism: Can identify and analyze various sources of elemental magic, and can often pinpoint the magic school of the spell.
Martial Arts: Master
Knives: Legendary
Swords: Legendary
Etc Weaponry: Master. Can proficiently use any nearby object as a weapon nearly as well as his specializations.


Strength: Rayse can pick up and throw large animals with relative ease, and his pushing force can knock over boulders.

Speed: 10x. The ability to parry or dodge consecutive blows from a normal Althanian citizen with little to no risk of failure. Can outrun a horse or cheetah at full sprint with ease. Cannot outrun arrows or bullets. Consecutive maneuvers at top speed take a toll on Rayse physically, leaving him winded or injured from prolonged use.

All-Tongue: Gained due to exposure to the Plane of Unlife. Rayse's speech now sounds like the listener's native tongue and accent, which means he now speaks all languages. Also, he now hears all speech in his native language, which means he now understands all languages. He can't turn this off. This doesn't apply to anything written down.

Flash-proof: Rayse is unaffected by bright lights.

CroĆ­ na Luaith, or Heart of Ash: Due to the events of Burning Out, Rayse has fused with his fire rune, causing his very essence to undergo a dramatic change that has left him as more fire than human. Producing flames on his body happens naturally and effortlessly, and he is able to control what gets burned and what doesn't, even if it's visually on fire. He can control any flame he produces, even if it leaves his body, although only to put it out if it's several feet away.

That Pyromancy Stuff: So yeah, fire elemental. He can throw baseball-sized fireballs every two seconds, he can pass heat through the ground to create flame pillars every ten seconds, and he can light anything on fire if he's touching it for longer than two seconds. Also small streams and waves of fire every three seconds, with the source always his body. He can also light himself on fire. Any small, harmless flames he can produce as much as he wants.

Fire Signature: Rayse can detect heat sources from up to 500 meters away. If he concentrates on a single source, he can track it up to a kilometer away.

Fire Immunity: Rayse can't be burned. Oddly enough, this property extends to his daughter as well, who can't be burned by Rayse's flames.

Storage: Rayse can conjure a fiery ring that acts as a portal and he can store items inside. Only equipment listed in this profile can be stored unless otherwise approved by others.

The Mana System: Rayse's fire abilities all derive from the same source. Using any of his abilities too much will deplete his total pyrotechnic capacity, and this is represented by mana values.

Total Mana: 40. Refreshes after a full rest.

Flamethrower: A massive stream of fire that can be as large as 2 meters wide and 2 meters tall. It can go up to 10 meters away before starting to dissipate, with its effectiveness halving every meter beyond that. It has large concussive force, and can knock an unaware person back several feet. He has to wait at least 20 seconds between uses. This attack is usually launched from the palm. Mana Cost: 2.

The Big One: Rayse can create a massive house-sized fireball in the sky. This is the only fire attack that he can start outside his body. On impact it creates a wave of flames that rolls within a radius of 20 meters. He can double its size and blast radius for double the mana. Mana Cost: 4. [Locked. Review or Remove on Next Update]

Reforged Body: By heating and speeding up his blood flow to his skin, he is able to pseudo-galvanize his skin to be as hard as mythril for 10 minutes. Visually, his skin appears no different than normal but it is searing hot to the touch. Mana Cost: 4.

Nothing Is Safe: Rayse can light any surface on fire. If the surface is not capable of burning, the fire hovers above it and feeds off magic for 5 minutes. The mana cost only occurs if the surface is normally incapable of burning, otherwise it is free as a result of his other attacks. Mana Cost: 1

Flame Heal: Rayse can restore himself and other people with restorative flames. When used on himself, it does a full restore that is only usable once per day. When used on others, he can heal minor injuries for 1 mana and major injuries for 3 mana.

Firearm: [Obtained in Salvar MVP Reward.] The amber-colored steel ring on Rayse's right index finger was enchanted to cause a small flame produced on the tip of said finger to shoot out at the speed of a bullet. The impact creates a ball of fire that severely burns anything inside. Can be used twice per day before the ring has to recharge. Not affected by Mana system.

