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08-16-2017, 12:36 AM
Name: Poczy Tingwen

Nickname/Alias: Her first name

Race: Elf

Height: 1.73 meters (5 foot 8 inches)

Weight: 54.5 kilograms (apPOCZYmately 120 lbs)

Age: 250 years

Occupation: Alchemist, Brewer


Many believe in a destiny--a certain calling--that exists for every life. This purpose is what supposedly drives their actions, beliefs, and livelihoods. A sizeable counter-culture exists, however, that rejects this notion of preordained purpose in life. Instead, the universe is a blank canvas for which, through sheer will alone, they paint a colorful, fulfilling masterpiece. Though the universe is silent, they believe an unwavering spirit can defy this oppressive silence with song.

Then there’s Poczy Tingwen.

Is there a higher calling at work? Absolutely not; this is merely a fairy tale designed to maintain the population’s cooperation. Is there free will? It would be foolish to think so; every creature alive can be broken down into predictable patterns. Biological drives, behavioral adaption to environmental stimuli, norms and expectations in a given social structure, and common goals established through group dynamics. These are what dictate the hopes, dreams, and desires of every living thing to Poczy. She believes that there is no escape from this, not even for herself.

If all actions are a product of indoctrinated morality, social order, and survival instinct to Poczy, what’s left to keep herself invested in life? Simple: curiosity in her own ability to survive. She has intellect, agility, and explosives. What else could she possible need? Why consciously think about the rest?


“Hi Journal!

Father gave me this journal to start writing down stuff that happens to me, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m Poczy and I’m five years old and Father told me this is an important journal and I’m going to write in it. My handwriting isn’t very good right now. I’m sorry Journal. Anyway, Father makes really cool stuff, and I’m helping him! Father says that I’m really important to his work. I want to tell Mother, but Father says I can’t yet. It’s a surprise for her, Father says. But I want to tell her what I did today! Father gave me a purple drink and it tasted yucky but it was sparkly so I didn’t mind too much. Anyway, I drank it and I ran really really fast! I ran faster than our hunting hound. Father says he never saw a little girl run so fast, and that made me really happy. I couldn’t stay fast for long, though. Father says I ran the fastest for only ten minutes. After I stopped running my tummy hurt and I didn’t feel good and then I coughed and when I coughed blood came out. I told Father I didn’t feel good and he told me it was ok and put me in bed and then gave me this journal and told me that I should write in it so that’s what I’m doing. My head hurts too now, and I’m feeling sleepy. It’s getting hard to write in this journal. I’m still coughing up blood and Father is watching me and he looks sad when the blood comes out but I’m going to be brave for Father though and help him with his important work.

Father says I have to rest so it’s time to put you away Journal so he can read it. Goodnight Journal.”
Poczy Tingwen, Age 5

"What an exciting day! After fifteen years of studying physiology, botany, and alchemy, I'm finally ready to be Father's apprentice! Being the daughter of a master alchemist certainly has its perks. Of course, with few and far alchemists it's not that hard to be considered a 'master' alchemist. Still, Father's achievements shouldn't be undercut by that fact. No other alchemist in all Althanas has made as many contributions to the study of physiological alteration through alchemical means! At least I haven’t seen as many writings from other sources on the matter, I should say.

On a related note, I made one hell of a mutagen today! Now I’ll admit I may not be the most… physically powerful individual. But after making some improvements to my father’s formula? Oh, I felt like a god! Usually I can only lift and carry about 25 kilograms for thirty five meters at a consistent walking speed. Today, thought, I’ve set a new personal record: 75 kilograms for thirty five meters at a brisk walking speed! My stomach hurts and I’m coughing up blood again, but damn was it worth this!

I wanted to push for 80 kilograms, but Father stopped the experiment once he saw blood.“
Poczy Tingwen, Age 25

“So I’m just some damn experiment? A ‘possible biological link to human longevity;’ is that all I really am? I’m just some case study to be published, aren’t I? Has he been doing this to himself, too? Is this what Mother can’t know about? Oh gods, what am I? Decades of research, every experiment we’ve done, all the years of study-it was all so I could continue his unholy work...

