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Tristain Edelven




215 lbs

Traveling Mercenary

Tristain is a sarcastic, grumpy individual. He normally prefers not to spend his time talking, and would rather solve problems with an application of blunt trauma as opposed to diplomatic recourse. While he doesn't usually inject himself into conversations, he does not like to be alone, and usually seeks out some kind of companionship rather than be by himself - he in fact, prefers to find people who will carry the conversation with a low level of input from him.

Tristain was raised alone by his father, after his mother died in while giving birth to Tristain. The two of them spent much of their time traveling, as Tristain's father was dodging debt collectors who were looking for him much of the time. With no real chance to ever form a relationship outside of the one with his father, Tristain ended up growing into a closed off young man - made worse by the fact that his father was rarely what one could call a 'caring man' to his son.

More often than not, Tristain took how his father acted as a lesson in "how not to be" - the older man, in the time that he was 'raising' his son, was a frequent patron of taverns and brothels, loose with his money in the face of wine or women. He often played the pity card, bemoaning his lost wife as he 'sought comfort', something that disgusted Tristain as he grew older and could actually understand what his father was doing.

The disgust, distance between them, and lack of care, led to Tristain leaving his father while the man was on one of his drunken benders, abandoning the man to whatever vagaries of fate might come for him. Without a shred of doubt, the young boy signed on with a mercenary troop, throwing himself into a life of near servitude to them in exchange for training and a place to stay. Luckily for Tristain, the leader of the mercenaries, a band known as the Danse Indomitable, took him under his wing.

This marked a decided turning point in Tristain's life. With a new, and far better, father figure in his life, Tristain found himself flourishing in his martial training. The tough rigors that he was put through honed the young man into a strong fighter, with a natural inclination to wielding a warhammer. This was a very good thing for him, as the Danse was a troop of mercenaries who focused heavily on defense, with most of them wearing heavier armor and using shields, and using maces or hammers themselves.

The young man took to his training with an almost zealous dedication, forging himself into a stalwart defender, even if he never quite got the hang of talking with people or even really getting along with them. At nights after finishing his training and chores, he would sit near the fires and listen to the others talk about past campaigns, soaking in their experience.

Sadly, the good times were not to last. The leader of the Danse decided that Tristain needed to roam, and train himself more, away from the rest of the band as they traveled. To show that Tristain was not being fully outcast from the men and women that had become an almost family to him, Tristain was allowed to take the last name of the captain of the band - which the young man did eagerly, cutting the final tie between himself and the vagabond that had been his father.

Clad in simple, heavy protective gear, Tristain set out to forge a new name for himself.

Appearance: Tristain is a tall, heavily muscled young man. His hair is cropped short and close to his head, but aside from that not much care seems to be given to it. He has a light beard that he shaves every so often, but again he does not seem to put much stock in his appearance, aside from washing. He prefers simple clothes when not wearing his armor, and scars from his training can be seen along his arms when he is not wearing long sleeves. Tristain does have a single scar on his face, above his left temple. Above this scar is a small lock of white hair.

Combat Trained:
Tristain has spent several years with a mercenary band, learning to fight with them. Before he settled on the warhammer, he was trained in how to use a variety of weapons. He is also trained in the use of shields and heavier armor, disdaining leather or chain in favor of plate armors.

A legacy of a youth on the road, Tristain knows how to forage and fend for himself off the land - his father frequently wasting their money on alcohol and lady companions, Tristain had to learn how to get his own food to survive - and as he did not want to be a thief, he took to being a hunter.


Dense Muscles:
Tristain has spent a considerable amount of time training with heavy gear, which has resulted in stronger muscles than the norm, allowing him to use his preferred equipment more easily. (1.5x human strength)

Aegis Indomitable:
A technique that Tristain learned from Edelven, leader of the Danse Indomitable. This technique temporarily reinforces a shield, enhancing its toughness beyond its normal bounds. This can only be done for a short time though, as holding it too long will cause the shield to break down due to the energy. (3 post duration, increases toughness of equipped shield by one tier. Usable twice per thread.)

Resounding Impact:
A technique well suited to use with a hammer, this attack causes a heavy shockwave when Tristain strikes. When striking the earth, this causes a direct line of tremors in the earth five feet in length. If used directly on a foe,
It is enough to knock them back three feet or so, or knock them down if they are already off balance. (One attack, usable three times per thread.)


Half-Plate Hauberk:
A set of armor given to Tristain when he set out from the Danse Indomitable. It consists of a breastplate, one pauldron, greaves and bracers formed of hardened plate armor forged from iron. The pauldron guards Tristain's right arm - as his left is usually covered by his shield, his right is more vulnerable as it is his weapon arm.

Banded Kite Shield:
A kite shield [think like Link's shield from the Legend of Zelda games for the shape] made from leather, and reinforced with bands of iron across the face, with a simple iron spike in the upper middle. While not large enough to cover all of Tristain's body at any given time, Tristain is trained to use it to defend himself.

Heavy Hammer:
A heavy hammer made of thick iron, upon an iron haft wrapped with leather to serve as the grip. The face of the hammer is slightly rounded as opposed to flat as many are, and the other end tapers into a point. Tristain's main weapon, and useful for fighting armored foes.

Dagger Brace
A brace of three simple iron daggers, strapped to Tristain's right thigh. Meant to serve as throwing weapons, but also useful if he can't get to his hammer.

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Hey there, welcome to Althanas! It looks like you've got a very well thought out and put together profile here, so I'm just going to give it a close read and then we'll work on getting your adventures underway. Bear with me, this should only take a few minutes.

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Before we send you off to start hammering unfortunate evildoers, there's just two stipulations I'd like you to make.

Please specify that the toughness of the equipped shield is increased by one tier during Aegis Indomitable. Saying it is increased by one level is just a little less clear.

Please provide an example of what a "heavy shockwave" does for Resounding Strike. Does it emanate out from the blow in all directions, or just in a straight line? Is it enough force to knock an ordinary human off their feet, or more or less than that? You can choose your own way of expressing this, I basically just need a bit more information.

Thank you in advance! Once you've made those changes you'll be ready for approval.

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Thank you kindly sir. Information on both techniques has been updated.

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Congratulations, you are approved! Now go kneecap some dragons :D