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Name: Snowfell Harefoot
Nickname/Alias: Rabbit
Age: 30 (of what she can remember)
Race: Oryctolagus jakalopos volatus (flying jackalope)
Height: 60 cm to the shoulder
Weight: 9kg
Occupation: scout

Small and seemingly adorable, Snowfell is your typical flying jackalope. Proud of her inheritance she is the young, probable inheritor to the title of Chief Ranger - the captain of the Scouts and Explorers of the jackalope tribes. Though some mistake her for a stupid and particuarly tasty creature she is not to be underwhelemed. To anyone who will listen Snowfell will argue the truth about the differences between her kind and their beast-kin rabbits (oryctolagus beastus) and their close relatives, the hares (lepus). Usually to be found in a tavern, library, bookshop or a salon, talking about her species, Snowfell will gladly educate you and ask about your own race. She is somewhat of a scholar, an expert survivalist and a keen learner of anything.

Snowfell takes the form of a large typical European rabbit, coloured a tan brown with chocolate undertones. The tips of her ears are a darker hue, and her toes are pure white. Aside from this she is unusual, being roughly three times she size of a large normal rabbit, and having small wings afixed to her back - marking her out as a flying jackalope. Currently at the age of 30 she has not yet gained her antlers, which come into a jackalope's life in their 50th year. With a rounded nose, a smooth tail, a soft coat and a short but pleasurable mane Snowfell looks particuarly pretty. Snowfell also has a large scar over her left eye which has caused partial damage there.

Culture and History:
Jackalopes are the smaller in number but just as lively cousin to their beast-kin rabbits and hares. Once simply a creature like them, being animals and nothing similar to reason or humanoid intelligence within them, the jackalopes gained the favour of a god. What god it precisely was is still unknown, but they gave a single pair of rabbits the brains to create and destroy. The god also gave to them long lives and a mark of their difference - two antlers when they came of elder age to let others know of their uniqueness.

Over time this pair multiplied, like all good members of the leporidae family do. They gave to themselves the name of jackalope, and founded a small but rapidly expanding culture that flourished with each harvest. They learnt how to farm and how to mourn death. They learnt the beginnings of industry and herbalism, and how to teach to others. When they met the other races of the world they were initially hunted and eaten, but after reasoning with the kind ones they learnt how to read and write. As time went on and they fought with some larger (in height) races and some of their tribes were decimated by others, the jackalopes pleaded with their god to give them new abilities. And thus, the flying jackalopes were born, the gift of jackalopian magic was given, and the jackalopes became larger. They tripled in size and once in a blue moon a flying warrior would be born, with small wings that would lead to great things. Others also were born with magic, which gave rise to the mages.

Jackalopes over time have gained and lost territories. Once they populated over much of the expanse of Keribas, Althans continent and Dheathian and now they are confined to smaller areas of what they term as the Home Lands. This includes a large part of Alerar and Raiaera, with a small detail in the colds of Berevar, with the large open plains and sharp mountain peaks. Each larger area operates as a tribe, under a Chieftan rabbit and the Elders - those who have gained the antlers of age at 50 (the average mortality rate beign around 75) and are chosen by their experience to lead the people. The flying ones are led by the Chief Ranger, who constantly sends out scouts to take note of the world and bring back news of where other jackalope tribes might be. Those who fly are always assigned to this role, for it is believed this is the purpose that the god gave to them. The magically-capable jackalopes, also known as mages, are taught the jackalope unique methodology of the creatures and led by the Chief Mage. The jackalopes live in large, extensive burrows, which are supported by innovative feats of medieval age engineering - aside from Alerar where they have learnt more modern methods. They farm well, and sell on their produce to many other communities. Though often mistaken for simply large rabbits the jackalopes are numerous but not well known by other people, mostly because their interractions with other races have always led to bad times. Including the dinner table.

Snowfell is a typical scout of the Nebian Tribe, given the important task of heading into the modern cities of the world to discover what has become to the rest of the world. Snowfell is also a mage, though of weak ability, which is necessary in a flying jackalope - for their very flight requires some magic. Her older cousin Berryjuice, aged 51, is the current Chief Ranger, and it is thought that Snowfell will one day take over her position and Berryjuice will retire as an Elder. Snowfell grew up in a loving home, under the roof of her mother and broodmates, and then as a teenager in the community. She trained for ten years as a scout until he was sent out with the specific task of finding what had happened to the jackalope's old enemies. This was after showing an ability to disobey orders and an urge to explore. Something which has got her into trouble with feral foxes and birds of prey much in the past. One particular time led her to be severely injured and almost blinded. She now bears a large scar over her left eye, and her left eye has lost part of its vision.

It also helps that she is very keen with the average jackalope weapons - namely the halbeard, spear and javelin.

Halberd fighting - expert
Spear fighting - expert
Survival - expert
Scholar - intermediate
Explorer - expert


Rabbits can fly. Or rather, a flying jackalope can. When she fully unfurls her wings, which are usually neatly tucked away, Snowfell has a wingspan of around 60 cm. Flight requires two lengthy beats as well as a thump off the ground to get her into the air, but she is fully able to fly for up to ten metres at a time and at a height of three metres. As jackalope flying relies on magic, and as Snowfell becomes stronger in this she will be able to fly further.

Using her hindleg, Snowfell can send a tremour through the earth of up to a level 4 earthquake. This is enough to cause serious wobbling on small objects as well as furniture to shake. It does not cause any cracks to open up in the earth, and extends out from her back paw in a circle of 5 metres - whether up walls or through people. It can cause enough damage to distract a person or topple them if they are not fully balanced and can be used 3 times a thread

Snowfell is twice as fast as a normal person. Or being. Or rabbit.

Iron halberd
Iron spear

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