I can’t stand to look at myself. I have to leave.”
Poczy Tingwen, Age 58

Poczy once met a man at a store
And this man, boy, did she adore!
But he grew of old age,
and in a fiery rage,
Poczy swore to feel love no more

She examined society
And concluded morality
Was nothing but a conformist ploy.
So she turned to science,
Her now only reliance,
To make all Althanas her toy.

Looks like I’m not much of a lyricist, am I? Better stick with my dayjob. Anyhow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve even laid hands on this thing. Writing into it again is oddly comforting. Perhaps my emotional stability is more dependent on this journal than I thought.

Let’s catch you up to speed, eh Journal? I’ve been awfully neglectful.

Since we last met, I tried seeking refuge with an insufferable band of elves; I don’t know why Father fetishized them. I didn’t have much trouble living among humans, but they were so willing to play into insignificant roles. Their obsession with ‘duty’ and ‘order’ almost rivaled the elves’ insatiable lust for superiority. Either way they were the same, subjecting themselves into some meaningless social order. Makes the trip to oblivion a little more convenient for everyone, I suppose.

Thanks to dear old father, I can’t seem to play along. At least I couldn’t do it without losing three-fourths my mental capacity, that is. I’m 173 years old, but I don’t look a day over nineteen. Whatever Father pumped into me has slowed my aging process down, even by human-elf hybrid standards.

No, my fate is sealed. I have my own desires for appeasement, so I guess I can’t be too harsh on them. Even I succumbed to the biological and existential drives for partnership. I had married and lived with a human man for sixty years. Even took up brewery. Amazing how teenage nights sneaking into Father’s lab for fermented ingredients could blossom into a wholesome career.

I still think about Father’s excitement when one of my creations outperformed his own. I haven’t touched alchemy in over a hundred years. Perhaps it’s time to go home.”
Poczy Tingwen, Age 173

“He’s dead. Mother’s gone. I guess this is my inheritance.”
Poczy Tingwen, Age 174

“I’ve reached the limits of my research here. Though the flora is plentiful, my work is beginning to require ingredients that aren’t native to this area. Perhaps Corone will be more fruitful; at the very least it could provide some direction.”
Poczy Tingwen, Age 250


A slender woman of nearly two meters, Poczy stands with a wild boldness seemingly juxtapose to her fragile frame. Her sharp green eyes tend not to fixate on one thing for long, instead darting about to assess her environment. Her ears are slightly pointed, giving the smallest hint an elven heritage.


Elite Elixir Mixer: With decades of study and experience, Poczy is able to create alchemical elixirs. Each elixir, depending on the ingredients chosen, have spell-like properties once released from their vials. The way in which their contents are released are inconsequential, depending how how pricey the vial was. All elixirs expire after 24 hours.

Can get you turnt on dat jigga juice

Archery: Through years of training and practice, Poczy has the ability to shoot slow to medium moving objects with relative ease.

Bodacious Botanist: Decades of study have provided Poczy with knowledge of the flora of Althanas. She is able to identify, cultivate, and utilize common plants and some exotic plants.

Let’s Get Physical: Poczy is well studied in the physiology of humanoid creatures, elves and humans in particular.


Feeling Bombastic: By harnessing the violent nature kept dormant in certain materials, Poczy is able to concoct a special elixir with the equivalent force of a bomb. When thrown, this bomb releases raw explosive energy within a one meter (apPOCZYmately three foot) radius. Currently, Poczy is only able to make three bombs per day at max due to time required to concoct these special elixirs and resources.

