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(Here are the previous two profiles:

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(Updates in BOLD)

~Name: Nosdyn of Clan Krotar

~Age: Unknown

~Race: Haidian Demon of the Tular Plains. Servant of Overlord Zieg

~Height/Weight: 5'9"/260 lbs

~Job Class: Soldier of Haidia's Army of Demons

~Eye Colour/Hair Colour: Gold/Bald

~Skin: Blue

~Blood Type: Green/Fell Demonic Blood

~Alignment: LE (Lawful Evil/but acts in shades of Gray)

~Vice: Wrath

~Virtue: Justice

~Appearance~(Will update for level 4)

~Personality~ (Will update for level 4)

~Inventory~(Will update for level 4)

Weapon: (Note: I'm willing to pay for this minor upgrade to my weapon) Runed Beam Blade. An elegant black weapon handle that generates a dark purple glowing blade. The handle is longer now after much upkeep and can be held with both hands at the length of the shaft. It has helped Nosdyn to evolve his own unique combat style. The generated blade has now reached the equivalent blade strength of about Plynt tier. The energy blade can be used skillfully to parry and block weapons as well as impale the flesh of weakened targets. Nosdyn uses this weapon to kill foes out right. It emits a horrifying sound as of a thousand voices crying in agony.

(Note: I upgraded Nosdyn's primary weapon. I linked it in the notes above but will also link it again: ~Here~ (http://www.althanas.com/world/showthread.php?1241-Purchasing-an-Upgrade&p=12589#post12589)

Armor: Nosdyn primarily wears full leather armour that is padded. He sometimes wears a hooded cloak to battle, and can sometimes be seen wearing his Mask. He wears a fancy belt to attach his long weapon to, when the blade is silenced. He also carries a simple backpack to keep belongings in.

~Skill Sheet~

~Leadership: Nosdyn has leadership capacity. He can make leadership decisions on the fly and oft acts a Squad Leader when the situation calls for it. Nosdyn can inspire fellow Demons to great victories against their enemies, and he can also inspire great fear in enemies.

~Military Tactics: Nosdyn is a tactical genius. He thinks on the fly and adapts to situations as they call for it. He is willing to go to great extremes to finish any job that he is hired for. Nosdyn is capable of solving problems on the fly. His mind allows him to see greatly into whatever matters are hand and think through situations that would make most cringe.

~Sword Mastery: Nosdyn has mastered the use of his weapon. No other weapons or armaments interest him. Only achieving mastery in his Beam Weapon.

~Unarmed Combat Mastery: Nosdyn has taught himself the basics of unarmed combat and has quickly achieved mastery with this. He has his own brutal fighting style and there are situations where his weapon will become inactive so he has adapted and evolved.

~Horsemanship: Due to a recent need, Nosdyn has taught himself upkeep and maintenance of Horse-kind. He can ride with a great degree of skill and can push mounts with a considerable degree of success. He prefers to ride at this point. Nosdyn will sometimes use his Mantle of Fear to dominate horses in the wild and take command of them versus paying for a horse through legal/legitimate ends.

~Survival: Nosdyn knows advanced wilderness survival tactics often resorting to crude tactics to survive. Crude but efficient.

~Strategist: Nosdyn is a master Strategist thanks to his military training. He comes up with tactics on the fly even in a non-military situations.

~Ability Sheet~

~Mantle of Fear: (No Change from Level 2) (Rank 2) (Old Information) Being near Nosdyn triggers this Passive effect. For non-Demons or those with STRONG Fortitude, people become afraid of Nosdyn. It is almost as if he is a physical incarnation of Fear itself. Demons give off panic auras, and most other races do not like them already. Nosdyn is a particularly NASTY individual and has this added effect as a result of his training into The Dark Arts. The Mantle is a Passive Ability, but once broken it must be reactivated. It takes an individual of STRONG will to resist the panic aura effects. Nosdyn does not need to concentrate to keep the effect passive. (New) Having delved DEEPER into The Mantle of Fear's evolution Nosdyn has become considerably more dangerous. NOW he is able to develop a near psionic link with victims he is tormenting with his panic aura. If he comes in close to a target he is tormenting, the link up allows Nosdyn to see into the mind of the target. In this way, he can interrogate victims at will. Player Characters require permission for this effect to work. This type of mental invasion is often traumatic, and Nosdyn takes great pleasure in the suffering of his enemies. The Panic Aura is constantly active. But the psychic link portion of the ability requires concentration to pull off. On NPC's this can have devastating effect. On PCs the effect varies in degrees of usefulness. Through the mental link established, Nosdyn can push his thoughts into the minds of his victims as well and causes them great Torment and Agony. In this fashion, Nosdyn can syphon memories from his victims as well. This portion of the Mantle may be used up to 3 times a day.

~Fell Blood: (Demonic Blood) (Rank 1) (New Ability) Nosdyn is a Demon and as a result has Demonic blood. The genetic traits of his people lurk within his body, and much studying into the secret side of his kind has awarded Nosdyn with newfound power. His Demon's Blood has also awarded Nosdyn with Demonic Flesh. At will, he can harden his flesh as an armoured carapace up to two times a day. The toughness gives Nosdyn's flesh the basic armour capacity of up to Iron Skin in nature. This period of Iron Skin lasts roughly one turn for now.

~Enhanced Endurance: (New) Nosdyn has achieved 5x's the enhanced Endurance of a standard Althanas human.

~Enhanced Strength: (New) Nosdyn has achieved 2x's the enhanced Strength of a standard Althanas human. This strength applies to all attacks armed or unarmed.)

~Heightened Senses: (New) [b]Through his training Nosdyn has achieved heightened senses. He has roughly 3.0x's the enhanced senses of a standard Althanas human. These senses allow him to see better, hear better and smell better. For certain acts of sensory awareness he still has to focus to sense them but for minor acts he can detect it.

~Historical Data~(Will update for Level 4)

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