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Child Detective
08-13-2017, 07:55 AM
Name: Sylvester Corinth


Little Detective

Detective Corinth

Meddling Brat



Age: 10

Race: Human

Height: 4’7

Weight: 75lbs

Occupation: Detective

Personality: analytical, goofy, friendly, stern

History: Growing up in a town full of mysteries, Sylvester has always enjoyed trying to figure them out. He became most well known when he solved a case that was over 100 years old. Now he travels the world in search of the greatest mysteries while helping those who are in need of help. No mystery is to big or to small. The little detective will solve them all!

Appearance: A boy with golden blonde hair and silver eyes, he wears a brown gambeson, leather trousers, leather boots, and an open leather coat that reaches his ankles. He also wears special glasses.


Observation – Sylvester has trained himself to observe every little detail around him. In fact, it’s second nature for him to know exactly what is happening at that moment.

Walking Encyclopedia – Sylvester has a vast amount of knowledge which he has gained by reading many books.


Infinity Library – A library that Sylvester has total access to. This library contains every non-fiction book ever written. He just has to think of the subject and say "call" and the book he needs will appear. Only information books can be summoned,
no enchanted books can be summoned unless bought and sent to library.


Iron Longsword

Enchanted Glasses – Sylvester’s glasses are enchanted to outline clues that he spots as well as fingerprints. They can also take pictures of what he sees and project them on a table for others to see.

Wool Gambeson

08-13-2017, 09:59 AM
This might sound silly, but I just need to make sure you understand that Sylvester can't go conjuring adamantine-bound books, or tomes that would give him additional abilities, or the like. Confirm that for me and you'll be good to go!

Child Detective
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