Mutagen Mania: It’s no secret that all organic life is comprised of simple building blocks. The arrangement of these building blocks, unsurprisingly, greatly determines the physical abilities of their respective lifeform: strength, constitution, dexterity, etc. However, alteration one’s physiology through natural ingredients is not as commonly known. With keen intellect and experience, however, these properties become apparent. More importantly for Poczy, they become useful. With the proper ingredients a special kind of elixir, a mutagen, can be created. Once a lifeform ingests the contents of the mutagen, its strength and speed increase by that of two men almost instantly. The effects of Poczy’s current mutagens can last roughly 10 minutes and should not be ingested less than thirty minutes apart. While ingesting multiple mutagens at a time will stack the benefits to strength and speed, doing so will cause the creature's body to tear itself apart from the inside. At two mutagens internal bleeding damage results that lasts until treatment. At three mutagens sever internal bleeding results and the creature is crippled after the mutagens wear off until they get treatment. For every mutagen ingested in sequence, the time is increased by half that of the previous mutagen. For example: ingesting two mutagens will have a limit of 15 minutes (10 + 5), while ingesting three mutagens will have a limit of 17.5 (10 + 5 + 2.5) minutes. Four mutagens at once are too much for the body to handle; no bonuses are given and internal bleeding is fatal. If a mutagen is ingested after the effects of the previous one wear off but before the cool down period of thirty minutes, internal bleeding damage results that must be treated. This ability is currently limited to three times a day and cap off at ten times a man's strength and speed each.


Yew bow
Quiver of iron-headed oak arrows
Formulae book
Leather-bound journal

08-16-2017, 10:27 AM
Hi there, welcome to Althanas! Interesting character concept you've got here.

Is "Feeling Bombastic" meant to have unlimited uses? If so we may need to tone that back a bit, but I haven't run the numbers yet.

For "Mutagen Mania" please be more specific about the actual changes it makes to the lifeform who ingests it. Saying that their physical aptitude increases doesn't give me enough information. Also, is this ability meant to have unlimited uses? For example, in a clan war situation, could Poczy use this on multiple allies?

Please also declare materials for your bow and arrows. I would recommend yew for the bow and oak and iron for the arrows.

08-16-2017, 12:13 PM
Hey, dude! Thanks for the warm welcome and the review.

For "Feeling Bombastic," I have three limitations in mind that I need to add: the number of bombs that can be made per day, the materials required for the bombs, and how long they can be used. After thinking about the ability, putting an indefinite expiration date on these things could become super broken in a matter of posts. Would a time limit somewhere between 24-48 hours be ok?

For "Mutagen Mania," this is closely tied with the "Elite Elixir Mixer" since a mutagen (at least as defined in my character sheet. This definition can be changed if needed) is a sub-type of elixir. Something I can do is specify the requirements for Elixirs in general and have their limitations apply to both the bombs and mutagens. Then I could add a few extra safeguards onto the bombs and mutagens themselves.

Question: If I put the brunt of the limitations in "Elite Elixir Mixer" skill--duration of any given elixir and the number of each major category a day--could I remove the limitation from the "Home-Brew Missile" ability and have it tied with the bomb's limitations? For Example, only three (or how many would be suitable for a level one character) bombs can be made per day, given that the necessary ingredients are available. These bombs can only last for 24 hours (or however long is suitable for a level one character). While technically a cap wouldn't exist on the number of missiles she could make, it would be limited by the number of bombs she has in her possession at any given time. If that's too much, I can keep the daily limitation on this ability along with the added bomb limitations.

Thanks again for the feedback!

08-16-2017, 01:48 PM
The limitations you propose for "Feeling Bombastic" sound reasonable, as do the changes to your other abilities/skills. Being able to make 3 bombs a day is probably a safe bet, and having them expire every 24 hours would keep them from accumulating. Basically, feel free to make whatever changes you like, just do so with the fact that you need to bring the overall power level down a bit in mind. When you're done post here and I'll review your abilities again, and we'll go from there.

Remember to provide more info on what specific changes "Mutagen Mania" makes to the user, and add in the materials your weapons are made from.

08-20-2017, 11:30 PM
Hey Breaker! I've made some updates to the character sheet.