Fire Flash: This ability is basically short-range teleportation. Rayse becomes completely ethereal and anything touching him that he chooses to take with him (clothes, equipment, even other people) does as well. He disperses into dozens of thin wisps of flames and reforms at the target location. He needs to be fully reformed in order to stop being ethereal and there is a one second delay before he can interact with other physical objects again. Mana Cost: 3.

Not Really There: His natural body state is fire, so he can elect to let physical attacks pass through him harmlessly, leaving a gap of fire for wherever they made contact with him that closes up within a second. Larger attacks that cut him in half or completely destroy large parts of his body cause the rest of his body to float in place until the flames turn back to flesh. Like the previous ability, he can't retaliate until he is fully reformed. Mana Cost: 2.

Like Lightning: Rayse can light himself with special fast-burning fire and move faster than the naked eye can perceive, leaving a fiery trail in his wake. It lasts 10 minutes before he has to refresh the fire. Mana Cost: 4. [Locked. Review or Remove on Next Update]

Fire Fist: Rayse can project his attacks to send fast-moving after-images that appear up to 10 meters away. They have the same concussive force as the physical attack he made to produce it. For each attack that travels like this, the Mana Cost is 1.

Smoke: Rayse can fill his surroundings with a radius of 30 meters with thick, black smoke, obscuring the vision and sense of smell for anyone inside. He can still use Heat Signature in this area. Mana Cost: 2. [Locked. Review or Remove on Next Update]

Be Somebody Like Me: Rayse can light another person on fire, increasing their speed and perception for 5 minutes. Mana Cost: 4.

Blue Fire: This is a fire so hot it overcomes most fire resistances. He can coat any of his attacks in this fire for 3 Mana. [Locked. Review or Remove on Next Update]

Lavamancy: By channeling his fire into solid rock, he can mix it and lift the rock itself into his attack. For 3 mana, he can turn a target area with a 5 meter radius into lava with little rock islands. For 2 mana, he can launch a rock-filled beachball-sized lava ball with significant concussive force.


Legendary Weapon - Kapteyn: This weapon performed the final blow with Teric Bloodrose on Forgotten One Denebriel. A large, 6" knife fastened to his ankle. A military knife used by professional Salvaran knife instructors. The dark brown handle scales were made of Liviol wood from trees in Salvar, and the properties of it were hardness and the ease of applying a firm grip. The blade was made of stainless steel, and the top of the razor sharp blade had a half-length swage, for reduced cross sectional profile of the spine and therefore, excellent penetration. The blade has magicide properties: It absorbs magic like a sponge and nullifies it, converting the energy into pure heat. A large amount in one burst causes the blade to become red hot for a few minutes. It can not further nullify magic in this condition. Can nullify 6 moderate magic attacks, 2 strong ones, or 1 extremely powerful one before it overheats for the rest of a battle. [Obtained in Mortal Intervention.]

Molotov Cocktail a.k.a. Rayse's Spices: Affectionately dubbed "my spices" by Rayse. While not a true fire element ability, it fits perfectly with his ability to make a convenient fire out of nowhere. In its simplest form, a Molotov cocktail is a glass bottle containing gasoline fuel with a fuse consisting of a fuel soaked rag (or other extremely flammable material) held in place by the bottle's stopper. In action the fuse is lit and the bottle hurled at a target such as a vehicle or fortification. When the bottle smashes on impact, the ensuing cloud of gasoline droplets and vapor is ignited by the fuse causing an immediate fireball followed by a raging fire as the remainder of the fuel is consumed. Gasoline is not exactly a commodity in Althanas, so Rayse uses plain old whiskey in beer bottles in most of his, with some containing tar in situations where he needs thick choking smoke. He also has several "mini-cocktails" that are basically Molotovs packed into tiny shot glasses. Not affected by Mana system.