08-21-2017, 10:00 AM
Looks good overall. I could use a bit more information on the missile, specifically its speed and range. Also, there should be a limit to the number of mutagen manias that can be made per day... three would be a good place to start.

Once I have that information I'll be able to run your numbers and see if any further edits are necessary.

08-21-2017, 10:27 AM
Thanks for the feedback! I have a few questions on how to fix this. I'm afraid building mechanics isn't my forte.

In regards to the missile, I've based this ability around the Pathfinder ability "Explosive Missile" in which ammo can be infused with the bomb. The catch is that the character must be proficient with the weapon type. If these limitations would be ok, I can reword the ability to make this more clear. Here's a link to the "Explosive Missile" ability for reference: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/alchemist/discoveries/paizo-alchemist-discoveries/explosive-missile/

For mutagen mania, there are two ways in mind I could fix this. Firstly, I could specifically say that three mutagens per day can be made. The other option would be to say that I can only make three of each sub-type elixir per day within the "Elite Elixir Mixer" skill, considering that bomb making has the same limitation. With the second route I can just make an overall change in the elixir skill, allowing both bomb and and mutagen production to increase simultaneously as well as whatever added elixir sub-types (if any) in abilities later on. With the first option I'll just keep them separated. Which would you prefer?

Thanks a bunch for your patience!

08-21-2017, 10:50 AM
Ahh, I think I was misunderstanding how the missile works. I thought Poczy was able to create projectiles, but this is rather the ability to fuse it to an existing projectile, such as one of her arrows? That sounds fine, then. Maybe put in the example of her arrows so it's more evident.

For MM I recommend the first option. That way the important information is all in the ability section and you can upgrade the abilities independent of each other.

08-21-2017, 11:06 AM
Quick question for the missile ability. Can the ammo type maintain its normal damage AND have the properties of the bomb, or should ammo damage be sacrificed for bomb damage? I could say something like, "The integrity of the material is sacrificed for the raw energy of the infused bomb."

08-21-2017, 11:18 AM
Either is fine, but you may want to go with the second option simply because I think your character is already on the powerful side.

08-21-2017, 11:31 AM
I definitely agree and went with the second option. The edits are made.

08-22-2017, 11:37 AM
Alright, I've run the numbers and you're pretty far over the Total Power Level for Level 1. The biggest problem is Mutagen Mania. I might recommend making it only enhance strength OR speed for now, and limiting the potential somewhat. Something like "Doubles the user's strength to a maximum of 10x the strength of a normal human". That way you can't, for example, give a cocktail to my character and enhance him to 20x ordinary strength and speed. As much fun as that would be, we have to draw a line somewhere.

Depending on how you choose to alter MM, you may also need to reduce the blast size of the bombs, but we can play that by ear.

08-22-2017, 04:49 PM
Hey Breaker, thanks again for the feedback.

Would it be better if I removed the missile ability until level three? I was honestly planning on having a character arc for Poczy where she has the idea to infuse her bombs into ammo, conducts research and (failed) experiments, and eventually figures out how to do it. I had a friend help me make this character sheet, and he advised me to go ahead and put the ability on the sheet and just not use it. However, it seems to be causing some issue with the level one scoring. Would it be better to substitute this with a smaller ability (can make a health potion once a day or something) and just add it at level three? It might just make this whole process easier.

Could I also make the MM changed to where it ADDS strength and speed (x2 strength and x2 speed) instead of multiplying and capping it off at x10? This way it can just steadily increase with higher levels.

08-23-2017, 07:21 AM
If you remove the missile and modify MM as proposed, I think you should be fine.

08-23-2017, 10:00 AM
Alright, I removed the missile ability and did not add any others. I also made both the proposed modification to MM and an additional one. I realized that it didn't have a consequence for chugging multiple mutagens at once as was, so I added a few. Let me know what you think of them.


08-23-2017, 10:16 AM
Okay, I think I can approve this, you've been very patient. Just be aware that your character is maximally powerful for level 1, so your level 2 update may need to be a more modest one.