-Salt'n'Pepper: A bomb used for demolition purposes, like TNT. Looks like a small box. Must be detonated with a fuse that goes off in at least 5 minutes. Limitation: Can not be used without consent of other PCs in battle threads. [Obtained in Ring of The Sun.]
-Chili: An odorless bomb that fits in a shot glass that, when detonated, creates a grenade-like explosion that sounds like a tunnel cave-in. Must be detonated with a fuse. Limitation: Can only carry one at a time. [Obtained in Ring of The Sun.]

In his pockets: A pack of cigarettes, three 5" long, 1.25" wide black, Damascus throwing knives, a wallet. One small, tar-based mini-molotov. One Chili bomb.

Travelling Bag: Contains several packs of cigarettes, a few days' worth of rations, a fresh change of clothes. A stack of business cards for The Company. A couple molotov cocktails and half a dozen mini-molotovs, mostly whiskey-based but a couple tar-based.

Denebriel's Glass Eye: [Mortal Intervention.] Allows holder to see into the past. [Destroyed due to the events of For Lack of Empathy.]

Sitayamini, Black Spidersilk: 100 feet of Lillian's special black spidersilk. It still bears the flaw of her old threads, which made them dangerously reactive to magic. It is somewhat thicker than the usual string, and is quite nearly as strong as Dehlar. [Obtained in Cobwebs of the Flea Market.] Rayse can use this string to augment the potency of any of his abilities.

Spidersilk Weapons: Using his expertise of explosives and prolonged experience using the spidersilk, Rayse is able to come up with new weapons:
-A yo-yo made of everlasting spidersilk that, when lit on fire, creates small explosions on impact.
-Spidersilk wrapped around his forearms (concealed by bracelets that blend with his skin) that he could pull at to create whips. When lit on fire, the whips induce moderate burns on impact.

Other equipment not necessarily on him at all times:
- Damascus longsword with an Explosion Enchantment (Causes moderate concussive damage and light burn damage)
- Damascus Throwing Knives x3
- Steel Throwing Knives x3
[Obtained in In Short Order.]

[Stuff I bought for another account in FreeBird Estate Sale]:
- Black Arctic Leather bodice enchanted to resist piercing, stabbing, and slashing twice as well as normal, as well as enchanted to keep her comfortable no matter what weather conditions she finds herself in.

- 1 six-shot iron flintlock revolver with a wooden grip, lovingly called The Last Resort, enchanted to magically reload an emptied chamber after three posts. Currently owns 16 iron bullets and powder charges.

Half-Dozen Eyes (6)
-Six eyes float in a small glass jar of dirty green liquid and constantly swivel to stare at whatever is outside. The eyes can be released from their jar and fly out into the air. For the next five posts (or hour if it comes first) the eyes operate as eyes for their owner, providing feedback from six different locations at once. The only drawback is that the eyes must be within twenty meters of the owner to connect.

Secret Identity Scarf
- A wool scarf, knit in thick black and grey stripes. The scarf itself is enchanted so that it casts a powerful illusion spell over whoever is wearing it around their neck. This illusion would give the wearer the appearance of a human female with pale skin, shoulder-length red hair, and piercing green eyes. Her slightly round, beautiful face would have a smattering of freckles across her thin nose and cheeks. Any scars, tattoos, or other markings on the wearer's body would be "overwritten" by the illusion.
- The illusion is broken as soon as the wearer unwraps the scarf from around their neck, and can only be seen through by those with the highest levels of perception.

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Okay hi

I have found your old workup, and need to do some work on it as it was not fully completed. I will get back to you when I can.

As a note can I ask you to put your strength at a x6 for now. This means you are 6x as strong as the average person. I believe this was what level you were classed as before.

For fire fist, are their any restrictions on this, on how powerful the attack could be? Is it just a normal punch/sword slash?

For somebody like me, how fast does he enable the person to go?

Everything else looks fine. I just need some details on these things, as RoG has changed a little bit (but not too much).

Welcome back rayse :)

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Okay I'm just approving this after our discussions in chat.

Done. Just bare in mind all that is noted above.